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Dec. 20-26, 2015--Daily Teachings from AmmaBhagavan

"Prayer can change anything and everything."

"There is happiness when you reach out to another."

"When you discover the nature of God's creation,
you experience peace and bliss."

"Awareness is life."

"Every experience is made old and insipid by the mind."

"Mutual respect manifests as freedom in relationships."

"Life's relentless pursuit is to make you live."



December 20/21--Golden Age Anniversary Darshan

December 21 is the third anniversary of the Birth of the Golden Age of Oneness, and in honor of the auspicious date, Sri Bhagavan and Sri Amma are holding a special, online darshan webcast.  Depending on your time zone, it can be seen here at the following times on December 20 or 21:

Sunday, Dec. 20, 2015, 8:30 PM  (Los Angeles)
Sunday, Dec. 20, 2015, 11:30 PM  (New York)
Monday, Dec. 21, 2015, 4:30 AM  (London)
Monday, Dec. 21, 2015, 10:00 AM  (Chennai)
Monday, Dec. 21, 2015, 3:30 PM  (Sydney)
(for other times see this time zone converter)

Everyone is welcome to attend and receive Amma and Bhagavan's blessings.  If you can't attend the online event in real time, the replay is here.



December 13-19--Sri AmmaBhagavan's Daily Teachings

"Hard work never goes unrewarded."

"It is you who agreed to be what you are."

"Right understanding of human needs helps you to respond
and not to react."

"When you stop trying to meditate, meditation happens."

"The day war stops inside you,
there would be no more wars in the world."

"Life has to be taken seriously, lived intensely,
but know it is a game."

"The mind in its need for survival,
continuously keeps moving into the future."



December 12--Music from Prem Ratan Dhan Payo movie

The recently released Prem Ratan Dhan Payo movie was specially blessed by Sri Bhagavan, and everyone who sees the film receives Oneness blessings and processes.  It will soon be available on DVD, but until then you can enjoy music from the movie in this playlist:



December 6-12--Daily Teachings by Amma Bhagavan

"We do not accept ourselves
because we are not ready to see ourselves."

"A nation is great when it has spiritual strength."

"The true art of living is to completely experience
whatever is going on."

"The division between the spiritual and the worldly is untrue."

"God is where all contradictions co-exist."

"Intelligence is when the mind is free of the past."

"When you are not struggling with yourself, life is a celebration."



Nov. 29-Dec. 5, 2015--Bhagavan's Daily Teachings

"Most problems arise from low levels of consciousness."

"A need to be a 'somebody'
and the fear of being a 'nobody' is the struggle for survival."

"Life cannot be wasted in details and trivialities."

"The absence of love is the root cause of all strife."

"Awakening is the purpose of life."

"Thought is repetitive."



December 1, 2015--with love from P. J.

Life is Eternal


We may have never met in person and possibly never will, but I cherish every encounter and precious moment we have when you visit this website.  Many Blessings.



November 30, 2015--Sri Amma speaks on The Body

It's not often that we get to hear Amma.  She speaks in her native tongue in this video, but there are English subtitles.  (Unfortunately for now the only way to view the video is through Facebook.  If I can find it elsewhere, I will repost it.)


SRI AMMA'S WORDS OF WISDOM.  On the teaching: "My body is not my body, but also the whole humankind has only one body."



November 22-28--Daily Teachings from Amma Bhagavan

"A seemingly loss today might open a gigantic gateway tomorrow."

"The mind is a jail; it does not allow us to experience life."

"Love is your true nature."

"The nature of the mind is to lie, to escape."

"All hurts are old."

"Sacrifice is the essence of creation."

"When you are highly self-centered
you will suffer from failure of intelligence."



November 15-21--Sri Bhagavan's Daily Teachings

"When you are not aware of the truth, you react."

"Love when not expressed is no love at all."

"When there is no self, the whole world is one big family."

"Suffering is what your mind makes of the situation."

"You are afraid of yourself.  If you lose fear of yourself,
you will lose fear of everything else."

"When you stop naming what is going on, you begin to see."

"To experience reality as it is does not need effort.



November 8-14--Amma Bhagavan's Daily Teachings

"It is not that freedom gives joy.  Freedom is joy."

"Gratitude is the easiest way to please God."

"Wealth is not the problem; problem is the sense of possession."

"Inner integrity is a tool to see what is happening inside you."

"The mind creates and recreates within the frameworks of the old."

"Mind is the wall between man and God."

"Letting go of possession is love."



November 11, 2015--Happy Diwali

Happy Diwali



November 1-7--Daily Teachings by AmmaBhagavan

"Do not waste your life seeking perfection, because all is perfect."

"With an active ego, listening is impossible."

"To be oneself is to be awakened."

"You are a living miracle."

"A healthy relationship is one that is free of hurt and regret."

"When God wants to heal, He uses love as the medicine."

"Life is a flow of unpredictable events."



October 25-31--Daily Teachings from Sri Bhagavan

"You live only when you live in the present."

"As the human heart starts flowering,
the karma of the world will come down."

"Indifference is not detachment."

"Perfection or imperfection is only in your thought."

"Meditation is basically to let go and to see what is happening."

"You judge each other because you do not feel connected."

"Truth awakens your intelligence."



October 18-24--Sri Amma Bhagavan's Daily Teachings

"The highest spiritual state is the state of service."

"All effort of the mind is to protect something which is not there."

"The problem with man is, he sees everything as a problem."

"Joy is something you experience as you learn and grow."

"Each one of us are continuously influencing the other."

"The nature of the mind is to create stories."

"Everything contains the seed of the opposite."



October 11-17, 2015--Daily Teachings by Sri Bhagavan

"Inspire your child with great examples,
 not through thoughtless acts of comparison."

"All suffering comes from thought."

"Learning is the ability to laugh at oneself."

"Life is an endless series of experiments."

"You have the skill to cope with every problem."

"People want to be listened to, not judged or condemned."

"Love is experiencing the other as they are."



October 4-10--AmmaBhagavan's Daily Teachings

"Thought undergoes combustion when
complete attention is paid to it."

"The Awakened One journeys without journeying"

"Trying to be free of all desires is itself a desire."

"All mankind is one being."

"Opportunities come disguised as obstacles too."

"Learning to flow with life is to know that
you have been taken over by the Divine Will."

"The mind has no experience of life.
It knows pleasure; it does not know joy."



Sept. 27-Oct. 3--Daily Teachings from AmmaBhagavan

"When the mind is in a state of choicelessness,
the right choice arrives."

"Silence is not the absence of thoughts;
silence is the absence of the effort to change thoughts."

"There are no prerequisites to experience Grace
other than a personal relationship with the Divine."

"An awakening to Grace happens either in intense moments of pain
or in great joy."

"Our entire civilisation is built on the foundation of dissatisfaction."

"Truth can never damage you."

"The basic problem in relationships is the constant endeavor
to understand and to change the other."



September 26, 2015--Special Message from OU

During the recent World Oneness Festival weekend celebration connecting thousands of AmmaBhagavan devotees in thirty countries live via video conferencing, Oneness Guide Kumarji gave this beautiful message from the Oneness University including wonderful things to come:



September 20-26--Sri AmmaBhagavan's Daily Teachings

"In helplessness, the mind is silent and opens itself to Grace."

"Once the heart flowers there is love."

"Life is a set of possibilities."

"Once the perception changes, experience also changes."
"Inner growth is all about being at peace with what you are."
"Most of our problems are self-created."
"Once the perception changes, experience also changes."



September 13-19--Daily Teachings by Amma Bhagavan

"Anything you do with inner integrity is perfect."

"A person with gratitude can hold a vision and lead it to completion."

"To discover one's role in God's creation
and work to fulfill it is the most blissful existence."

"Letting go of hurt is forgiveness."

"Do not try to be something that you are not."

"You manifest what you fear."

"The Whole process of spiritual growth is confronting oneself."



September 6-12, 2015--Bhagavan's Daily Teachings

"Comparison leads to failure of intelligence."

"You are not able to accept the other
because you are not able to accept yourself."

"You are a stranger unto yourself."

"Mind always either comments or dreams.
It never allows you to experience."

"You are your past and past colors your present."

"The other is for you to grow."



Aug. 30-Sept. 5--Daily Teachings from Amma Bhagavan

"When you are happy you cannot cause harm to others."

"Only when you transcend thought,
you will be able to experience everything as it is."

"Suffering is nothing but the 'carry over' of the past events
of our life."

"Noticing small changes early helps you adapt
to the bigger changes that are to come."

"You are as big as you believe you are."

"Oneness is not a religion or faith.
Oneness is an inner state."

"The wise listen; the foolish prattle."



August 23-29, 2015--Sri Bhagavan's Daily Teachings

"Life is to be lived and not to be questioned."

"Grace comes where there is sacredness."

"Ingratitude towards one's parents leads to all kinds of problems."

"Hearts generally awaken when they are face to face with suffering."

"How you experience the world depends on you."

"A truly courageous person is a truly non-violent person."

"Relationships born out of thought
are the main cause for all sorts of problems.
let your heart be the cause for relationships."



August 23, 2015--Wonderful Announcement from OU

A Oneness Guide from the Oneness University has announced that the Oneness Phenomenon will be coming to many cities around the world broadcasted from the Oneness Temple via the Internet into local live events.

The Oneness Guides will be teaching these courses from the Temple to help us grow and prepare for the significant shift coming in 2018.  Each country's Oneness Community will be notified when courses become available in cities in their country.

The first events held in the USA will be the weekend of November 7-8 in California--in Malibu, Joshua Tree, and San Rafael.  The topic for this course is "The Phenomenon & The Gift."



August 16-22--Amma Bhagavan's Daily Teachings

"Challenges bring more and more opportunities in life."

"There are no viewpoints, only points to view."

"You suffer because you judge."

"Heartfelt blessings of parents bring about victory
and prosperity in the individual."

"Do not waste your life seeking perfection, because all is perfect."

"Be authentic in your prayers."

"In relationships, when images take the forefront,
the person recedes to the backdrop."



August 15, 2015--Happy Birthday Sri Amma!


Happy Birthday Sri Amma

Sri Amma's birthday is celebrated by millions on this "Day of Love," and she and Bhagavan will be broadcasting a live webcast in honor of the occasion.  On the day of her birth, Sri Amma always gives especially powerful blessings, healings, and boons during the darshan.

This special online darshan webcast can be viewed here at the following times (for different areas, you can use this time zone converter):

Friday, August 14, 9:30 PM (Los Angeles)
Saturday, August 15, 12:30 AM (New York)
Saturday, August 15, 5:30 AM (London)
Saturday, August 15, 10:00 AM (Chennai)
Saturday, August 15, 2:30 PM (Sidney)

Everyone is invited to receive AmmaBhagavan's Blessings.  (If you missed the live event, there is a replay posted here.)



August 9-15--Daily Teachings by AmmaBhagavan

"Old behaviours do not lead you to new experiences."

"When all seeking has stopped, what is there is unconditional love."

"Woman is the spiritual hub of the family."

"Learning does not happen with age.
It happens when you are ready to receive it."

"The best form of growth is growth in consciousness."

"The best-qualified parents are those who have
discovered love for themselves."

"To excel in the outer world,
you have to begin from your inner world."



August 2-8, 2015--Daily Teachings from Bhagavan

"If you are persistently passionate,
the Universe conspires to give you what you seek."

"Where there is no learning there is stagnation."

"Follow your heart to do any action."

"All thoughts, words and deeds have consequences."

"All things keep changing with time."

"Respecting the need of the other is love."

"There is no end to spiritual evolution,
it's a never ending journey."



July 26-August 1--Daily Teachings by Sri Bhagavan

"Friendship is the best form of relationship."

"God responds according to your beliefs."

"No matter who the other person is, when there is
compassion and true love, the other person responds."

"The nature of the mind is to keep oscillating
between one stand and the other."

"You and the Divine are the co-creators of your destiny."

"Setting right relationships is one of the fastest ways to Awakening."

"A nation or an individual without a vision shall perish."



July 19-25--Sri Amma Bhagavan's Daily Teachings

"There is no pain or suffering in this creation.
Your perception is the only cause for your pain or suffering."

"The core of the human mind is fear,
all other emotions are its products."

"Joy is in the doing, not in the seeking."

"Acceptance is the bedrock of spirituality."

"Truth when it is not yours, still remains untruth."

"There is no objective reality; there is only subjective reality."

"Relationship is the mirror to know oneself."



July 12-18--AmmaBhagavan's Daily Teachings

"Miracles transcend the realm of reason and logic.
It is a testimony to the power of God."

"When the sense of separate existence is gone,
what remains is life or pure consciousness."

"The perfect and the imperfect, the sacred and the profane,
evil and good
are all manifestations of the One Divine Consciousness."

"As you recognize the Divine hand that shapes and guides your life,
your love increases and coincidence becomes miracles."

"Miracles are signs to awaken faith and reveal
a world that is beyond the five senses."

"Life is relationship and the most important of all relationships
is the one you share with your parents."

"Success, prosperity and fame would naturally be with you
if you follow your heart."



July 5-11--Daily Teachings from AmmaBhagavan

"Prayer is the maximum you can do,
and the minimum you should do."

"You can't love others unless you first love yourself."

"Sacrifice is the essence of creation."

"Happiness does not depend on the external world.
It depends on how you experience reality."

"Living without being Awakened is not living at all."

"True silence is not the opposite of physical noise.
It is absence of conflict."

"Every event, incident and crisis is an opportunity to test
your skills, not to test you."



June 28-July 4--AmmaBhagavan's Daily Teachings

"Be considerate and compassionate
to all who are less privileged than you."

"Prosperity and poverty begin with thought."

"There is no individual at all.
What happens to one affects the many."

"Prayer is like an itch you send up to the body of God."

"Life is primarily governed by two needs,
the need to love and the need to be loved."

"Relationships are not merely about getting along.
It is to relate without fear or guilt."

"Perfection is in going along with what is there."



June 21-27--Sri AmmaBhagavan's Daily Teachings

"Trying to be natural is not being natural."

"To become Aware you must be authentic to yourself."

"Content is not important.
It is attention and awareness that matters."

"You become what you experience."

"Without humor the search for spirituality can be a long
and a painful affair."

"Knowing your ignorance is real wisdom."

"Past is dead; future is unborn.  What is there is only the present."



June 21, 2015--Happy Father's Day ...to all father's

With love... from the Oneness University




June 14-20--Daily Teachings by Amma Bhagavan

"One of the greatest gifts you can give anyone is the gift
of attention and love."

"Success is not predetermined, but the result of responses
to the challenges that life throws at you."

"You are changing every moment
because the whole universe is a process."

"Prayers are meant to seek abundance not to express lack."

"The more you recognize the hand of Grace in your life,
the more it arrives and there is no end to it."

"No two people see the world alike."

"The best way to relate to your child is to
sometimes become a child yourself."



June 7-13--Bhagavan's Daily Teachings

"Every incident, event or happening has a divine timing,
a divine order and is divinely planned."

"All assumption is a lie."

"Life is a benediction."

"Beyond fear is freedom."

"The best relationship is one in which your love for each other
exceeds your need for each other."

"Our greatest joys, pains and best experiences,
they all come from our relationships.  Nurture it well."

"Rituals help to uphold values that bring fulfillment."



June 8/9, 2015--Day of Relationships

Happy Wedding Anniversary to Amma and Bhagavan on June 9!

On June 8/9 millions of people around the world will help Sri Amma and Bhagavan celebrate their anniversary.  It's been proclaimed the Day of Relationships.  On this day they will be giving a FREE, live, online darshan webcast to help heal all your relationships.  Anyone can attend, and all are invited.

See the webcast here at the following times (use this time converter for other areas):

Monday, June 8, 9:30 PM (Los Angeles)
Tuesday, June 9, 12:30 AM (New York)
Tuesday, June 9, 5:30 AM (London)
Tuesday, June 9, 10:00 AM (Chennai)
Tuesday, June 9, 2:30 PM (Sidney)

If you aren't able to attend in real time, there will be a replay here.



May 31-June 6--Daily Teachings from Amma Bhagavan

"Learn to distinguish between detachment and indifference."

"All problems cannot be solved, some have to be dissolved."

"Life is complete only when you nurture love in all its forms."

"Stress is basically in the mind."

"The automaticity of everything is the beauty of life."

"All problems in relationships can be traced back to hurt."



June 5, 2015--World Environment Day

The Oneness Guide's message to us for World Environment Day:

World Environment Day is celebrated annually since the last forty-three years, to create awareness about our responsibility towards Mother Earth and the power we possess to bring about a positive change.

Today is an important day for the Oneness University, as it represents one of its most dear projects - Saving the Environment.

With the Blessings of our beloved Sri Amma Bhagavan, let us all come together and take action to ensure a cleaner and greener earth, which will in turn help in creating a safe and healthy environment for us and our future generations!



May 24-30--Sri Bhagavan's Daily Teachings

"Anything done with total attention is a spiritual act."

"All things have a value and a meaning until they are achieved."

"Mind that is addicted to pleasure has no clarity."

"Concentration is a practice, whereas meditation is a state."

"You create your own reality; no one is to be blamed for this."

"Truth is not making a one-time confession.  It is a lifetime pursuit."

"Everybody is unique.  Don't try to mould all dispositions alike."



May 17-23--Amma Bhagavan's Daily Teachings

"Trying to pinpoint blame is like peeling an onion;
you land up nowhere."

"Life without a vision is like a journey without a destination."

"All things are.
It is only ideas and ideals that make them imperfect."

"Man's victory lies in his surrender to God."

"Oneness is not a state to be practiced or achieved
but a benediction to be received."

"The journey into the self ends in love."

"To serve oneself is pleasure, to serve others is joy."



May 20, 2015--World Oneness Day

From the Oneness Guides about World Oneness Day:

All problems, be it at the individual level, family, society, or nations of the world, ultimately can be traced to the sense of separation in the individual... Sri AmmaBhagavan says, "Individual transformation leads to global transformation."  When the individual achieves oneness with oneself, he/she would experience oneness with others, with nature and ultimately with the Divine.

This May 20 you are asked to send deekshas, blessings, prayers, good thoughts, etc., "to the globe with an intent of bringing about a shift in human consciousness."  You can do this individually or gathered in groups.  AND...

Everyone is invited to also take part in a two-hour, free, live World Oneness Day event, ONLINE, that will include a Oneness Meditation.  Click on this link to join the event.  (Look near the top of the page to find the date and time in your time zone.)

Los Angeles-- Wednesday, May 20, beginning at 4:30 PM
New York-- Wednesday, May 20, beginning at 7:30 PM
London-- Thursday, May 21, beginning at 12:30 AM
Chennai-- Thursday, May 21, beginning at 5:00 AM
Sydney-- Thursday, May 21, beginning at 9:30 AM



May 10-16--Daily Teachings by AmmaBhagavan

"Life is a process of learning"

"The purpose of human existence is to discover unconditional love."

"The mind sees everything as imperfect.
It is dissatisfied with everything."

"Today's society is in chaos because everybody is trying to be
something other than what they are."

"Fear is only in anticipation."

"Detachment cannot be practiced, it must happen to you."

"The only place where you can hold God is in your heart."



May 13, 2015--New "Blessing Blog"

The Oneness University recently announced the opening of a wonderful new website.  It's a "Blessing Blog" where you can submit your prayer requests "for special blessings from Sri Amma Bhagavan."

It is also a place where you can "express your gratitude towards all the grace, blessings, miracles, teachings, love, compassion, help and support which you receive from Sri Amma Bhagavan."

You can visit it and get all the details here.



May 3-9, 2015--Daily Teachings by Sri Bhagavan

"Love is to give, not to ask."

"When you are focussed, all things fall into place."

"Be sure there is a problem in the first place,
before working hard to solve it."

"To be liberated from the clutches of thought is to live in
causeless love and joy."

"All of us are dreaming, in sleep and while awake."

"All activity is spiritual when there is no conflict."

"Awakening is absence of craving, not absence of desire."



May 3, 2015--Wishing You a Happy Wesak...



April 26-May 2--Daily Teachings from AmmaBhagavan

"If you want to grow, nobody can stop you.
If you don't want to grow, nobody can help you."

"If the whole world discovers love in relationships
then natural calamities will decrease automatically."

"There is no question of God forgiving you
because God never judged you."

"One who is constantly complaining and comparing
cannot experience joy."

"When you see everything as divine and sacred,
learning takes place."

"Never assume things."

"The more you grow, the more you become a child
and that is the state of joy"



April 19-25--Sri AmmaBhagavan's Daily Teachings

"Religion is personal."

"In relationships, listen to your heart."

"Spirituality is to live life in its totality."

"Truth is always simple to comprehend."

"Oneness is not a religion or faith.
Oneness is a perception and an experience."

"The best form prayer is gratitude."

"God has an ocean to give.  Do not come with teaspoons."



April 23, 2015--Sadhana for Moola Mantra Day

The Oneness Guides have suggested this sadhana be done for seven days before May 1, which is Moola Mantra Day.  Instructions are to chant the Moola Mantra 108 times each day while holding any specific intent you wish.  It can be done anytime day or night.

They said chanting the mantra "with deep humility, respect, and with great necessity makes the Divine Presence stronger."  They also said that when you know the meaning of the mantra, and chant it with feeling, "then the energy flows a million times more powerfully."

You can read about the meaning of the Moola Mantra, and also listen to its sounds in our Meditation Room.



April 22--Oneness Temple Anniversary & Earth Day

It seems quite appropriate that April 22 (Earth Day) was chosen as the date to open AmmaBhagavan's Oneness Temple.  It was seven years ago today.  This is how the Oneness University describes the Temple:

"The Oneness Temple is a vortex of Divine Grace, a powerhouse for the phenomenon of Oneness Deeksha, propelling the human race in this most crucial phase of its evolution.  The special structure of the oneness Temple makes possible an intense field of divine grace, wherein this transition in consciousness from separation to oneness would naturally result in all those who pray and meditate here."

It's also quite beautiful...

Oneness Temple



April 12-18, 2015--Daily Teachings by Amma Bhagavan

"As long as comparison rules your life, there would be judgment."

"Anything will work if your heart is in tune with the truth."

"The world reflects your perception."

"Even the most ordinary thing you do
is also a part of the larger Divine Plan."

"Contemplation is an integral part of one's life
which we tend to forget under the pretext of work and responsibilities."

"The root cause of all problems in relationships
lie in our inability to forgive the other."

"Only the heart can love.
When the heart does it, there is no reason."



April 5-11, 2015--Daily Teachings by Amma Bhagavan

"Attachment comes when one makes use of people."

"Friendship is the best form of relationship."

"If you do things with love,
you are bound to succeed no matter what your problems are

"All learning is unlearning."

"Your children inherit not only what you earn
but also what you are

"Read yourself, not books."

"Every obstacle is an opportunity."



March 29-April 4, 2015--Bhagavan's Daily Teachings

"Time and space are only symbols."

"Its an age-old problem of the mind to feel useless."

"Love is the key to enter my kingdom."

"Awakening is not a destination.  It's a never-ending journey."

"Life is a game; injuries are inevitable.  Get up and play again."

"Remember you are very dear to me"

"There is either love or no love.
There is no concept of little love or more love."



March 22-28--Daily Teachings from Amma Bhagavan

"Prayer can change anything and everything."

"We are architects of our destiny."

"Great truths are simple."

"There is no person, only personalities."

"Life is, as it comes."

"The absence of love is the root cause of all problems."

"To see is to be free."



March 15-21, 2015--Sri Bhagavan's Daily Teachings

"As judgment goes down love goes up."

"You are the fuel for the other person's response."

"All things are connected.
Everything you do affects everything else."

"Man is ignorant of the pain he causes others."

"Start from where you are, not from where you want to be."

"Suffering is not in the fact,
but only in your perception."

"Life is not to be understood, it has to be lived."



March 8-14, 2015--Amma Bhagavan's Daily Teachings

"While belief is binding, experience is liberating."

"Perfection is not a concept, it is in seeing all things as perfect."

"Do not let the situation determine your state,
let your state determine the situation."

"Miracles are not violations of natural laws,
but they merely follow higher laws."

"Life is what you make of it, a school, battlefield, or a playground."

"Life is a quest to know oneself."

"Judgement and evaluatory process cause suffering in relationships."



March 4-7, 2015--Daily Teachings by AmmaBhagavan

"Awakening is watching the inner dialogue."

"Love is the highest degree of concern."

"To completely live through our day-to-day activities
is the very essence of life.  To live is the purpose of life."

"Women naturally have a sense of concern and care.
When these qualities are awakened in her,
she has the power to transform the world."



March 7, 2015--Oneness Meditation

Multiple North American Oneness Meditators will hold a free online Oneness Meditation on March 7.  It will be livestreamed at this link.  Click on the link to see the time in your area, and get instructions for what to do during the Meditation.  Anyone can attend.



March 5/6--Bhagavan's Birthday Darshan

Sri Bhagavan will be 66 on his coming birthday, and a special, livestreamed darshan webcast will be held online on March 7 (March 6 in the USA). It's free, and everyone is welcome to attend and receive the Grace of Amma and Bhagavan. The webcast will be livestreamed online here at these dates/times (use this time converter if you need the time in other areas):

Los Angeles-- Friday, March 6, at 8:30 PM
New York-- Friday, March 6, at 11:30 PM
London-- Saturday, March 7, at 4:30 AM
Chennai-- Saturday, March 7, at 10:00 AM
Sydney-- Saturday, March 7, at 3:30 PM

A replay is posted here if you couldn't attend live.



March 5, 2015--

The Oneness University has just launched its beautiful, newly redesigned website.  Take a look at: http://onenessuniversity.org

Bhagavan's Oneness Temple




January 1, 2015--HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Happy New Year 2015

Warm wishes from the Oneness University--

Wish you all a very happy new year.
May this year bring wisdom, peace and prosperity in your life.


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