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This is a report neurophysicist Christian Opitz wrote citing the scientific research he did while in Golden City, India in October, 2005.


As a teacher and speaker, Ananda Giri was one of my favorite dasas at Sri AmmaBhagavan's Oneness University.  He came to Bhagavan as a boy, and even though he is in a very high state of consciousness, as Christian describes below, in walking and talking with him he looks and acts perfectly normal, just like we all will when we fully Awaken.

                                                                         --P. J.



Diksha and Brain Scans

By Christian Opitz

During a recent stay at the Oneness University, I had the opportunity to measure the brains of several people at different stages of the diksha process, using a very sensitive electromagnetic sensor. 

At first, I examined several participants of the 10 day deepening course who had already gone through the 21 day course several months earlier.  All of them showed the brain patterns of enlightenment: A greatly decreased level of activity in the parietal lobes and enhanced activity in the frontal lobes, with a dominance of the left frontal lobe.

This is particularly important, because the difference between genuine spiritual awakening and pathological mystical experiences that make a person more neurotic lies in the dominance of the frontal lobes: Overactivity on the right side is problematic, whereas a healthy integration of spiritual awakening into human life always comes with left frontal lobe dominance.

These findings were also confirmed by Ralf Franziskowski, a medical doctor specialized in psychosomatic medicine, who scanned people with an AMSAT diagnostic device.  We purposefully used two very different technologies to cross-check our findings.

One very interesting aspect of these findings was that the brain hardware of these people was more reflective of permanent enlightenment than their current conscious experience.  It seems that diksha first installs the neurobiological hardware of enlightenment and the software in form of the experience slowly catches up.

This makes a lot of sense to me.  So often people have access to great awakenings, but do not have the prepared brain to sustain and integrate such awakenings.  All the problems of “ungrounded” spiritual awakening have to do with this discrepancy.  If the order is reversed, it dramatically increases the chances of enlightenment being complete and easy to integrate into human life.


Ron Roth

Ron Roth is the founder of Celebrating Life Ministries and a great spiritual teacher and healer.  In his process in Golden City, he awakened to his own avatarhood and was declared by Bhagavan as an “Avatar of Causeless Love.”  I had the great joy of examining him and the findings where unbelievable.

Ron showed a level of neurobiological communication between his brain and his heart that was off the charts.  This was in his basic waking state, not in meditation.  Such a level of brain–heart communication is a physical correlation of infinite love as a baseline experience of life.  One could say that in Ron, love has taken over his being and his way of processing reality to a degree that is near the maximum human potential.


Sri Anandagiri and Sri Samadarshini

Examining these two acharyas was another mind–blowing experience.  In both of them the inherent tension between the subatomic particles was so reduced that any less tension would result in the dissolution of their bodies.  They also had such a reduced metabolic rate that by conventional diagnosis, they were as good as dead.  At the same time their cell membranes showed an incredibly enhanced electrical activity, a sign of superior health and vitality.

This correlates with findings in Russian medical research that has shown that the cell membrane possesses a secondary energy metabolism that is far more efficient and less burdensome for the body than the mitochondria–based form of energy production.  A shift to decreased metabolism while increasing the membrane voltage indicates a step towards a far more harmonious physical existence.

The only explanation I can come up with for these findings is that in Sri Anandagiri and Sri Samadarshini, their bodies are so thoroughly permeated with the Divine Presence that there is a fundamental change in the nature of matter.  Maybe this is an example of Sri Aurobindo’s prediction of the next step in human evolution that includes a shift on the cellular level of biological life. 

Of course these interpretations of what is going on in Ron Roth, Sri Anandagiri and Sri Samadarshini are just first attempts of explaining something miraculous.  But all these measurable correlates that may point to a mystery beyond understanding have one thing in common: They indicate a greatly increased harmony, a dissolution of dualistic tension and conflict on the core level of manifested existence, matter itself.


*    *    *

Christian Opitz is a neurophysicist, biochemist, herbalist and author.  He has developed a new paradigm of healing called Radiant Life that combines whole brain functioning, raw food nutrition, exercise and nature awareness.  Christian has taught in Europe and the United States since the early '90s.


Reprinted here with permission of the author.



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