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A Suggested Sadhana as Preparation for the

3 Chamber Process


These suggestions are for a good sadhana (spiritual practice) to help you get the most of your visit to any Sacred Chamber that you might visit.

--P. J.     



Sacred Chamber Sadhana

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Tentative locations for the 3 Chamber Process in Sacred Chambers can be found here.  While you wait for one to open near you, or for your appointment date to arrive, one thing you can do is to begin to make a list of the things you want healed and manifested when you are in the Oneness Shrines.

Just begin to write--don't think--just jot things down as they come to you--everything and anything.  You will edit and refine them later, since a shorter, very clear, specific list is better.  Let the list sit for a few days and get "cold," then come back to it as you think of more.  Take your time and really give it some thought.

Some of the things you can ask for (but certainly not limited to) are physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healings; help with finances, career, love, relationships, etc.  You can also ask for blessings, Awakening, transformation, enlightenment, God-Realization, and for your Divine to become physical in your everyday life.

Another suggestion is to write the list in the place where you meditate, by your altar, Sacred Space, etc.  Your Divine will be guiding you even if you aren't in meditation as you write.  You can even leave the list you are composing in the place where you meditate, perhaps by a srimurthi or padukas.

It's quite easy to create a Sacred Space, altar or meditation space in your home.  You can see some simple suggestions for an altar here.


This sadhana will do four important things for you:

  1. It will help you know exactly what to ask for, since you will begin to see what's really important to you, the order of priority, and what can be eliminated from the list.  This very focused, short, pared down list is more helpful in getting what you want.

  2. As you begin to formulate, develop and finalize your requests, your Divine will begin to work with you energetically, preparing and aligning you to better facilitate the receiving of your healing requests and the manifestation of your Divine.  Even if you never attend a Sacred Chamber, it's been my experience that you can receive healings just from writing this list.  I did.

  3. You can take your list with you to your Chamber session.  No matter what you might think, quite often once you're actually in the Chambers it's common to become so overwhelmed being in the presence of the Divine that your mind doesn't function well.  :>)  Your completed list is helpful since the intent is clear even if you don't, or can't, verbalize what you want.

    One caveat:  You have your list of requests written, and both your and your Divine know exactly what you want.  Now you must let go of all expectations, since expectations are just mental concepts that can actually create limitations to what you can receive.  You want to be in gratitude and in your heart, not your head, while in the Chambers.

  4. There is one more extremely important aspect to all this.  When you actually attend a Sacred Chamber process, the result of this preparation becomes exponentially far-reaching for this reason...

    Once your Divine manifests physically to you, when others come to your home they can be transformed by your Divine, and their Divine can become physical to them.  Then their Divine can transform others, and on it goes.

Read the above italicized sentences again, and let the implications of them really sink in.  This is global seva for all of us.  Can you see how fast global Oneness might expand?

Now, sit down--in sacredness and deep gratitude--and begin writing your list.  Let your Inner Divine guide you, and surrender to the process of preparation.  Your transformation will begin.

Be sure to also see these suggestions on how to write your requests lists.


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Bhagavan has said that everything we have been doing in the past such as
having deekshas, OMs, etc., should continue because, "These will prepare people to have a better experience [in the Chambers] and help their Divine manifest for them."  You can easily get Oneness Deeksha Blessings online.



"Once you make a decision,
the universe conspires to make it happen."

--Ralph Waldo Emerson




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