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News in 2006
from AmmaBhagavan
and the dasajis at the Oneness University



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November 23, 2006 

Guides from the Oneness University made an announcement today of a growing amount of research that is being done on the effects that deekshas (Oneness Blessings) for enlightenment have on the human brain.

They said that a pilot study, under the direction of Dr. Sarat Chandra, is currently being conducted at the "All India Institute of Medical Science."  They also made it known that arrangements are being made for a more extensive study, in collaboration with the University of Oregon, using a new and highly sophisticated 128 EEG net.

The guides promised that as solid research from these projects is received, the results will be made available to us.

(Some scientific articles on the effects of deeksha that are already in publication are Diksha and Joy, and Enlightenment and the Brain.)

November 16, 2006

The online deeksha event on September 24 directly connected our group with Bhagavan's 100 Villages Project, where in our meditation we became a transmitting station for the energies of enlightenment, just as are the villages in Golden City's surrounding areas.  This project of Bhagavan's is to bring very high states of awareness to the Indian villagers, so they can help uplift humanity into the Golden Age by helping to hold the energy of enlightenment for others around the world.

More recently, Dasa Radhakrishna mentioned that the villages act as sort of a collective, spiritual battery to store the energy necessary for worldwide transformation.  This energy then gets transmitted with the help of the Oneness Temple, which is a very large, spiritual broadcasting station in itself.  All nine domes on the Oneness Temple even have openings in their very tops so the energies of enlightenment can be transmitted out to the world.

Since it's been proven that indigenous peoples go into very high states almost immediately from deeksha, Dasaji also announced that very soon, in Bhagavan's latest initiative and similar project, he and other dasas will be bringing deeksha into Africa on a large scale.  Bhagavan feels that Africa will be one of the major continents to help lead us into the Golden Age, and that the transformation of human consciousness through deeksha will occur there at a very rapid rate.

As part of this growing initiative of getting the enlightenment energies out to the world as rapidly as possible, be sure to consider taking part in the next online event, where you can receive MULTIPLE deekshas in one evening.  These events are held online and accessible worldwide to anyone with Internet access.

Whether you attend online or "in absentia," your participation helps with the enlightenment of the entire human race!

November 1, 2006 

During one of our darshans with Bhagavan in Golden City, he told us that the deeksha energy can be and will be transmitted to large groups through rock stars in their music and concerts, famous artists in their artwork, etc.  To date there are a few movie stars, authors, and leaders of various sorts who give deekshas, but not on a really large scale.  Until now...

A well-known and wildly popular, American motivational speaker, who gives seminars worldwide and has several thousand in attendance at each event, has been initiated in India to give deeksha.  A number of deeksha-givers have been invited to attend his live seminar this coming weekend to transmit the deeksha energies of enlightenment to his audience during his three day event.

It was worked out on very short notice through the Oneness University for the deeksha transmissions to be included in this already scheduled seminar.  This is great news since it opens opportunities for similar events around the world, and is an incredible opportunity to foster Amma Bhagavan's mission of bringing the deeksha energies of enlightenment to the people of the world on a really large scale.  Finally.

Go Tony!

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October 11, 2006 

Long ago it became pretty obvious that when we gather together at events, far more occurs than just the deekshas for enlightenment.  This was blatantly clear at our last online event.

In the guided meditation, after we were taken to a sacred hillside near Bhagavan's ashram and a special master cleared, healed and opened our hearts, we were shown that our group had become a transmitting station broadcasting to surrounding indigenous villagers in support of Bhagavan's 100 Villages Project. 

The purpose of this project is to enlighten as many of the surrounding villages and their inhabitants as possible.  When individuals are happy and at peace, the society they create around them reflects that with cooperation, respect, prosperity, well-being, etc.  Bhagavan's intent is for these enlightened villages to become power stations transmitting enlightenment and its intrinsic qualities to all of humanity.

Dasa Radhakrishna recently reported from Golden City that:
"In India, Grace has started moving in large amounts in tribal areas.  Bhagavan said that the more we give to these people who are close to and very much in touch with nature, the more the karma of the planet will be removed.  So Bhagavan has started to focus on that more.  Remember whenever Bhagavan is focusing on something, if you tune into it, Grace will flow even more."

This news from Dasaji was quite a nice confirmation of what transpired in our last online event.  And in a way he was also giving us homework--to tune into the 100 Villages Project that Bhagavan is focusing on and allow the Grace to flow.  Try it, you may find it an "enlightening" experience.  :>)

UPDATE on the above:  One of the inhabitants of Varadayapalem in the 100 Villages Project has reported, "It is Heaven on Earth here.  We wonder if God has chosen this place to establish His Kingdom."

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August 6, 2006 

Because August 15 has been declared a Global Deeksha Day, millions of people around the world will be celebrating Amma's birthday and receiving deekshas for enlightenment.  Bhagavan has also said that there will be a special release of Divine shakti, or Grace, on that day, so be sure to invite Grace into your life and the lives of those around the world especially on August 15.

A 24 hour repetition of the Moola Mantra (japa) has also been suggested for Amma's birthday on August. 15.  If you would like to participate, just find some quite time and join others around the world in repeating the Moola Mantra either aloud or silently for as long as you wish.

It has been said that repeating the Moola Mantra can release energetic disturbances within our bodies and energy fields (among many other good things).  In doing so it helps Divine energies to restore us to health, happiness, and a state of no suffering.  You can hear a recording of the mantra in our Meditation Room.

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June 1, 2006 

At the recent LA Teacher's Conference it was announced that Bhagavan has sanctioned three official International Deeksha Days, March 7, June 9, and August 15.  These are set aside as days of celebration around the world where as many deekshas are given as possible all on the same day.  Doing so actually raises the consciousness level of the Earth and mankind in a measurable way.

Occasionally other International Deeksha Days occur such as the recent Mayan Gateway event.  I have to admit that I understand very little about the Mayan calendar, but for a long time I've felt guided, or maybe I should say compelled, to hold events in conjunction with these gateway dates.  Judging from the one on June 1-2, 2005 I knew the one last week would be extremely powerful, and it was.  For hours afterwards it felt as though my body had exploded and all the little fragments had been hammered into the ground.  :>) 

I knew the Mayan event would be very powerful for all of us and had no plans to hold another online event just two weeks later--UNTIL I realized the emphasis of the June 9 sanctioned deeksha day, then I couldn't say no.  It's Bhagavan and Amma's wedding anniversary, and it's been announced that on that day special Grace will be given for healing relationships.

Bhagavan always told us that THE most important thing we can do to assist with the deeksha process is to heal our relationships, not only with others, but with ourselves as well.

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May 7, 2006 

Bhagavan is in silence a lot these days, but when I was in India the first time (September, 2004) this wasn't the case.  Several times a week during darshan he would spend about 45 minutes answering our questions with his wonderful wisdom and cute wit.

Bhagavan and his Oneness Movement offers no teaching per se, but often when a student asks a question, a teaching is usually in the answer.  We were exposed to many in this way.  This is a recent example.

Bhagavan on "the mind":
Once when asked if the mind can ever be controlled, Bhagavan responded by pointing out that any attempt to control your mind only makes things worse.  The mind fights your attempts and retaliates by going even more out of control.  The ensuing battle saps you of strength, and you lose.  In this battle the mind always wins.

To end the struggle and free yourself from the grips of the mind, you merely have to watch it.  Just watch it from a witness state--no judgment, no condemnation, no berating.  Just watch it as you would watch a child throwing a temper tantrum.  If you just observe and don't intervene, the tantrum-thrower eventually tires himself out and stops.

By just watching your mind, it slowly quietens and becomes the passive servant it was meant to be.

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April 16, 2006 

Everyone who attended the LA Deeksha Conference had the pleasure and honor to be in the presence of Dasaji Ananda Giri for several days.  Recently he addressed questions about what enlightenment is, how deekshas work, and how can we end our suffering.  His answers can be read here.



March 21, 2006 

The latest report from India said that, as many of us were celebrating Bhagavan's birthday around the world with deeksha events, Amma and Bhagavan gave a darshan together on March 7 along with a worldwide blessing.  In his message Bhagavan said that 2006 will be a really great year, and tremendous things will happen in 2007.  He increased the energies on March 7 to speed up the enlightenment process even more, and said that everyone will be touched. 

This has already begun to manifest at the Oneness Temple where workers are working full-fledged adding marble to its outside.  It is reported that healings are beginning to occur there, and chakras are being activated in people as they move through the floors up to the central dome.

In other news--you're probably familiar with "What the Bleep Do We Know," the wonderful movie about consciousness and quantum physics.  If you haven't already seen it, it's out on video, so you can rent it.  It's sequel, "Down the Rabbit Hole," is now playing in a some theaters in the US and Canada.  There is also a monthly newsletter called "The Bleeping Herald" that you can sign up for, and guess what.....

This month's lead article is about the Oneness Movement.  It's a wonderful overview of Amma and Bhagavan, how deekshas work to bring about enlightenment, the Oneness University and Oneness Temple.  It also mentions the works of Christian Opitz, Sri Raniji, David Hawkins, John Hagelin, Mitchell Rabin, and Ron Roth.  All in all, it's a great article you can show to people as an introduction to Bhagavan and his work.



February 7, 2006

This is some of the latest updates I have from India from one of Bhagavan's monks, Dasaji RadhaKrishna.  Indian English over International phone lines isn't always the easiest to understand so most of this is interpolated, paraphrased, and put in my own words.  Basically what he said is:

Recently over one million Indians vowed to invoke Oneness for 21 days.  They just completed the 21 days and received darshan from Bhagavan in Nemam.  Also, 4000-5000 Indian youths recently completed a 3 day course in Golden City.  All this just shows how rapidly the enlightenment energies are expanding worldwide.  As more and more people receive deekshas, the easier and faster others who follow will be able to achieve high states.

Dasaji also said that this is another reason why Bhagavan is increasing the energies of enlightenment.  This year Grace will  be stepped up!  (You may have noticed this already.)

I'm often asked how someone can go about visiting Bhagavan in India.  At the present time the only way you are allowed to go to Golden City is to participate in one of the courses there.  But Bhagavan will be in Nemam (near Chennai) giving darshan until Feb. 26, 2006.

When I was in India last September there were 10 Cosmic Monks.  There are now 16 Cosmic Beings (monks who are in full Cosmic Consciousness) and some of them are in Nemam giving darshan with Bhagavan.  It's reported that even those passing by the ashram during these darshans are going into nice states of enlightenment.  (This will also happen with the Oneness Temple when it's completed.)

Seems like the bottom line of what he said is that things are progressing rapidly in a wonderfully "enlightening" manner.  And that's good news for each of us individually and humanity as a whole.

Also, I've just posted a great new article by neurophysicist C. Opitz.  It's not as long or as technical as some of his others but, if you read it closely, you can see that it speaks volumes about how the enlightened human body will be.  It's at:  Diksha.


Be sure to see the most current news from the Oneness University.

Sri Bhagavan's news from 2007


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