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Amma Bhagavan


This article tells a little something about the background of Sri Kalki Bhagavan and his wife, Amma.  Sometimes they are just simply called Amma Bhagavan, or AmmaBhagavan, or even Amma Bhagwan.



Amma Bhagavan

of Golden City, India


Sri Bhagavan's bio:

Sri Bhagavan was born March 7, 1949, in southern India in the town of Natham, which is located in the North Arcot District of the Tamil Nadu state.  He was said to have been a very unusual child, as he was very introspective and seemed only concerned with how to give humanity total liberation.

Today we now recognize Sri Bhagavan and his wife, Amma as Divine Avatars.  Together they are known as Amma Bhagavan, and are extremely rare beings who can give freedom through liberation to anyone who chooses it.  They take total responsibility for giving full and permanent enlightenment to all seekers, and aren't satisfied with merely giving intellectual teachings, temporary states of Awakening, or performing miracles.

When Sri Bhagavan was asked, “When did this change in consciousness come to you?” he gave this reply:

"There has been no change in my consciousness since I was a little child.  I never had a guru.  Even as a little child riding on the shoulders of a giant-like servant or sitting under a tree while my friends played, my only concern was humanity’s suffering.  I would silently sob, choke and faint, experiencing humanity’s suffering.  My body does not have a limitation.  The consciousness of my body is limitless and hence it experiences all that man experiences.

"My only passion ever since I came into this planet has been to end humanity’s suffering.  And I knew to end suffering, mankind needed to enter into an altered state of consciousness.  I also knew that man was helpless, and it has to be given to him and I decided to give it.

"The miracles that Amma and I perform are merely manifestations of the compassion and love we feel for you.  It is simply the power of our consciousness that is making this neuro-biological transformation in the brain possible, leading you to enlightenment.”




Sri Amma's bio:

Sri Amma was born on August 15, 1954, in the lovely village of Sangham, which is located in southern India in the state of Andhra Pradesh.  She is much loved for her wisdom and childlike simplicity.  It is said that Amma and Bhagavan are one being or soul in two separate bodies, and each can transfer the state of Oneness Awakening to any number of people.  They work in tandem, with Bhagavan guiding the process while Amma radiates tremendous energy, so the fully Awakened state of enlightenment is made available to everyone.

When Bhagavan is asked about healing, he often suggests for people to turn to Amma, since she reacts faster as she is the embodiment of Shakti, the Divine Feminine power.  He also says that anyone who has a close inner relationship or friendship with both Amma and Bhagavan can achieve the Oneness state much easier and faster, since it creates a greater harmony of the yin and yang within.

In 1984, Sri Amma, Bhagavan, and a childhood friend opened their spiritual school called Jeevashram.  The phenomenon of Divine Grace was born five years later when students at the school suddenly began to experience very high states of consciousness.  Great miracles became a daily occurrence in the lives of the school children, and many became true mystics and prophets.  A few years later Amma and Bhagavan chose six of their students to become direct disciples, and embarked on their life's mission--to transfer the Awakened state to all of mankind.

From this very humble beginning, Sri Amma Bhagavan's Golden Age Movement today has millions of members all around the world.  That number continues to increase daily as more and more discover that true Awakening in our lifetime is a reality.


You can read more about Amma Bhagavan's early beginnings in this history of their Oneness University.


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Note from P. J.:  Having heard Bhagavan speak about his childhood, I can believe he was truly a Divine Child.  Together they are often affectionately just called "Amma Bhagavan" because, as mentioned above, Bhagavan describes himself and Amma as one being in two bodies.  He says they can both do the same things, but he prefers to focus on the aspects of enlightenment, whereas Amma prefers healing.


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