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Inspirational Video--


Sri Bhagavan Speaks about Love


In this video Bhagavan talks about why we feel we need love and even beg for it.

Following it is a transcription (that I edited a bit for ease of reading and brevity).


Kalki Bhagwan speaks on love



Sri Bhagavan Speaks on:  Why We Beg for Love


The self is an illusionary thing, the self does not really exist.  It is born of sensory coordination and all the psychological contents that it is.  It does not have an existence of its own, so constantly it must be reminded, 'yes, yes, you are there.  You are very much there.'

And this happens when somebody loves you.  Then you constantly feel reinforced.  You feel the reality of your existence, that you are wanted and therefore you are there.  That gives you a nice sense of security, a good feeling, and so you pray for love.

Once you have discovered love, when you yourself are loved, you will no longer beg for love.  All this love that the youth are talking about, they're just begging for love.  Once you have discovered true love, you just give love and no longer beg for love.  To have true love is to almost become enlightened.

When you have enlightenment you are not there.  When you are not there, what is there is only love.  In which case you no longer beg for love.  But as long as this has not happened there is insecurity, there is fear, because every moment the self is disintegrating.

The self has to possess things--this property is mine, I have this degree, I have this job, I have this business, I have this name, I have this fame.  All this reinforces you.  Therefore you want to have these things, and one of the strongest reinforcements is love.  If somebody loves you, if somebody cares for you, it sustains you.  Therefore you keep seeking love.

The moment that somebody falls in love with another person other than you, you are finished.  That means that you are no more wanted and you start disintegrating.  That's why when you see something in the paper about a boy falling in love with a girl and the girl doesn't respond, later on he just kills her or maims her.

So my question is what kind of love is that?  You tell her she's the most wonderful person in the world and that you love her, and then you kill her.  The moment she says she is in love with somebody else, instead of celebrating that she got a better person than you, you disintegrate. 
So don't go that way.

So what is all this love?  When you say you love somebody it means you love yourself, that's all there is to it.  You can never love anybody.  How can you do that?  You can only love yourself, and when you say, "I love them so much" it means you love yourself so much.

You must know I'm not condemning love.  I'm just describing things as they are.  I'm not saying don't fall in love.  It's a fact of life, go ahead, there's no harm.  I myself keep blessing people who come and say they want to marry this person or that person.  They have my full blessing.  Each one must function according to his level.




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