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  • $1 Video Conference Room Special
    You can have your own video conference room just like ours for 30 days for $1.

  • Absentia Deekshas
    Receiving a deeksha "in absentia" works the same way as receiving a long distance healing or prayer.

  • Abundance Manifesting
    A dasa from the Oneness University explains the cause of financial problems, how to heal them and move into abundance manifesting.

  • Amma Bhagavan Bless Relationships
    Wonderful videos of Sri Amma Bhagavan on their wedding anniversary giving special blessings to heal all relationships.

  • Amma Bhagavan darshan 2012
    You can receive darshan through this video as Sri Amma Bhagavan bestow their Oneness Blessings for the Awakening of humanity on January 1, 2012.

  • Amma Bhagavan give darshan
    Video of Amma Bhagavan giving darshan to thousands of devotees Nemam, India.

  • Amma Bhagavans Oneness Meditation
    See how AmmaBhagavan's Oneness Meditation--a powerful, online Sacred Blessing of Divine energies--can help accelerate your spiritual Awakening.

  • AmmaBhagavan define bliss
    AmmaBhagavan define bliss--what it is, what it isn't, and how to attain it through a simple spiritual sadhana.

  • Anandagiri speaks
    Anandagiri of AmmaBhagavan's Oneness University speaks on topics sush as the purpose of life, and spiritual practices.

  • Articles
    This Directory contains many wonderful articles about enlightenment and its Avatar, Sri Kalki Bhagavan and Amma, plus scientific data on consciousness and the brain, and the personal experiences of enlightenment of others.

  • Articles 1&2
    These two articles mysteriously appeared on my computer screen one night and introduced me to Sri Kalki Bhagavan. They led to my own personal experience of enlightenment.

  • Awaken Your Antaryamin
    What is an Antaryamin is described, plus the benefits of awakening it, and an easy way to relate to your Antaryamin to help ease into your own Awakening.

  • Awakening, Kundalini & Oneness Blessings
    Sri Bhagavan discusses awakening, kundalini, and Oneness Blessings, including the biology of kundalini, chakras, deekshas, and their role in spiritual awakening.

  • Bhagavan Amma
    Of all the Amma Bhagavan photos I've seen, these are my favorites. The photo of Bhagavan in profile especially captures his essence.

  • Bhagavan and Amma speak at World Oneness Day
    Bhagavan and Amma speak before the thousands gathered for the World Oneness Day celebration in Golden City, India on May 20, 2007.

  • Bhagavan on ending suffering
    Sri Bhagavan of the Oneness University explains how to end inner conflict, struggle and suffering in this spiritual video.

  • Bhagavans Bio
    This article contains a bio of twin avatars, Amma Bhagavan (Sri Kalki Bhagavan and his wife, Amma) of Golden City, India.

  • Bhagavans Message 3-07
    Sri Bhagavan shares his vision of our destiny as humanity moves from separateness into Oneness consciousness.

  • Blessings from AmmaBhagavan
    The Blessings and Grace from Sri AmmaBhagavan come through very strongly in these videos of them giving darshan on special occasions.

  • Boon Deeksha
    It's important to know the proper way to request a boon deeksha before asking. This article explains how.

  • Choosing a Deeksha Giver
    Choosing the best deeksha-giver to give you the Oneness Blessing deeksha is important for its effectiveness.

  • Contact Us
    P. J.'s search for enlightenment finally led her to the Avatar Sri Kalki Bhagavan in Golden City, India, and her own personal experience of enlightenment. While there she learned how to bestow this same state to others through deeksha, or diksha.

  • Dark Night and Brain Science
    The Dark Night of the Soul doesn't have to be traumatic. This article explains how deeksha, the energy transfer for enlightenment, can effect the body, the brain, and the Dark Night experience.

  • Deeksha and Addictions
    An explanation of how Sri Bhagavan's deekshas for enlightenment work in the body to help overcome addictions.

  • Deeksha and Growth
    Are the deekshas for enlightenment you received really working? This is how you can tell.

  • deeksha and healing stress
    Sri Bhagavan of the Oneness University speaks on deeksha, healing stress, and how important both are to your health.

  • Deeksha and Psychotherapy
    A psychotherapist uses deeksha to help her patients successfully let go of their blockages, and is seeing miraculous transformations. Deeksha is a gift from Sri Kalki Bhagavan, the Avatar of Enlightenment.

  • Deeksha Benefits
    We've been told about Sri Bhagavan's Oneness Blessing and deeksha benefits, but what about scientific proof? What exactly do deekshas do?

  • Deeksha Givers Mukti Deeksha
    Amma Bhagavan's Mukti Deeksha process is currently for Deeksha-Givers only, and can be obtained weekly, online, by joining our online group.

  • Deeksha Indicators
    This list of "signs" of deeksha (diksha) gives some indications that your gift of enlightenment from the Avatar Sri Kalki Bhagavan is at work, whether you notice anything or not.

  • deeksha-givers
    Information especially for Oneness Blessing Deeksha-Givers concerning latest news, information, updates, and Mukti Deeksha events scheduled just for you.

  • Diksha and Brain Scans
    This scientific report shows how diksha shifts the brain, then the body, towards enlightenment.

  • Diksha and Hormones of Joy
    A neurophysicist explains how deekshas for enlightenment can also improve your overall general health and well-being.

  • Earth Changes
    An explanation of how the upcoming polar shift and earth changes can effect human consciousness and enlightenment.

  • Enlightenment and the Brain
    Sri Kalki Bhagavan has stated that enlightenment is a neurobiological process that can be initiated through deeksha, or diksha. This article explains the science of how it works.

  • Events
    You can attend an Enlightenment Seminar online and easily receive Deeksha Oneness Blessings and Mukti Deeksha over the Internet in our free online conference room.

  • Evolution of Joy
    The evolution of joy in my own personal experience of enlightenment bears out recent scientific findings about how deekshas work in the brain.

  • Experiences
    These personal experiences are the result of Deeksha Oneness Blessings, Sri Amma Bhagavan's energy transfer for enlightenment, and were received long distance via the Internet.

  • FAQ
    Excerpts from a recorded conversation explain who the Avatar Sri Kalki Bhagavan is, and how anyone can become enlightened through deeksha, the energy transfer for enlightenment.

  • Finding Spirituality in Chaos
    Even the Mayan Calendar reminds us that finding spirituality in chaos is important whether the crisis is personal or global.

  • Free Meditation
    This free meditation uses mantra sounds to open pathways in your body to help prepare you for enlightenment.

  • Free Software
    You can attend online meditations and even receive deeksha, the energy transfer for enlightenment, in our video conference room. It only takes a few minutes to download the free VoIP software.

  • Get Oneness Blessing Online
    AmmaBhagavan's Deeksha Oneness Blessing--easily get them online from multiple Oneness Blessing Givers in our online conference room.

  • Golden City India
    The Avatar Sri Kalki Bhagavan and his wife, Amma, of Golden City, India, are very loving, Divine Spiritual Beings who can end your suffering using the vibrations of enlightenment.

  • Healing Deeksha
    This is the correct way to request healing deekshas. Knowing how is important to the success of your deeksha.

  • Healing Deeksha Results
    Healing deekshas can be received by anyone of any age, in person or online. These are some recent results.

  • Healing Pain of Loss
    This wonderful teaching and mantra for healing the pain of loss has been provided by Sri Bhagwan of the Oneness University.

  • History of the Oneness University
    A brief history of Amma Bhagavan's Oneness University in Golden City, India.

  • Home
    You can see Sri Amma Bhagavan photos and get the latest news from the Oneness University, plus you can also get Deeksha Oneness Blessing online at this site.

  • how the body responds to deeksha
    Sri Bhagavan explains how deeksha physically interacts with the human body.

  • How to Forgive
    How to forgive--the correct way--is explained by Sri Bhagavan in this short video. It seems we've been getting this wrong and it hasn't worked too well.

  • How_to_End_Suffering.html
    Anandagiri and other dasas from Sri AmmaBhagavan's Oneness University reveal the spiritual truths of how to end suffering and emotional pain.

  • Invoking the Presence
    One of Bhagavan's closest dasas, Radhakrishna, answers an age old question about God.

  • Latest News
    Amma Bhagavan News--All the latest news from Sri Amma Bhagavan and the dasas from the Oneness University in Golden City, India is posted here.

  • Manifesting Wealth & Wealth Creation
    Manifesting wealth and creating abundance using the principles of spiritual wealth creation is explained, plus a simple exercise for manifesting wealth.

  • Meditation Room
    Consciousness can be elevated just by listening to Amma Bhagavan's Oneness Moola Mantra in this Meditation Room. It includes an inspirational quote.

  • moola mantra spiritual video
    These selected videos playing the Oneness Moola Mantra also contain beautiful Amma Bhagavan photos.

  • Oneness Awakening Mukti Deeksha
    The Oneness Awakening Mukti Deeksha of Sri Amma Bhagavan is now available online. This article explains what it is and what it isn't.

  • Oneness Awakening questions
    Sri Bhagavan and Awakened Ones answer questions to allay any fears you may have about Oneness Awakening.

  • Oneness Awakening videos
    The state of Oneness Awakening, as given through the Grace of Sri AmmaBhagavan of Golden City, India, is described in these videos.

  • Oneness Blessing
    The question "How many Deeksha Oneness Blessings does it take for enlightenment?" is answered.

  • Oneness Temple
    Sri Amma Bhagavan's Oneness Temple in Golden City, India, is an architectural and energetic marvel. Just walking through it initiates the enlightenment process.

  • Oneness Temple elevates consciousness
    The Oneness Temple is energetically and structurally designed to propel everyone who enters it into profound states of higher consciousness.

  • Oneness Temple Kalash Puja
    A Kalash Puga for good health that takes place in AmmaBhagavan's Oneness Temple is shown in these three videos.

  • Online Deekshas
    In these online Deeksha Oneness Blessing events you will receive six deekshas in our online conference room. A healing diksha is included.

  • Pain versus Suffering
    Sri Bhagavan's weekly webcast coupled with contemplating on his weekly teachings are a powerful combination to heal pain and suffering.

  • Peace in a Hurricane
    My personal experience of enlightenment after receiving deeksha has been a steady blossoming of joy and peace that even Hurricane Rita couldn't shake.

  • Perfect Relationships
    Sri Bhagavan answers the question of how to have a perfect relationship--with anyone.

  • Personal Experience of Enlightenment
    My personal experience of enlightenment proves that anyone can become enlightened through deeksha, a gift from the Avatar of Enlightenment, Sri Kalki Bhagavan.

  • Photos
    This Amma Bhagavan Photos Directory contains some wonderful photos of Sri Amma Bhagavan and their Oneness Temple (Shakti Sthala) in Golden City, India.

  • Predictions of Sri Bhagwan
    Acharya Samadarshiniji of the Oneness University speaks about Sri Bhagwan's predictions for the years before and after 2012.

  • Relationship Problems
    A Oneness University dasa explains how to heal relationships, plus discusses their many causes.

  • Setting Right Relationships
    According to Sri Bhagavan, healing relationships is THE most important thing we can do to speed our own enlightenment process.

  • Shop_&_Register
    Register for online deeksha/Oneness Blessing events, as well as purchase spiritual movies, Tibetan artwork, and spiritual music and books.

  • significance of Oneness Temple
    The Oneness Temple acts as a spiritual vortex of Divine Grace whose purpose is to elevate consciousness and end all human suffering.

  • Speaker Check
    Simple speaker and volume check instructions to make sure you can hear in our online conference room.

  • spiritual video of Oneness University
    In this spiritual video Amma and Bhagavan walk hand in hand near the Oneness University in Golden City, India.

  • Spiritual Videos of Amma Bhagavan
    A directory of spiritual videos showing Sri Kalki Bhagwan and Amma at their Oneness University in Golden City, India.

  • Sri Bhagavan 11-11-11
    11-11-11 comes around only once a century. See Sri Bhagavan's message to humanity on this auspicious day.

  • Sri Bhagavan darshan
    You can benefit from Sri Bhagavan darshan and teachings in these recordings as he blesses and speaks to various groups around the world.

  • Sri Bhagavan defines enlightenment
    Sri Bhagavan gives a definition of spiritual enlightenment that involves the senses. It can be received through Mukthi Deeksha.

  • Sri Bhagavan defines God
    Sri Bhagavan gives an explanation on how to create your own God, plus a meditation to help bring about full Awakening and God-Realization.

  • Sri Bhagavan Interview
    This interview with Sri Bhagavan about all aspects of enlightenment is as relevant today as it was when it was first recorded in 2004.

  • Sri Bhagavan on 2012
    Sri Bhagavan's scientific explanation of the significance of the year 2012 involves the earth's magnetic field and Schumann's Resonance.

  • Sri Bhagavan on Finding Peace
    Sri Bhagavan explains how to find love and peace through self-acceptance. It's an important part of the enlightenment process.

  • Sri Bhagavan on gratitude
    Sri Bhagavan of the Oneness University speaks about how gratitude enhances consciousness and fosters enlightenment by effecting the brain.

  • Sri Bhagavan on Significance
    This teaching of Sri Bhagavan explains how healing the mind's craving for significance can hasten our path to enlightenment, and also tells how to do it.

  • Sri Bhagavan speaks about deeksha
    Sri Bhagavan, founder of the Oneness University in Golden City, India, is interviewed about the phenomenon of deeksha (Oneness Blessing).

  • Sri Bhagavan speaks on love
    In this spiritual video Sri Bhagavan explains why we need and want love.

  • Sri Bhagavan speaks on our future
    Sri Bhagavan, of the Oneness University, speaks about the future of our planet and what enlightenment holds for it.

  • Sri Bhagavan weekly webcast
    In this video Sri Bhagavan give instructions on what to do so you can get the most benefit from viewing his weekly webcasts.

  • Sri Bhagavans Healing Icon
    It has been reported that meditating on Bhagavan's photo with heartfelt requests can produce healings of all kinds.

  • Sri Bhagavan's message for humanity
    Sri Bhagavan gives an important message to humanity.

  • Stages of Enlightenment
    Some go directly into Oneness after their first deeksha, but most go through the various stages of enlightenment as described here.

  • Temple
    The Shakti Sthala or Oneness Temple that the Avatar Sri Kalki Bhagavan is building in Golden City, India, rivals any of the major temples around the world. I was awed by it.

  • The Nature of Reality
    This teaching of Sri Bhagavan gives a short exercise on how to discover the nature of reality, and tells why it's important.

  • Tibetan Art
    Beautiful handcrafted Tibetan art including statues, thangkas, gongs, horns, and Tibetan mandalas, all by Himalayan artists.

  • What is Deeksha Oneness Blessing
    An explanation of how a deeksha Oneness Blessing elevates consciousness by creating physical shifts in the brain.



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