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How to Request a Healing Deeksha

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Healing deekshas, boon deekshas, and deekshas for enlightenment (plus other types of diksha) can all be combined and given in a Oneness Blessing deeksha, or they can be given separately.  In our Deeksah Events you can get them both ways.

There are several ways to give deeksha--through touch, through the eyes, or remotely through intent.  Our online deekshas involve the latter.  Bhagavan even gave these remote deekshas a name; he calls them Smarana Deeksha, and they work the same way as prayer or long distance healings.

Before you receive a remote healing deeksha you need to write down ONE particular thing you want healed (This written request is for your eyes only; no one else needs to see your request but you).  It can be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, but be very specific about what one thing you want healed.

For example:  Requesting that your "anger be healed" is too general, but asking for "the anger you feel towards your father be healed" is specific.  Requesting that "all health problems be healed" is too general.  Asking that your "shoulder be healed' is specific.  Asking that your "right shoulder be healed" is even more specific. 

Asking for several healings at once is permissible, but asking for only one at a time often produces the best results because of the strong focus placed on the request.  So even if you have a whole list of things you want healed, you might want to choose just one.  Begin with the one that is the most important to you at the current time.  Choosing to work on one thing at a time helps to focus and strengthen the healing energies to that one specific area.  Online healing deekshas are offered regularly, so you will have other chances to work through your list.

It is important that you physically write down your request (writing is preferable to typing).  There is a physiological reaction that happens within your body between your hand and your brain when you write something down.  This writing also helps to clarify your goal, focus your intent, and intensify your request.

The results of healing deekshas can vary widely.  A healing may be instantaneous and complete, it may begin and complete over a period of time, it can result in only a partial healing, or it may never heal.  You may even receive a healing for something you didn't ask for!

Why is this???

There are many, many variables involved based in your individuality and your personal path, and only a Higher Power truly knows.  Sometimes our prayers are answered immediately, sometimes later, and sometimes never.  In the words of Anandagiri, "Divine Grace knows what a person needs in that moment." 

We serve ourselves best when we can be in gratitude with all that we receive, and not in judgment about what we don't.  Let go of the latter and trust the Divine.



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