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Deeksha Indicators

The following is information I put together to use as a hand-out in my live enlightenment seminars.  It is based on my own personal experiences and those of thousands of others who have received Deeksha Oneness Blessings in our events.

Just remember that "good" and "bad" are merely words that have positive or negative labels attached to them.  In actuality, these are neither good nor bad, they are just your experiences.
                                                                            --P. J.



Deeksha Indicators:

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Listed below are a few of the "signs" or indicators that may be experienced showing that your Deeksha Oneness Blessing is at work.  These can also sometimes be experienced during or even before receiving the deeksha energies.

It doesn't matter in which column your experiences fall--whether you experience a little, a lot, or have no noticeable experiences at all, just remember--the seeds have been planted, and the deeksha energies ARE working within you.

Your Awakening into Oneness will be unique to you as an individual, as will be the timing and process you take to achieve it.  Many physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, karmic, etc., variables are involved which are very specific to you personally, and you have little or no control over this.  Just know that how it unfolds is perfect for you.

"good" indicators:

  • a sense of well being
  • no suffering
  • no fear
  • emotions flow through with grace and ease
  • better relationships
  • more compassion
  • peace
  • inner silence
  • happiness, pleasure, joy
  • ecstasy, bliss
  • a sense of no separate “self”
  • a sense of having no body
  • a sense of timelessness
  • a sense of Oneness and connection with everything
  • a sense that “I” is everywhere
  • a sense that "I" is nowhere
  • intense love, intense joy, intense peace
  • more energy and physical vitality
  • require less sleep, sleep better

"bad" indicators:* †

  • sleepiness, fatigue, or low energy
  • headaches
  • muscle aches or joint pain
  • cold or flu-like symptoms
  • nausea
  • lightheaded or dizziness
  • electrical or heat surges
  • cellular tingling or vibrations in the body
  • pain in various chakras
  • fluctuating sleep cycles or food preferences
  • emotional and mood swings
  • a feeling of impending death
  • uncontrollable tears
  • uncontrollable, incapacitating laughter
  • depression or anxiety
  • resurfacing of old issues
  • involuntary postures or movements
  • incoherence, disorientation, or immobility
  • a "drunken” state
  • sensitivity to light
  • wild dreams and/or nightmares
  • need for more time alone

* These WILL end--in their own timing.  If at all possible, it's best that you don't try to stop your process. Instead, you can speed up the healing by becoming aware of your symptoms, and going deeply into what you're experiencing, thus allowing any discomfort you may feel to complete its course faster.

You can always ask Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan for help.

(The above lists are not all inclusive, and you may swing back and forth between the good and bad indicators. This, too, will stabilize in its own timing.)


 Over time, it has been noticeable that, as more and more people receive the Deeksha Oneness Blessing, the planet's morphogenetic field is being positively affected, and the occurrences of "bad" experiences have decreased dramatically.

Sri Bhagavan has told us that when the time comes for all of humanity to become Awakened, they will move into that state quickly and effortlessly without all the "processing" we've had to go through.

It's nice to know that every Oneness Blessing we receive helps the next person who receives deeksha to Awaken into Oneness faster and easier.


You can get Deeksha Oneness Blessings Online.


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Also, be sure to get your Free Meditation here. It can help stabilize your body after deeksha. 



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