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Deeksha Experiences

 (2004 through 2006)


These are just some of the many, positive things people have experienced after receiving the energy transfers for enlighten-ment called deekshas (or Oneness Blessings or dikshas), whether they were received "hands-on" at a live event, or remotely over the Internet or telephone, or via a "timeless," long distance transmission. 



Many healings have come from having Oneness Blessings, and the healings have been physical, mental, emotional, and also spiritual.  Some reports of deeksha healings can be read here.


You may add your own deeksha experiences here.


Experiences from enlightenment deekshas
reported in 2004 through 2006


Dec. 30, 2006:  I feel like I'm walking through a thick medium, not just air, and that I'm looking at everything with great interest, but without much emotion.  I am not exactly feeling joy, rather sensing great horizontal and vertical space, emptiness and actually nothingness.  I feel like I am the observer.    --T., Maryland

Dec. 24:  I was so grateful to read what you said about registering early for an event, because all along, each time when I had registered early I started to feel things shifting right away.  So that was a nice confirmation.

All I can say is that the deekshas have had a huge impact on my becoming re-aware, reawakened, or maybe it is the fine tuning.  Whatever word or phrase you might choose to explain this, I know you and the deekshas are a very big part of it.  It has been an amazing instrument and journey for me.  Thank you.    --California


Dec.  18:  I have had some brief moments when I most definitely did step out of time and become one with all.  That's been really great!    --Kay, USA


Dec. 14:  I felt tingling, like an iceberg melting from the top of my body to the dan tien, totally relaxed.    --A., Denmark


Dec. 9:  The deekshas have been just exhilarating, so far.  After the last one I felt speeded up in an effervescent way, and a bit dizzy and lightheaded at dinner.  Still sensing pressure and subtle vibration in the head.    --R., California

Dec. 2:  Thank you for the wonderful deeksha.  It was my 2nd deeksha, and this is my experience:
I went into the temple and lay down and I saw other people us laying down as well.  When you started the deeksha I saw a man coming towards me and he gave me a kind of anointing on the soles of my feet and on my forehead.
After that he put his right hand on my solar plexus and his left hand on my head, but it was approx. 1 meter above my body.  Then I saw my soul or spirit coming out of my physical body and watching the whole deeksha.  Suddenly I started elevating and came up to the mans waist, and he put his left hand on my forehead and his right hand on the second chakra (sexual chakra), and kept his hands even after you finished deeksha.  After that I saw my soul again entering my body, and slowly I came back to the room. 
For me it was something that my words cannot really describe.  Thank you P. J. and thank you Universe.    --England


Nov. 27:  "I felt alot of tingling sensation in my head and a light feeling during the deeksha."    --Mary, USA


Nov. 25, 2006:  "Since the diksha, I am very expanded, relaxed and peaceful."      --Germany




During a live event:

"During the workshop I was able to feel and see some bright energy waves, and felt there was some minor emotional release, passing moments of nausea, then afterwards feeling so full of joy I wanted to scream or burst, deep peace and relaxation, etc."

H. in Louisiana


"In the first diksha I felt like I had disappeared.  Then there felt like a bulls-eye and a burning sensation on top of my head.  During the next diksha, I had a feeling of wanting to laugh.  The left side of my body disappeared.  There was a lot of activity on my right side, which became light and felt well-balanced.  Then there was activity on my left side.  I had a great deal of third eye sensations and became a column of light."

F.  in Louisiana


"The day of the deeksha all of a sudden I had a lot of sensations and tingling around my mouth and face, a surging within my body, which came in waves.  I also felt white light at times.  This lasted all the day and a good part of the next."

H. in Connecticut



A few days after deeksha:

"Last week's deeksha was amazing and continues to have a positive effect on me.  It's hard to express in words what happened.  It was an out-of-body experience with full perceptions as I saw, heard, and felt everything as it happened.

"With each deeksha, I feel I'm moving closer to a state of enlightenment.  Before I started doing the deeksha's, my life seemed full and moving in a positive direction.  Since the deekshas, I find myself more focused on my goals, and I'm feeling more and more serenity.  I know I'm on the right track and look forward to the next deeksha."

C. in Florida


"I just want to say that after the diksha I feel I have gone further this way, even though there are many, many ways to choose.  I study more, I am trying to get on my own feet, and I am trying to be sincere in my relationships.  After my intensive initiation day I felt inner peace for a short time."

A. in Slovakia


Thank you for a wonderful seminar, I have felt extremely blissful ever since."

M. in Connecticut


"On Monday, after the seminar and now, I think I seem to be experiencing some type of witness state.  I feel like I'm in a dream at times, and experiencing an illusion.  Sometimes it's real strong, other times it's not."

N. in Virginia


"I am observing more patience, greater success, and just a general well-being."

J. in Texas


"I felt the physical "me" disappear and had an awareness of being a part of 'All There Is'."

F. in Louisiana


"I have had increased energy, and  I seem to have become more in tune with the energy around me.  My hands have started to pulse when I hold hands with another."

P. in Virginia


"Since that weekend I've remained lighthearted & my emotions flow more easily.  This has positively impacted my relationship with one girlfriend.....I feel grounded into joy."

S. in Illinois


"I've noticed that I would have moments or lapses of total well-being, of feeling loved or being held.  It's quite subtle, yet it is warm, deep, and flowing.  I feel it as a body experience and from this place my view of the world corresponds to the energy--I see with love and am soft in my body, my heart is full and wants to give.  I feel full-filled and without fear and fear of lack.  Amazing as I write about it."

E. in Virginia



A few weeks after deeksha:

"Since the last deeksha interesting things have happened.  Like a visit from Lord Vishnu, which is crazy for I never really studied or resonated with Hindu deities.  I knew of the Deity but nothing really about him.  I attribute it to the deeksha."

B. in New Jersey


"I know now that many people feel good after receiving deekshas, including myself.   It is a very powerful tool.   I love to receive it.
"I am working only with energies and found that this is the most powerful energy I ever received.   Because of your deekshas I was able to make quantum leaps in my ascension.  This is the true."

I. in England


"During the deeksha last month I felt wonderful feelings of joy and bliss and tingling in my head and throughout my body.  Ever since that day, I think that I have been feeling a deep sense of peace and well-being.  Normally, busy thoughts that used to plague me no longer seem to surface anymore.

"Since the time of the deeksha was between 10-11 am in my time zone, I was at work, unable to access the online meeting room, however I still felt its energy.  Fortunately, I was able to have a hour of time at work alone, so I was able to attune to the group.

"Thank you for offering your services through the website, otherwise this never would have been possible since I live in Japan."

Y. in Japan


"Last night I found that I was using the base of my skull area and my spine to perceive and experience all at once.  It was kind of like touching a true reality for a nanosecond."

F. in Louisiana


"I have occasional feelings of peace and quiet that sweep over me--then I think, 'that was nice to have my nagging mind take a break!' "

B. in Maryland


"I have been more at ease than I have ever been being around my family.  Somehow more comfortable in my own skin and freer to share myself.  I also noticed that during the holidays, I actually enjoyed myself and enjoyed sharing with my family."

E. in Virginia


"[After looking at his srimurthi (photograph)] I saw Bhagavan move toward me and felt him put his hands on the back of my head (base of my skull, I think).  I saw a shimmering light at the third eye and a hand in front of my face.  Then I felt and saw a wave of energy in my chest explode like a volcano up through my head.  Next, I saw a pinpoint stream of light from above coming down through my crown chakra."

F.  in Louisiana


"Since receiving the deekshas I rarely speak in negative terms.  Particularly about people.  This has been a huge blessing for me."

L. in Virginia


"Since receiving the deekshas, I've noticed a more permanent feeling of connectedness to everything.  Definitely a strong sense of no separation.  I  have invoked Bhagavan and Amma several times in the last weeks and felt their presence around me.  I look forward to knowing them better in that realm of spirit."

M. in New Mexico



A few months after deeksha:

"With the first Deeksha, Jesus came and sat in front of me.  I experienced overwhelming, profound love, but the most important experience was that of looking into His eyes.  They were filled with joy.  They were sparkling and dancing.  For a time we sat looking into each other's eyes.  My sense of joy increased every moment as we did this.  Then, He took my hand and we began to dance.  It was like the 'Shall We Dance' scene of Deborah Kerr and Yul Brenner in the King and I.  We danced fast, covering huge ground.  We danced through fields of flowers and over mountaintops.  I would have danced on forever, my experience of joy becoming ecstasy as we flew around the ground.  And yet we were not touching the ground.  The grass and flowers were never damaged in any way.  Then, after a long time of dancing, we began to spin faster and faster in a circle.  At one point our bodies became energy and our energies blended into one energy stream/form.  At that point, we shot up into the cosmos.  As this happened, I heard, 'Welcome home, beloved.'  'I' was HUGE.  The universe, stars and planets, were inside me and I was also inside them.  Joyous laughter began to come up within me.

"With another Deeksha, a very large sword came down from above my head.  It had a gold handle encrusted with rubies, emeralds and sapphires.  The blade was very long.  It glowed and glistened and I knew it was not made of any metal here on earth.  The sword plunged into my crown chakra and continued down to the root.  Each chakra it touched, exploded into a giant, pure white blossom.  Not white as we know it, but a brilliant, luminous, delicate white.

"Then, a golden serpent with emerald eyes began to rise slowly up my spine.  As it passed my waist, a golden dragon appeared in front of my face.  The dragon breathed fire into my third eye.  As the energy of the serpent joined the fire, I knew alchemy was taking place in my being.  Then, the energy went up thru the crown chakra.  An oriental looking, ascended master type man who I obviously knew, but don't recall his name, appeared in front of me and we stepped into each other's energy and became one.

"The third experience was of a golden ball about 7 or 8 inches in diameter coming down directly above my head.  It was spinning around sideways.  It entered my crown chakra and spun its way down to the root.  Again, I experienced a sense of total oneness and enormous joy.  I knew I was forever transformed.

"Then came a procession of ethereal beings with precious oils.  They anointed all my chakras as well as my eyes, my nose, ears, and mouth.  They continued to anoint my wrists, palms, back of hands, knees and feet.  There were three such anointings.

"Then, I could not stop laughing.  I was joy and laughter.

"Now two months after this experience, I am in bliss/joy.  Often in a Witness/Oneness state.  Mostly loving everyone and every thing.  I cannot wait for the next Deeksha opportunity."

C. in Colorado


"I've had some beautiful spiritual experiences since I've been receiving deeksha energies, which often occur during the deeksha events.  Lately, each deeksha is becoming more deeply felt and uniquely special.  I'm feeling the wonderful differences in my life as I sense my spiritual awareness increasing and my vibration quickening."

D. in Arizona


"I have been to several of your deekshas over the past year.  They are really wonderful and I truly experience so much.  I also, after all these years of studying and awakening, find this one of the most instrumental tools to the process."

B. in New Jersey


"Since my two deekshas, this month has been the most wonderful, incredible, and fascinating time of my life.  I have had so many adventures, from the ordinary, to the extraordinary, to the incredible Oneness, and feel no limits.  We are ONE.  I am so happy to be here and alive at this time."

R. in California


"To me enlightenment feels like everything is in perfect order...it is as it is.  A pain is a pain.  A heartache is a heartache.  There is not the transition into not feeling, as some might expect.  Instead, it is all simply a state of being to be observed or witnessed.  And maybe more of a sense of humor as I observe myself reacting.  I find myself giggling inward and smiling more outwardly.  I feel more present in my life and not so hard on myself for what is not.  What I AM is I AM."

A. in Louisiana


"For me justice is being taken care of and right action is flowing in my life.  The universe is providing for me like never before."

L. in Virginia


"For the past few days, I have been having experiences that are coming from the deekshas.  I am having a lot of activity at the base of my head where my head joins the spine and, also, third eye activity again.  All this sensation seems "coordinated" with the base of my spine now (or down through my spine).  The experience of not existing as a body was very brief but happened again."

F. in Louisiana


"I have been having more experiences of being both the observed and the observer of the world, of experiences, and of events."

T. in Maryland



During a phone deeksha:

"Thank you so much for my *first* *Deeksha* yesterday...amazing.  I felt so light and alive in my body.  Earlier in the day before the deeksha I was a little sick to my stomach, but afterwards the love I felt was so amazing--pure love, calm and peace.  My meditations have been deeper and more meaningful.   I love how the deeksha stimulates the kundalini.  :) 

"Today I was filled with more present love, greater understanding of universal truths, compassion, and a higher awareness in line with my higher self.  I feel the truth of the Universal Truths from a state of present spiritual awareness, instead of simply knowing them.  I feel these truths have settled into my being thanks to the deeksha."

T. in Pennsylvania


"I received deeksha over the telephone, during the session I felt a little dizzy with a slight headache.  Then I saw a bright golden light and felt that my face was on fire.  During the break, I looked in the mirror and my face was the color of my red sweater.  I went into peels of laughter and have been in total bliss since.  Thank you Bhagavan Sri Kalki, Amma and P. J. for this great gift."

M. in Connecticut


"Before the first deeksha I felt the energy starting even before you officially began.  I felt a lot of energy and work being done on my 3rd eye and brain.  Later when I went outside for a walk, everything looked very bright and clear - so refreshing and beautiful.  I felt very alive and very connected to nature.

"During the next deeksha there was pressure on my third eye and a lot more readjusting going on in my brain.  After you finished, I felt energized and very refreshed, and later saw all these golden and green lines moving in all directions and patterns, then beautiful deep pink with purple rectangles."

H. in Connecticut



After a phone deeksha:

"During the phone deeksha last month you worked with me to receive a teaching job--and they did call me to come teach!"

R. in New York


"Initially, the transmission seemed very subtle.  I had worked 4 twelve hour shifts, and had not been able to sleep when we had our telephone session, however after a night's sleep things changed considerably.  The next morning the light was so great I was no longer energized, but energy.  I thought there was no way I could actually touch people (not a good thing if you're a masseur).  The energy began to subside, and became a whisper of light in Heart.  Today the energy is a brilliant disk in each chakra."

H. in Colorado



During a deeksha received "in absentia" (a remote, long distance, "timeless" transmission):

"Just when I think the deeksha is over, a flow of energy comes over me and makes me close my eyes and float.  And it is still happening!  I feel very light and airy."

U. in Delaware


"The first deeksha was indeed very powerful.  During it I felt a huge stream of energy run through me with grace and utmost love.  I could feel both the strength of Bhagavan's and the compassion of Amma's energies greatly interwoven as one.  I truly enjoyed it."

A. in Turkey


"Waves of currents first started from my head very slowly and went down my body to my toes.  At first I felt weak and almost sick, but then total relaxation set in.  A headache on my left side cleared.  More waves happened!!  I lost count.  A state of total internal silence followed--a very peaceful silence.  This was an extremely powerful experience!"

U. in Delaware


"For a short time during the deeksha it felt like all my cells were on fire, and I could do nothing to stop the tears of gratitude to Amma and Bhagavan from rolling down my cheeks.  Later that evening my heart chakra was so open it felt as if a cannonball of molten lava had been shot through my chest.  Wow."

J. in Louisiana


"Your transmission was received at 7:48 pm last evening while I was watching the news.  A soft down pouring of energy/pressure was felt at the top of my head creating a quick shift in my awareness to this.  It permeated inward a few inches and was accompanied by a refined tingling sensation."

J. in Virginia


"It was fabulous.  During the deeksha I felt this very, very strong vibration, and fifteen minutes later kundalini took over like nobody's business."

C. in New York


"I felt spiraling and fullness in my head.  In addition, I felt tingling in my hands and feet.  Light "whooshed" through me.  The left side of my head was being worked on again.  My head moved slightly side to side, with unusual feelings in my facial bones and muscles.  Then it felt like planes in my head shifting back and forth slightly for right placement.  The left side of my body enlarged seeming to realign in order to "mesh" with the right side.  In the head area, I had a bright light, then it subsided."

F. in Louisiana


"I was very aware of the deeksha that you sent on the first day.  It was incredible.  I felt a lot of love and a great sense of peace.  It was as if I was floating all weekend."

J. in Virginia


"I felt a lot of energy going into the top of my head and spread throughout my body.  I could feel lots of releasing going on."

M. in Missouri



After a deeksha received "in absentia":
(more about absentia here)

"While participating in today's Deeksha I felt more than ever before.  I have had numerous Deeksha experiences, and I always find the ones that are NOT hands on have been much more powerful.  Today's is the most powerful yet."

R. in Ohio


"The last deeksha that we did as a group was phenomenal!  Everyone had similar ... or different  ... but all VERY powerful experiences.  I had the most massive experiences, both during the deeksha, and for several days afterwards.  Amma!!! ... I don't need to express my emotions about her ... You already know it!... The love!  Wow!

"She came to me again during that night, and 'told' me how to heal my partner, who at the time was lying beside me asleep.  I spent some time doing what she showed me to do.  The next morning I told him about my strange experience during the night ... and surprise, surprise ... The very thing Amma showed me about was the he had requested to have healed during the deeksha!!!  (and I didn't know this).  Beautiful hey?!"

J. in Australia


"I am beginning to feel such an immense state of tranquility and inner freedom.  Things that used to trigger me no longer seem to affect me and I continue to be amazed.  Living each day becomes a gift as I begin to feel like I am walking in no body.... observing the divinity in other people and at the same time seeing where their perception leads them into living the illusion of reality.  The veil has been lifted.  It's such a great feeling to have divine wisdom flowing through me through all my communications every day.  I will see how this unfolds so I can understand the purity of its effect.  And then see where to go from there."

Y. in Japan


"Friday was wonderful for me!  I was able to listen to about half of the event online.  I could feel the magic and love that was present.  I have a lot more energy now and there's a peace and stillness that wasn't there before, even if it is subtle.  I cannot wait until the next time you'll give deeksha."

G. in Sweden


"I've been having periodic spurts of joy for no reason and continue to feel the underlying connectedness of All That Is with everything."

M. in USA


"When you did the last Deeksha, I actually felt your hands (subtle energy) on my head and felt something shift in my brain.  Thank you."

G. in California


"I completely forgot to receive the deeksha energies but when I remembered, I immediately noticed a kind of "pressure of energy" waiting to be delivered to me.  I laid down to receive the deeksha and of course experienced it as if I had done it at the time you sent it.  I could feel the energy entering my head and infusing my body."

H. in Arizona


"WOW -- last night was quite spectacular!  [During the deeksha] I began to feel my body vibrating, particularly in the area between the navel and heart, in my back.  It was about 5-6 inches in diameter.  I also felt like electrical "sparking" in my tailbone area.

"Then, in bed last night I woke up -- don't recall the time -- but definitely more than a couple hours after the Deeksha -- and my whole left side was vibrating, so strongly, it almost felt like it was on fire.  At the same time it felt cold.  It was something very powerful.

"What is now different from my perspective is the very deep sense of gratitude and humility in my heart."

G. in California


"I have always felt your long distance Deekshas very powerfully.  My sister said she could even feel your absentia Deekshas in New Delhi!"

U. in Delaware


"Thank you for the diksha Wednesday night.  I definitely felt vibrations of energy flowing through my head and back.  Now, 2 days later, the energy is still flowing through my head."

S. in California


"The energy of the June1 & 2 Deekshas was just incredible!  I didn't stop pulsing for a half hour or more...I was off-balance and staggered into bed!

"During the first deeksha I was handed 2 ornamental eggs...one was white decorated with white satin flowers with pink gems trailing down the side of the egg.  Then I was actually standing on top of a Mayan stone pyramid with arms outstretched...I wore a cape of feathers with feathers trailing from my arms.  I was a woman...my face appeared full view...beautiful with creamy skin, blue eyes, and soft black hair.  A blue cut glass octagon shaped dipper type vessel containing a golden liquid was offered to me by a Mayan or Inca male.  The dipper had a long handle of blue glass, and he held it towards my mouth.  He had such an intent look on his face...like he was holding his breath to see if I would take a drink.  I drank from the vessel and immediately my chest felt expanded, then my third eye area expanded and began pulsing and vibrating.  I felt and saw little symbols coming down into my crown.  I remember opening up the full width of my body to let more come into me, falling through my entire form.
"The energy of the second deeksha was so all encompassing that I didn't notice too much visually.  The energy was pouring into my throat...red-orange with golden rust colored spots...very intense.
"It was totally amazing, P. J.  Thank-you so much.   I have had so many happenings and understandings since the deekshas."
S. in California


"[My husband] and I are experiencing a deeper harmony in our relationship which is a great joy for us."

K. in Minnesota


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