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The meditation below is very ancient and opens pathways in your body to prepare you for the enlightened state.  It can also enhance and deepen your state after you receive the energy transfer for enlightenment called Deeksha Oneness Blessing (or Diksha).

Over 5,000 years ago yogi masters spent many years experimenting with various sounds to find the most precise ones to open, clear, and balance the chakras.  The purpose was to clear the way for kundalini to rise fluidly and flawlessly up the spine to the crown.  The sounds in this meditation are the result of their efforts so long ago.

When the chakras are fully open and kundalini rises perfectly to meet the deeksha energies, the state of enlightenment can occur more easily.  So you can see why this meditation is important, both before and after you receive the deeksha energy transfers for enlightenment.  We did it many times at Sri AmmaBhagavan's Oneness University when I was there.

Bhagavan suggests that you do a chakra meditation everyday because it can enhance both your physical and spiritual vitality.  It also helps to prepare your body to more fully utilize the Deeksha Oneness Blessings.


NOTE:  You may have noticed in the past that various disciplines sometimes place the chakras at different positions in the body, especially the first three.  This one does also, but I've tried to describe exactly where you are to put your focus.

--P. J.



Chakra Dhyana Meditation

Sit with your spine straight. Rest your hands on your thighs with palms facing up, and index fingertips touching the BASE of each thumb. Take several long, slow, easy deep breaths until your body becomes calm. (It is best to sit during this meditation, not lie down.)

Beginning with the first chakra, focus on its indicated area while chanting (either aloud or inwardly) an elongated LANG (laaaaannnng) as you exhale. Repeat this process seven times while visualizing the golden light of kundalini filling the chakra, then flowing upward into the next chakra. Do the same with the second chakra and continue until you have progressed through all seven.

1st Chakra (Mooladhara): at the perineum region between the anus and genitals
Mantra: LANG (rhymes with and phonetically pronounced as lung)

2nd Chakra (Swadhisthana): at the base of the spine--the coccyx or tail bone
Mantra: VANG (rhymes with and phonetically pronounced as vung)

3rd Chakra (Manipura): navel area
Mantra: RANG (rhymes with and phonetically pronounced as rung)

4th Chakra (Anahata): center of the chest
Mantra: YANG (rhymes with and phonetically pronounced as young)

5th Chakra (Vishuddhi): epiglottis or center area of the throat
Mantra: HANG (rhymes with and phonetically pronounced as hung)

6th Chakra (Ajneya): area between the eyebrows
Mantra: AUM (rhymes with and phonetically pronounced as home)
(pronounce A-long, U-medium, M-short duration, as to a count of 3-2-1. An example would be to elongate the word like this--aaa uu m --when rhyming it with home.)

7th Chakra (Sahasrara): top of the head
Mantra: Ogum Satyam Om (phonetic pronunciation: oh goom, sat yum, om)
Imagine the golden light flowing up through all the chakras, out the top of your head, and fountaining down all around you.

Lie down immediately after the meditation and relax for several minutes, or as long as you like. Yoga's Corpse Pose is good for this (on back with arms loosely to the sides, palms up, legs slightly apart).

Notice the dynamics of the energy in your body as the kundalini flows.

* * *

For a quick review of how to make the mantra sounds, you can listen here.



What others have said about this meditation--


The very first time I used the meditation resulted in a wonderful sense of well being that lasted for days.                                            --E. in New Mexico

I have tried it a few times and it really seems to quieten my mind down and makes me feel peaceful                                   --B. in Canada

Many times I feel, while doing meditation, that I am a newly born child, and Amma and Bhagwan have taken me in their hands and they are loving me like their son.                                       --V. in India

I've been doing the meditation and love what it does for me.                                          --D. in USA

I really enjoyed doing this meditation, it helped me to do my work very peacefully.           --R. in India


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