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Deeksha and Psychotherapy:
What Bhagavan Did to My Patients

by Leila Youssef

I have been a corporal psychotherapist for more than 10 years, and my specialty is the mask of egoism and egocentrism in relationships--the lies, the deceits, and all the games we play in order not the open up our heart to oneself and to others.  I realized that people get stuck in certain places where the fear of the unknown is the key.  So I give them deeksha when they get stuck in that fear and the results have been amazing.

In one case the patient is a very seductive, selfish woman and is never satisfied with what her boyfriend does.  No matter what, she always finds a way to ask for more.  She realized that she was not happy, even though he was totally for her.  She knew in "her mind" that she had to let go of her seduction tools, but she could not do it.  So I told her about the deeksha and suggested she try it.

When she received her first deeksha she immediately felt peace inside, and she saw Bhagavan's face for the following three days telling her everything was going to be all right.  Every time she was tense he was there to tell her not to worry and the peace would come back.  She had a few more deekshas and she started to "experience" all her seduction tools, and was able to face her selfishness and her ugliness for the first time in a REAL WAY.  It was amazing.  She really started to let go, and now she is definitely happier and her relationship with her boyfriend is richer.  She is still in that process but the KNOT HAS BEEN UNDONE.

Another case is a woman who has been brought up by a deeply chronic, depressed mother who is also a psychological sadist.  My patient was in deep need of her mother's approval but had always denied it.  In that last year there was too much tension between them because my patient could not hide her anger anymore at her mother.  She was in deep suffering for this.  On Mother's Day I gave a group deeksha to heal mother issues for everyone present, and asked them to bring photos of their mothers to give deeksha to their mothers as well.

Since the day the mother of this woman received deeksha, she has totally changed her attitude with her daughter.  She is starting to recognize her and the venom between them has ceased.  It was almost instantaneous.  I was amazed.

This third case is of a young consumer of cocaine.  He knows that it is not doing him any good, but the way he experiences it is that it is the only moment of the week when he feels excited about something:  THE WEEKLY COCAINE PARTY.

He is totally blocked by a fear of not being able to meet the expectations of his father and his superiors, so he stays at home smoking hashish, and once a week consumes cocaine.  I asked him to try to come to receive deeksha but he always found a reason why he could not make it.  One day I prayed to Bhagavan to make him stop liking the cocaine.  I was really concerned about this young boy turning into a real cocaine addict.....so I prayed.

To my surprise two weeks later he comes and tells me that his last experience of cocaine was a lousy one.  For a strange reason they could not find their usual supplier and so they ended up buying from someone else.  The experience was lousy, and since that day he has not been to another cocaine party.  He has even been with his best friend in his house watching him sniffing, and he didn't feel like doing it.

The week following this event he started daring to think about projects and daring to face his theme with his father.  Although he was fed up of not doing anything, he is now capable of doing something about it.  It has been two months without cocaine.  I am happy for him and still pray that he doesn't go back to it.  He sat in front of the altar and talked to Bhagavan as his father after the cocaine incident.  It was really touching.

Another one is a very intelligent man with a very, very destructive character.  His father would beat him up until he got tired, so he usually beats me up emotionally as this is his only way of relating to people.  We have been progressing, as I was the first therapist he has met who could stand his harshness, but his mind was soooooo blocked.  It was really difficult for me.

One day I suggested the magic remedy to him and he was very mistrustful until his girlfriend tried and encouraged him.  After his first deeksha he was able to really SEE HIS MIND WORKING.  He was face to face with his mind's game.  I was watching how Bhagavan entered his mind and talked to him in his own language.  It was really something.  Since that day he is softer and doesn't fight that strongly.  He is now open to receiving deeksha and the process is much smoother.

So the way I am experiencing it is that the deeksha really helps people tremendously who are stuck in their psychotherapeutic process.  The key I found is to bring patients to really experience the tremendous suffering they are dealing with for holding on and not letting go, make them experience their suffering as much as possible.  I don't analyze anything; I just have them experience that suffering in every aspect of their lives.

When they are really ripe I give them deeksha and.....BANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!...... BHAGAVAN DOES IT.  HE really helps unblock the processes.  He gives each person EXACTLY what is needed for their process to undo, but of course they have to be desiring to let go.

I feel deep gratitude for witnessing such miraculous transformations.  THANK YOU BHAGAVAN FOR WHAT YOU ARE DOING TO MY PATIENTS.


*    *    *

Leila Youssef lives and practices in Barcelona, Spain, and is available for workshops anywhere in the world.  She can be reached at 0034 93 665 1405 or.

Reprinted here with permission of the author.



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