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Bhagavan's ashram in Golden City is a very special place filled with enlightened beings.  He says some of the reasons he chose this location for his Oneness University is because of the high energetic vibration of the land and the high concentration of enlightened beings that can be found there.

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Avatar Sri Kalki Bhagavan and Golden City, India: 

Imagine a place where you could go and meet a new kind of facilitator or "specialist."

This practitioner would have only one thing in mind… that you get perfectly well, and free of all your problems.  This practitioner wouldn't be interested in whether you believed in them or not.  They would not care if you remem-bered them after you are healed, or if you completely forgot that you'd even been to see them. 

This practitioner would love you so unconditionally that you would become able to go back to your day-to-day life and live as you used to live, but with one major, radical difference:  you are now healed, free of suffering and diseases.

Not only that!  You would return able to help others to heal as well.

It wouldn't even matter if you'd been told by some of the top specialists in the world that the disease you are suffering from is one of those rare diseases that can never be healed.  The ONLY reason human beings are told that something is incurable is because that practitioner has forgotten that there really is a Higher Power, and therefore… NOTHING is impossible.

Now imagine that the diseases you are suffering from are actually:  fear, hurts, anger, jealousy, greed, resentment, self-limiting beliefs, meaninglessness and depression, an overall sense of separation from God, and all sorts of other kinds of blocks and limitations.

Can you relate to this?

Now imagine being able to go to a special place where you can become free of this inner burden and suffering once and for all.  Imagine going through a process that causes nothing to be left in your consciousness except purity, peace and love.

We are happy to let you know that such a place does exist and it is called The Golden City.  The "specialists" there are the monks of the Golden Age Foundation.  The genius "super-therapist" in charge of this "clinic" is Sri Bhagavan.  He is the founder, as well as the one who has trained all the "facilitators" there.

Soon the Golden City, which is in Varadaiahpalem, India, will be finished.  You are invited to come and fully heal your body, mind, and spirit.  Such a state of perfect inner well-being has always been called enlightenment.  For many years Bhagwan and his monks (also called guides or dasas) have been preparing to help people achieve this inner freedom.  Soon the world will experience healing and enlightenment in ways that most human beings have previously only dreamed about.

The Golden City is situated about 70 km north of Chennai in a pristine forest area, amidst beautiful streams and the wonderful waterfalls of the Seshachala Mountain Range.  The area has tremendous energies, and is perfect according to Vaastu, the Indian counterpart to Feng Shui.  All details, including the building material for this project have been designed by Bhagwan himself to speed up the process of enlightenment there.


Bhagavan and Amma, his wife, are very loving, Divine Spiritual Beings.  They do not give any particular teaching that one has to follow.  They are only interested in helping people achieve Inner Freedom.  Unconditional love is only natural and spontaneous in a free heart, and once our hearts have been filled with love, we are the sweetest of people.  We cannot even think ill of people or judge anybody.  In such a state, do we really need a lot of rules commanding what to do and what not to do?

As Sri Bhagwan says: "If you discover true love, you will always know how to live."

Sri Bhagwan and Sri Amma have been working hard on the collective consciousness of mankind to enable everybody to finally become enlightened.

So…when Amma and Bhagwan ask you whether you want to be free of suffering or not, you only have to decide Yes or No.  The process of enlightenment after saying YES can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few years.  If you are highly prepared, it might take only a few hours.  Those who do not become enlightened immediately in this process often find that the process does come to full fruition within a two to six month period.  If one is less prepared it can take a few years.  

Less prepared simply means that your mind and higher bodies have vibrations that are somewhat far from the vibrations of enlightenment and so a slightly longer process is necessary…but not always.  But even if you were being told right now that the entire process of getting enlightened might take 3-7 years, is that not still wonderful?  Is this not better than praying or meditating for fifty years or even a lifetime?


See a video of Amma Bhagavan and Golden City.


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