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Earth Changes and Enlightenment

By Christian Opitz


Q:  Bhagavan says that the magnetic field of the earth is decreasing and that this factor is necessary for a global shift in consciousness.  Is there actual scientific evidence for these changes of the earth’s magnetic field?

A:  Yes.  First of all, it is important to understand that a magnetic field is a complex process that can be measured with several parameters. Some aspects of the earth’s magnetic field are greatly dependent on regional factors and do not indicate a change over time.  The magnetic induction for example varies between 70,000 nanotesla at the poles and 40,000 nanotesla in Brazil.  But the most fundamental factor of the earth’s magnetic field is what we can call polarity for easier understanding.

The polarity of the earth’s magnetic field causes magnetic particles to structure themselves coherently.  Clay pottery and lava fallout from volcanic eruptions enable a very accurate measurement of the strength of magnetic polarity over time.  For example, in clay pots made 2000 years ago, the coherence of structure of magnetic particles is approximately 38% higher than in clay pots made today.  A similar decrease in coherence of magnetic particles can be observed in the lava fallout of volcanic eruptions that occurred over past centuries.  If magnetic particles structure themselves less and less coherently, this indicates a lesser force or polarity to which these particles are attuned.

Q:  But is it realistic to assume that the Magnetic Field will reach a zero point by 2012?

A:  If the decrease of the Magnetic Field would have gone at the same speed over the last 2000 years, a zero point would be reached in the year 3990.  However, the coherence of magnetic particles measured over the last 200 years shows an acceleration of this decrease by 300%.  This makes the reaching of a zero point by 2012 realistic, although an accurate prediction is not possible based on scientific data.

Q:  Changes in the Earth’s Magnetic Field and pole shifts sound like threatening events.  Is the Magnetic Field not a necessary protection mechanism from cosmic and solar radiation?  Would a zero point or a pole shift not annihilate life on Earth?

A:  Scientific evidence suggests that since the beginning of human life, there have been several zero points and resulting pole shifts of the earth’s magnetic field.  None of them have annihilated human life.  The last pole shift occurred in the early 9th century B.C.  Convincing proof for this comes through the first compasses that where build in China around 1000 B.C.  These compasses that, according to historic documents, pointed north when they were built, now point south.

Strong changes in the Earth’s Magnetic Field are also sometimes induced by very strong solar activity or sun storms.  Years of exceptional solar activity often coincide with tremendous changes in social structures.  For example, the greatest solar activity of the 18th century was in 1789, the year of the French revolution, in the 19th century in 1848, the year of the German revolution and in the 20th century in 1917 and 1989, the year of the Russian revolution and the year in which the Berlin wall came down.

Q:  Why would this coming polar shift coincide with world enlightenment?  Why could it not just as likely bring destructive changes in humanity?

A:  The last polar shift in the early 9th century brought about a much greater individuation of human consciousness.  This is evidenced by a shift in the content of epics and mythological tales of various cultures.  For example the Iliad and the Odyssey have been attributed to Homer, but new historical data shows that they where composed before and after the last pole shift, around 950 and 800 B.C.  In the Iliad, human beings are still string puppets of the Gods, with now real volition of their own.  The Odyssey on the other hand is a struggle of a man after declaring his independence from the Gods.  Given the deep psychological symbolism of ancient Greek epics, the Odyssey can be seen as man’s struggle to define himself as an individual and seek his way home through many dangers and tribulations.

If the last pole shift coincided with a greater degree of human individuation, it seems logical that the next one brings this developmental phase to its culmination, where individuated human beings awakened to the oneness of everything again.  A child is born in a oneness state, then moves into individuation in early childhood.  This individuation becomes more pronounced in adolescence and at the point of its fullest fruition, it could merge back into oneness in young adulthood, as Bhagavan indicates in his teachings about the natural cycles of human life.  It is obvious that humanity passed through a collective childhood phase in antiquity and through a collective adolescence in recent history.  It is time for the collective individuation now to merge back into oneness.

Q:  So why would this coming pole shift facilitate such a dramatic shift in consciousness for the better?

A:  Because the diksha energies attune the brain to the syntropic fields of natural cycles for human life.  Everything in the universe is governed by those cycles, as has been shown by Dr. Müller's Global Scaling theory, the Quantum Field Theory by Burkhard Heim, the Topological Geometrodynamics and various other advanced discoveries of modern physics.

Among the many changes the diksha brings about in the human brain is a significant increase in activity in the septum pellucidum.  This brain center vibrates at a frequency of 5Hz, a frequency of great importance for the phenomenon of resonance and the realization of emptiness.  For example, technetium, an element that is at the center of the stable elements in the periodic table, but itself unstable, vibrates at 5Hz.  This is the nuclear physics equivalent to the human self, assumed at the center of real experiences, yet itself instable or unreal. Dr. Müller describes 5Hz as a frequency of the vacuum with high resonance properties.  An increase in activity in the brain center that naturally vibrates at this frequency is very important not only for the realization of emptiness in oneself, but also to create a resonant field with other brains to share enlightenment.


*    *    *

Christian Opitz is a neurophysicist, biochemist, herbalist and author.  He has developed a new paradigm of healing called Radiant Life that combines whole brain functioning, raw food nutrition, exercise and nature awareness.  Christian has taught in Europe and the United States since the early '90s.


 Reprinted here with permission of the author.




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