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Inspirational Video--


Sri Bhagavan Defines Spiritual Enlightenment
(or Mukthi)


Bhagwan has given many definitions for enlightenment (or mukthi).  In this video he gives one that involves the senses, and explains how the mind can interfere with our liberation.

Below it is a printed version of his talk (which I edited slightly for ease of reading and brevity).


Sri Kalki, Avatar of Enlightenment



Sri Bhagavan Speaks on:  Mukthi (Enlightenment)


Mukthi could be defined in various ways.  The general definition which I give for mukthi is "the liberation of senses."  At this time when you see, you do not see without the interference of the mind.  If you can see without the mind interfering, that is mukthi.  If you can hear without the mind interfering, that is mukthi.  The same applies to smell, touch, and even thought.

Thought also can be observed without your getting involved with the thought.  Now when you are thinking, you think you are thinking, but it is actually possible to see thoughts flow as though they are independent of you.  This is a physical reality.

Actually you can see thoughts.  When you can watch all thoughts coming into you and going out of you, this is the state of mukthi.  That is the complete liberation of the senses from the control of the mind.

Whenever the mind is in control, you're not living.  When the mind is not there, then you're actually living.  So when people ask me, "What is the purpose of life?", my answer is, "If you are living, you won't ask that question.  The purpose of life is to live."

What does that mean?  To truly live life, the senses must be independent and free of the mind.  What's happening now is that you are not at all experiencing reality.  Reality to you is what is flowing through the senses.  Now, at all times, you are interpreting whatever data is coming into you.

You look at a tree and you say it is a big tree, small tree, green tree, mango tree, or this or that.  All the time comments are going on.  When you sit down to eat food, you're not just eating food. You start worrying about the office, or your family, or this or that, or comment on the food itself.  The food is not being experienced.

That's why I say if you experience reality as it is, then you will just experience bliss.  You will see that the world's creation is perfect.  It is the most beautiful thing, and that you're already in heaven.  You have made it into a hell.

It is possible to liberate the senses from the clutches of thought.  Thoughts aren't necessarily required, so why should your thought interfere?  There is no need for thoughts to interfere before you can actually experience.

When the senses become free of the control of thought, or the mind, then we say you have discovered unconditional joy, unconditional love.  Such is this joy that you will feel you are connected with everybody.  You discover true love.

This true love and true joy are not separate.  They are all one and the same, and this is a natural occurrence.  That is what you are designed to be.  That is what the human being is supposed to experience all the time.

Since you do not experience that now, you lives have become miserable.  And to escape that misery you have created various escape routes through which you are escaping from your misery all the time.  This misery itself is because you are not experiencing reality.  That is why people take to alcohol, or to drugs, or sex, or whatever.  Everything in your life has become meaningless.

The mission of the Oneness Movement is to help you experience reality as it is.  When that happens you will discover unconditional love and unconditional joy.  You will feel connected with everything and everybody.  You won't feel that you are a separate individual.

You will not live for yourself alone anymore because yourself has become everybody.  You will live for the sake of humanity.  It is not a concept or some imagined thing.  This is a day to day reality once you become enlightened.

And thousands of people have already gotten into this state.


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