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Sri Bhagavan often speaks about healing relationships as an important avenue to spiritual growth and the ending of inner conflict, struggle, and suffering.  In this video you can hear him discuss more about how to do this.

Below the video is a transcription of his words.

--P. J.         


Sri Bhagwan speaks on ending suffering and inner conflict



Sri Bhagavan Speaks About

How to End Struggle and Inner Conflict


See the fundamental thing is what is there is not important.  Whether there is comparison, jealousy, frustration, anger, hatred--what is there is not important.  What is important is do you look at it, and having looked at it, do you accept it?

Let us say there is jealousy.  So first you become conscious of the fact that there is jealousy.  Most people are not even conscious of it, and having become conscious of your jealousy that is causing a lot of pain, the next level you accept the jealousy because that is there.  It's a fact.  There is nothing you can do about it.  Anything you do about it is just whitewashing the fact, putting it under the carpet.  It will soon start stinking.  So you accept it.

Now, the moment you accept anything (whatever that is, that's not important) there is no wasted energy.  When there's no wasted energy, and energy is still--because it is not being wasted--that only is joy, that only is happiness.  That is all.

It does not depend on any condition, not the acquisition of a building, or a car, or whatever that gives you pleasure.  Joy or happiness does not depend on these factors.  It depends on only one factor--that is the stillness of energy.

Energy is still when there is acceptance.  And before you accept you must know it is there.  So what is there is totally unimportant.  That is why I am telling you God does not judge you.  If He does not judge you, why do you judge yourself?

What is there is in the human mind which is millions of years old.  It's an ancient mind.  It is there.  It is not your mind or his mind, it's just a human mind.  All these things are there.  The human mind, which is ourselves, will have these emotions, will have these feelings.  It is part of the human mind, it is its basic nature.

Like if you take sugar, it has a particular taste as well as a color; it is a crystalline form.  These are the characteristics of sugar.  These are the characteristics of the human mind.  Certain aspects of the human mind are flowing through you; certain aspects of the human mind are flowing through him.  There is nothing you can do about it; there is nothing you should do about it.  All that you should do is--aha--see, it is there.  Yes, yes, it is there.

Embrace it because it is there.  Be friends with it, accept it and when you do that, all conflict ceases.  When there is no conflict, energy is not wasted, and when energy is there, that only is joy and happiness.  It is as simple as that.

It is no use doing some pranayama, doing this thing, that thing.  These things, of course, have their own effect, but then again you're going to get into conflict, and again the problem is going to start.  It could give you temporary relief.

If you want permanent relief, you must learn not to struggle with yourself, which means to accept whatever is there.  When God is not judging you, why should you judge yourself?

Whenever you confront these things, whether it is fear, or anger, or lust, or whatever that is, they start telling you a story.  Once the story is told, there is no more problem (but you must wait until the story is complete).  So this lust now has began to explain itself to him.

What was the story?...

This person was doing theoretical physics.  (Later on he went on to become one of the world's top physicians.)  He hated experimental physics.  He never liked it, but then he had no other goal, so he had to do experimental physics, which he hated.  So this life of experimental physics, doing something which he did not like to do, that conflict became fear, and fear became lust.

That lust he was fighting with it and it was becoming more.  So then he said oh, oh, this is the story.  Then he said, "It's much easier to deal with experimental physics than lust."  He began to embrace it, he spoke to his professor, he became happy in the laboratory, and the problem settled down.

So that is what happens in life.  You have to confront, accept, then it'll tell its story, and you become free.


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"All wrong-doing arises because of mind.
If mind is transformed, can wrong-doing remain?"





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