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Note from P. J.:   This is the article about Bhagavan and the gift of enlightenment that "appeared" on my computer screen the night my mother passed away.  The second article follows.

--November, 2004    


Article I:   

Kalki and the Golden Age Movement--

By Kiara Windrider

Sri Kalki, or Bhagwan, as many of his disciples call him, is known as the “Mukti Avatar,” a Divine Incarnation whose specialization is to impart enlightenment. His presence and his mission reflect for me the highest gifts Mother India has to offer humanity, and having met him and experienced who he is, I feel that I can now rest in complete trust that humanity is going to make it, no matter how fragmented, meaningless and chaotic our existence has been.

My wife, Grace, and I met with him three times over the few weeks that we were at his ashram near Chennai.  Our first meeting was a group darshan” (or interview) for the teachers, including myself, at the “Experience Festival” that was being held there. During the darshan he spoke of the dilemma most people experience if they are serious about enlightenment.  No matter how hard we may try to get there, we still have concepts and expectations about what enlightenment must look like.

There is always an effort to get from the state of non-enlightenment to a state of enlightenment, which creates and furthers the very duality we are trying to dissolve.  Even when we let go of the effort and become empty we are still conditioned by the deep subconscious programming within our minds that keeps us separate from external reality, separate from directly experiencing the world without the running commentary of our thoughts.

I had been seeking enlightenment for many years.  I had had a few enlightenment experiences but it wasn’t a permanent state.  After decades of unsuccessful effort I noticed myself becoming weary of the search, especially since I did not want to create more duality between where I was and where I wanted to be.  I started telling myself that maybe I was already enlightened, just didn’t know it yet.  I created a wonderful enlightened persona around myself, asking myself how I would live and act if I were enlightened, and trying to incorporate that “as if enlightened” state into my daily walk.

It made me a better person, but it was still an act, just another layer of spiritual ego to get attached to.  I suffered less, but I wasn’t enlightened, and in the denial of that truth, suffered more.  Now here was someone saying that it did not require centuries of effort, and that anyone could indeed get enlightened, just like Buddha or Jesus.  I was intrigued.

Not only is enlightenment easily attainable, but it is our natural state, continued Kalki.  We were originally created with a different program implanted in our DNA, and every child was born with the ability to directly experience the world as a unified field of consciousness.  We have mutated from that due to various distortions in our collective conditioning, yet the original programming still remains within our DNA.

Just like a computer cannot change its own programming from within a program, we cannot change our mental programming from within our mind.  It must either come through divine grace, which is difficult for many people because of our restrictive concepts about God, or it can be transferred by someone who knows how.

Sri Kalki acknowledges himself as an avatar, but doesn't require that people believe in him as such or follow his teachings.  In fact, he emphasizes, all teachings are useless if you are seeking enlightenment because they only create another concept for the mind to hang on to.   Even the non-dualistic teachings of someone like Ramana Maharshi can become a barrier if it creates a craving for enlightenment distanced from the present moment. Teachings can follow enlightenment, but no teachings can produce it.  No amount of effort can get you there.

Instead, enlightenment is a neurobiological process, Kalki insists, and he sees his own role as being merely a “technician.”  He even encourages people to design their own enlightenment!  Through a certain kind of "divine surgery," and with adequate preparation, the neurobiology and the DNA of a seeker can be changed so as to naturally become enlightened, and then all teachings and guidance naturally flow from within.  A divine energy is transferred into the neo-cortex of the brain, which reorganizes the entire framework of consciousness.  It has its own intelligence, and interfaces with the deepest longings and blueprint of each individual soul to create a new command center that bypasses the mind.

There are as many kinds of enlightenment as there are people, he affirms, yet what is common to all is the awakening of the true self within and the permanent dissolution of conflict and suffering.  The entire framework of past conditioning disappears, as do expectations of the future.

Since suffering is caused by addictions, attachments, cravings and aversions based on past conditioning, when this conditioning disappears, suffering disappears as well.  This is often accompanied by states of cosmic consciousness, journeys to celestial realms, profound perceptual changes, sharpening of the senses, various “siddhis” (spiritual gifts), and profound ecstasy.  The physical body becomes illumined with an inner light, and the sense of a separate continuous identity dissolves.  The questioner vanishes along with the questions.  The mind becomes a hollow reed through which all creation can flow.  Thoughts can still flow through the mind, but do not emanate from the mind.

I felt a thrill of recognition in my soul as I listened to his words.  Grace and I decided to do a preparatory "mukti" (liberation) program led by one of his disciples designed to bring the various "koshas" (bodies) into alignment.  Towards the end of this all the participants were called into his presence for a darshan.  There were about 40 of us in the room, along with several enlightened "dasajis," or disciples.  He announced that we were to be given the "diksha" (initiation) of enlightenment, and that the dasajis would be assisting in transmitting the divine energy.  Kalki explained that if he tried to transmit the energy directly it could likely blow some fuses, but that he would be working through the dasajis to perform the divine surgery in a controlled fashion.

Some of us would get enlightened right away, he informed us, while others would take longer, depending on individual factors.  All of us in the room could become enlightened within four weeks, he said. He further said that it would be a functional enlightenment (“sahaj samadhi”).  When he first began to get people enlightened they would sometimes go into ecstatic but immobile states for months, and he has learned to give a more integrated enlightenment now, since we are needed out in the world.

The normal procedure at Kalki's ashram involves a much longer period of preparation before the enlightenment diksha could be given, so all of us in the group were stunned and elated to hear this.  This was going to be an experimental group, he went on to say.  The majority in the group were Westerners, and Kalki said this would be the first time that the enlightenment diksha was being given enmasse to a group of Westerners.  The time for mass enlightenment had begun, and as these enlightened people returned to their home countries to hold the energies in their respective lands, the transformation of the human race would begin.

Once 64,000 people had become enlightened throughout the world, he said, the morphogenetic fields would ignite, and everyone who had become enlightened would then themselves be able to transmit this state with a touch, with a glance, with a thought or a prayer.  From then, it would be a very short time before all of humanity would revert to their original program of oneness.  This could all happen well before 2012, says Kalki.

We were asked to sit with our eyes closed as the dasajis moved among us in a state of ecstatic cosmic union, placing their hands on our heads, and allowing themselves to become vehicles for Kalki.  It was a different experience for everybody.  In a group sharing the following day, it turned out that although only a couple of people had actually become enlightened in that moment, most people had begun having enlightenment experiences, which Kalki said would stabilize into a steady state of enlightenment in the days or weeks to come.

Grace passed through periods of intense physical pressure and disorientation for a couple of days, and then on the third day felt the kundalini energy moving unobstructed through every “nadi” (subtle nerve channels) clearing out all the koshas all the way into the "anandamayakosha", or "bliss body."

As she experienced her bliss body, it propelled her into the classic enlightened state, which she has continued to maintain since.  It has been fascinating for me to watch and participate in her process, as her entire nervous gets reprogrammed to respond directly to a completely different command center, the Soul.  It is like getting unplugged from the "Matrix" (referring to the well-known movie of that name), and plugging directly into the Infinite.

She reports that the moment of enlightenment was like simultaneously giving birth and being born.  She found herself literally experiencing the world through the perceptions and senses of a newborn, while at the same time witnessing the entire process from a place of mature wonder.  In the days following she found herself slowly “growing up,” first a two year old, then four, then eight, sometimes fluctuating between various ages up to adult-hood, eventually feeling like all of them and none of them simultaneously, young and tender, wise and knowing, ageless and vast.  It is an ongoing journey into universal consciousness.

At the time of this writing, two weeks after the diksha, my own enlightenment process is just beginning to happen.  I am noticing currents of energy coursing through my body similar to what I had experienced in 1985, which are beginning to open up the deeper kundalini pathways.  We had another darshan with Kalki just before we left, and he warned me that it would lead to a total reorganization of my consciousness.  Some people are born with free will to shape their lives any way they wish, while others have a chosen destiny that cannot be changed.  He told me that I came with a destiny to help the world, that my enlightenment would prepare me for this, and that he would work with me.

Sri Kalki and his wife, Amma, have about 15 million followers in several countries, and their “Golden Age Foundation” is possibly the fastest growing movement in the world today.  Several hundred people have become fully enlightened in the past few years, with the numbers growing rapidly.  Miracle stories of all kinds are being reported every day, not very different from those experienced around Jesus. Kalki says there will be significant earth changes happening throughout the world before the end of the decade, which can be averted if there are enough enlightened people living in those areas and interfacing with the land.  He invites us to walk through the Doorway to Eternity, and then back again to help bring all of Earth and humanity through.

Introductory programs are offered worldwide, but the final “jumpstart” at this point is only being offered by Kalki and his direct disciples in India.  Kalki guarantees that anyone who comes with serious intent will become enlightened in three to four weeks.  It is a big claim, but I have seen enough to attest to it.

A major aspect of this work right now is the construction of a “Shakti Sthal,” or Temple of Light, built according to the principles of "vaastu" (vedic sacred geometry).  It is expected to be completed early in 2004, and will hold up to 8,000 people meditating together at any one time to build a continuous wave of unity consciousness in the world. Once this project begins it will greatly accelerate and focus the work, and people will be able to get enlightened much faster.  A lot of positive change will begin to happen in the world from then onwards, promises Kalki.

I had a dream recently, which reveals to me what this unity consciousness might look like.  I am at a birthday party.  It is my sister's birthday and she is six years old today, and in the dream I am also my sister and experiencing the magic and wonder of everything around me directly through her eyes.  I feel how much she adores me, and I am so touched I want to cry.  I live through an entire day through her eyes, and then I find myself in the body of my grandmother when she was still alive.  Again, I see all the familiar relationships from a totally different perspective.  I touch her pain, I touch her love, and I realize I am seeing her like I've never seen her before. 

The dream continues all night long.  I shape shift and feel myself becoming all the people that are important to me, family, friends, loved ones, even people I don’t know in other periods of history and other lands.  Soon I learn that I can be in any one incarnation and shape shift in and out of various people at will.  I become aware of the unchanging wheel of life that holds still as the players change.  I see that everyone wants the same things, and that the only common connection is love.  I see myself as no longer identified with myself as a personality, but as the One Presence, incarnate in any or all of these personalities simultaneously, and extending throughout the planet. 

I awoke from the dream feeling great waves of love. It felt like a prelude to the enlightened state.  Love is as simple as seeing through another's eyes, and knowing that we are the same.  There is only one Mind, and beyond that, only one Self.  If each human glimpsed a tiny fraction of this through direct experience, could we ever go to war or hurt each other or any aspect of the One Presence ever again?

This is the love I have felt from Sri Kalki.  I feel so grateful to know that he is here on Earth.  I feel he is a genuine avatar, perhaps one of the greatest avatars of all time.  In his ability to bestow the gift of direct experience to anyone seeking to know themselves, his advent represents a grand unification of all religions and spiritual traditions.  As the beginning of the Golden Age draws near, his mission is to help enlighten not just a few but the entire world.

“Humanity is entering the most crucial phase of its existence,” says Kalki. “The coming decade shall witness the most unprecedented and undreamt of changes in the course of its long evolution. There is nothing much humanity can do about it other than to understand the changes that are overpowering it.  Towards the end, humanity will enter a new age – the Golden Age!”



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 Article II:

Dear Friends,

I have had an overwhelming response from people to my article on Kalki and enlightenment, and I thought that rather than respond individually I would respond to some of these questions collectively in a stream of consciousness kind of way.

Is this really happening?  Yes!  We are entering an age, whether we call it the Aquarian Age or the Golden Age or Satya Yuga or the Fifth World, where the veils between the spiritual and material worlds are actually beginning to dissolve.

There once was a time when we were born enlightened, and lived in the constant awareness of the unity of all things.  In the course of time, for reasons that philosophers and theologians can argue endlessly about and don't really matter anymore, we chose to create a dense veil between various aspects of ourselves.

These veils are held in the morphogenetic fields of humanity as subconscious programs of separation, forgetfulness, limitation, illusion, fear, and so on.  Our genes mutated to align with these fields, and we invented suffering, which is basically another word for soul fragmentation.  We have identified with the veils and defined ourselves through them, yet WE ARE NOT THE VEILS! 

Underneath all this, the original program of love, beauty, and oneness, a morphogenetic field which we can refer to as "enlightenment" or "Christ consciousness," still exists within our genes, awaiting a timing key emanating from our own souls to wake up and experience the vast beautiful presence of who we really are.  This timing key is based on a number of factors, some having to do with the completion of certain time cycles and our encounter with a vast energy field that we are currently beginning to experience in our journey through galactic space.  These keys are being activated now.  We will be changed in the twinkling of an eye, says the Book of Revelation, when the last trumpet sounds.

Well, the last trumpet has sounded, and the presence of beings like Kalki in the world today reflects the deep human thirst to break out of illusion, to unplug from the "matrix," to reconnect with our divine blueprint.  Whether we see him as an Avatar come to enlighten the world, or an aspect of the One that is held as infinite possibility within each of our unveiled souls, many are finding that to connect with Kalki is to activate the timing key within our DNA.

Is he the only such Avatar in the world today?  I don't know, and I would never wish to limit the vast illumined Consciousness that is moving so relentless through the Earth today, but I do know he is for real.

Kalki has never said that his is the only way to get enlightened, and has little interest in telling people what they should do.  He is beyond the confines of any religion.  He acknowledges himself as an avatar for all humanity, and his sole mission is to facilitate enlightenment for everyone whose souls desire this. This happens not through dogma, beliefs or rituals, but through a transmission of energy, a divine operation within the brain, when the soul is ready and the time is right.  Although physical proximity can help, his grace is available beyond the limitations of space and time.

Enlightenment, simply defined, is shifting our center of personal identity from conditioned mind to unveiled soul.  Since I sent my previous article, several people have reported been able to connect with him through his picture or by calling on him on the inner planes, and are starting to experience kundalini activations and shifts in perception.

There are many who ask, how do I know if I am enlightened?  Those who are enlightened will say that it is unmistakable.  If you are enlightened, you won't need to ask this question, and if you're asking this question, you're not.  It is not a mental or emotional process but a biological event.  The moment of enlightenment is when the new biocircuits get fully turned on, and the kundalini moves all the way through the physical body to meet up with the cosmic energy.

Many of you may have had past experiences of energy surging through the body, but there comes a time when the kundalini moves through like a freight train to make the final irreversible shift.  New pathways get created.  The old pathways based on conditioned mind stop functioning.  A link between heaven and earth is created in the neocortex of the brain, and the DNA itself is transformed.  Your sense of self changes radically, and nothing is the same anymore.  Suffering ends, because all suffering is a figment of our conditioned minds.

A variety of phenomena may accompany this state. Many people experience states of incredible bliss and cosmic consciousness.  Subtle senses open up. Oftentimes, full memories of past lifetimes and the akashic records return, and healing and shamanic gifts awaken.  I have heard personal stories of miraculous healings, bilocation, even of people being raised from the dead.

Kalki emphasizes that enlightenment is only the beginning of the spiritual path, and he is here to help shape the Golden Age where we each become fully mature as co-creative spiritual entities.  Imagine a million Christs running around the planet.  What kind of world could we create?  It is starting to happen. There are over a thousand who are now fully enlightened here in India.  I have met many, and it is an extraordinary thing.  The more who get enlightened, the easier it is for everybody else.

Here is a brief summary of the path, if you want to call it such:

1. Determine if you are enlightened already.  Very few people are, and there are many who think they are who aren't.

2. Know that enlightenment is possible for you in this lifetime, and sooner than you may think.  It is a prerequisite to entering the Golden Age, and that time has come.  Nothing can stop this from happening now.

3. Realize that although there are things you can do to prepare yourself, it is by grace and grace alone that you can cross the threshold of enlightenment.  It happens not through effort or study, but in surrendering to divine intervention, or grace (rather like in the 12 step programs).

4. Profound mystical experiences of various kinds begin to happen, eventually leading to the--

5. Neurobiological restructuring of the brain and a permanent, irreversible state of enlightenment.

As we move deeper into the Golden Age, many people are beginning to spontaneously experience enlightenment all over the world.  It is our natural state, after all.  The important thing is to connect with your own soul and know that this is possible.

For anyone wishing Kalki's assistance in the process, I am attaching a picture of him.  [more photos here.]


Avatar Bhagavan Kalki


Make a soul link within your own heart, and invoke his presence.  Many people experience an immediate response of some kind.  It doesn't matter if you are Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim, Pagan, or Hindu, since this is not about religion.  For those who may be guru-phobic or wondering whether this may be some kind of cult, please check in with your own soul.  The world is filled with empty religious dogma that has done much harm, and people have justified all sorts of insanity in the name of God.  True enlightenment has nothing to do with any of that! 

We are each on a journey of truth, and truth can only come in the soft whispers of a discerning yet open heart and mind.  Once we have experienced the truth of who we are, no matter how this happens, our lives can truly begin.  It is the end of suffering and the beginning of freedom. 

With love,


*    *    *

Kiara Windrider, MA, is a licensed psychotherapist, spiritual teacher, and author of "Doorway to Eternity: A Guide to Planetary Ascension," and "Fire from Heaven: Dawn of a Golden Age."  Born and raised in India, he spent 22 years studying and practicing in the USA before heeding an inner call to return home, where he first met Bhagavan in August, 2003.  Kiara and his wife, Grace, are committed to traveling around the world to share this gift of enlightenment.

Articles reprinted with permission of the author.



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