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Excerpts of
Q & A from conversation with Sri Kalki Bhagavan
and Kiara, October, 2004, and are
still relevant today


Who is Bhagavan?
"I am known in India as Bhagavan.  I am an avatar, an avatar who is specifically concerned about enlightening people and of course, also fulfilling their desires.  I have been around for the past nearly 12 years or so.  We have millions of followers, and a few thousand now who are enlightened.  There is now a tremendous seeking after enlightenment, a great passion now among large numbers of people to become enlightened, and so I have come to be considered as an avatar for enlightenment.”

What is an Avatar?
"An avatar is someone who comes with a specific mission on the planet and who is divinely inspired, and through whom divine energies flow.  Avatars can come in every field of human activity.  Many seem to think it is can only pertain to spiritual work, but it isn't so.  But I happen to be a spiritual avatar.  Other avatars prepared people for enlightenment, for liberation, but could not give it to them, not because they were not capable of giving it, but because the times were not ready for that.  So I come at a time when earth's energies have changed, and man is very receptive, and it is possible to give him enlightenment.”

How is it possible to give enlightenment?
"Basically it is through the process of what is called 'deeksha,' an electrical energy which transfers through some kind of a hole in the mind of man.  We believe that the mind of man is like a wall, which divides man from God.  The deeksha is an electrical energy which makes a hole in this wall, which we call the mind.  Once that happens, then God and man can come to relate with each other.  The way they relate has to do with his background, his conditioning, his aspirations, his education, so many factors.  But it is God who gives enlightenment, whether you call it God or cosmic consciousness or nature, call it what you want.  So that takes over and enlightenment is delivered through God.  Our job is to give the deeksha and make a hole in the mind, and then God does the rest.”

Will I have to give up my religion?
"No, the deeksha is a neutral thing and it only activates a certain area of the brain or deactivates it, and the person only discovers what his religion taught him.  He discovers the truths of his own faith.  What I do or teach is not a new faith or religion, it is not anything new at all, it merely helps you to discover what you have been seeking all these years. There is absolutely no conflict with religion at all.”

Can others give enlightenment?
“Mostly I don't give deekshas, I let others [who are trained] give deeksha.  I am more like a powerhouse, and the others are like step down transformers who can receive this energy and pass it on to people.  So my function is to remain as a powerhouse for some time.  This is how deeksha is given and how enlightenment occurs.”

Why now?  Many, many people have been seeking for many lifetimes, and been through all kinds of practices, rituals, ceremonies and traditions, and many times they feel they have only been able to go so far, and none have been able to actually cross over into enlightenment.  So how is this different?

“When I look at a person, I don't see him as a first-timer.  I only see millions of years behind him.  I believe that all of humanity has finished all the work they need to do.  I think everybody has been well prepared through so many lives.  And therefore now is the time to get it.  All the hard work has been done.  Everybody is ready.”


Bhagavan answers more questions about enlightenment and deeksha:


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