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I'm finding that my own personal experience of enlightenment and the process of its unfolding seems to bear out Christian Optiz' scientific findings that as the deeksha energies begin to work, it can sometimes take the body a while to catch up and begin to experience the actual higher level of conscious-ness.  This healthy integration eliminates the rather harsh and impermanent spiritual awakening some have experienced in the past.

The following experience is a good example of that.  It occurred in December, 2005, fifteen months after I first went to Bhagavan's.
                                                                             --P. J.


The Evolution of Joy

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In the months that followed my trip to Golden City for the 21 Day Process, I began to notice that I laughed more.  Laughing is something I'd never done much of before, and when I did, it was more of a giggle, or a silent chuckle with shoulders moving up and down type of laugh.

I had not only begun to laugh out loud a lot, but they were knee-slapping laughs.  Even when no one else was around, something would just strike me funny and I would laugh out loud--no giggle or silent chuckle, but a big, knee-slapping, belly laugh.  All this was totally new and quite unlike me. 
All since India.

One morning I was even awakened by my own laughter.  I just woke up laughing out loud.  I wasn't dreaming, and I don't know what I was laughing about, I was just laughing in my sleep, and the laughter woke me up.  Now that was really funny.

I'd been told that an ever present feeling of joy was part of the enlighten-ment experience, and knew that this new development was a part of that process and a result of the deekshas.

Then one night, it happened...

Late one evening I was channel surfing and ended up watching two episodes of television's "America's Funniest Home Videos" back to back.  During one segment they showed a film clip of a mouse doing a back flip.  Being a true cat lover it's usually cat antics that strike my funny bone, but this time it was a mouse.  I laughed out loud again, not just a short burst but a loud, long laugh.

Then, on its own, this laugh turned into something much, much more.  It was very different, and I realized (later) it was the first time in my entire life that I've ever truly laughed.  You could begin to describe it as a full body laugh, but it was more than that.  It was as if, not just every cell in my body, but the entirety of my very essence was laughing.

Many who are currently in a state of full and permanent enlightenment have described their feeling of joy to be orgasmic, and yes, that's how my laughter felt.  Full body and orgasmic.  I now know what is meant when they describe the bliss and joy they feel in their permanent state in Oneness as orgasmic.

It lasted all too brief a time, but for me it was a wonderful glimpse.  A glimpse of how the human body can feel when it is in the wondrous state of full, permanent, and joyous enlightenment.

I'm looking forward to that kind of permanency. 




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