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How do AmmaBhagavan Define Bliss?

It's done in a teaching--as a way for us to understand and further our spiritual growth and development into bliss.



AmmaBhagavan Define Bliss

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AmmaBhagavan (twin avatars of Oneness) have always told us that when we experience something fully, it becomes joy and bliss, and when they define bliss, they remind us that experiencing should be the most important goal of all our spiritual sadhanas (practices).

They have also been very clear about the fact that becoming awakened doesn't necessary mean that we never face difficult situations, or feel difficult emotions.  Spirituality is more about finding a way where we are no longer afraid of these challenges, and we no longer have a need to avoid the adversities in our life.

The objective of our spiritual processes should be not about stopping painful emotions from flowing, but rather to put us into a state of consciousness where we no longer resist these difficulties, and where experiencing trials and tribulations are no longer a burden.

When we can effortlessly experience all life's situations, we will be free.

We cannot stop emotions, or fear, or pain from flowing through us, but we can definitely move into a state where these emotions no longer control us, and they very quickly transform into joy and bliss.  This happens when we experience our emotions fully.


How do AmmaBhagavan define bliss?

AmmaBhagavan define bliss as an experience of inner stillness or a stillness in consciousness.  When there is this stillness in consciousness, there is no dissipation or loss of energy.  Energy is conserved, and that energy is experienced as bliss.  Your life seems more calm, still, and perfect.  That is bliss.

Conversely, when there is no inner stillness and energy is being dissipated, you experience physical and emotional pain, suffering, and conflict.  There is an actual loss of physical energy!

All your spiritual sadhanas should enhance this stillness in consciousness, and help you reach a state where you constantly experience a sense of stillness, calmness, and bliss while being in the midst of life's daily emotions and situations.

It's also important to note that with stillness and bliss there is not an absence of thought.  It doesn't mean a thoughtless state, or cessation of the flow of thought.  Stillness in consciousness is the cessation of resistance and conflict with reality.

Without stillness there is a constant fight with whatever is happening inside you.  This process of resistance, or trying to change your inner reality, or running away from what you're experiencing, consumes a lot of energy.  The more energy that's consumed, the worse you feel physically and emotionally and the less you can experience reality as it is.

Avoiding and ignoring problems is not how you attain bliss.  That's how you continue to create issues, accumulate charges, generate more problems, ruin relationships, etc.

Spirituality and bliss is not about stopping painful thoughts or finding a way to avoid them.  It's about experiencing the thoughts.  It's not about finding a way whereby all of life's situations become perfect and we never have any challenges or adversities.  Through spiritual growth we develop the confidence and faith to face them.  THEN we will find the bliss we seek.

A simple sadhana for this is--when in the midst of internal conflict:
  1. Focus your attention on any sensations in your body that are associated with the emotional charge.

  2. Resist any need to change them.

  3. Just sit with and feel whatever is there.

  4. If interfering thoughts surface, guide yourself gently back to the bodily sensations.

  5. Invoke the Divine Presence and ask for assistance with the issue.

Insights, shifts, and healings can occur very rapidly.  Just keep feeling the emotions and sensations until there is no charge is left.  Joy and bliss will emerge.

When AmmaBhagavan define bliss, that is the freedom they are trying to help you achieve.  The only thing you need to do is make the firm decision that this is the spiritual state you want to achieve, then focus on it.  Without that decision you have no direction or goal to reach.


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