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Deeksha Oneness Blessing Healings


Healing deekshas can be given separately or combined with a Oneness Blessing for enlightenment, but both are transferred in the same way--either "hands on" or remotely.  Anyone of any age can receive them.  Some wonderful experiences of healings are listed below.




Results from a deeksha Oneness Blessing healing:

"I was at the meditation last week for the first time and found it to be the most profound happening for me.  I have a physical challenge from the left hip to the bottom of my left foot.  During deeksha, I had a few releases in my foot that made it quite a bit more comfortable, and I can also walk better... I am so grateful for this program online as it really moved me up higher in consciousness."

B. in Kansas

"Thank you for everything.  I am still healing and feeling more calmness and inner peace which is flowing outward towards my family.  Slowly but surely I feel the energies changing everything.  I am grateful!

H. in Pennsylvania


"I received my very first deeksha a few nights ago.  My pc was giving me a hard time and I was unable to stay in the conference room.  I did sit at my pc and listen to some beautiful music as I knew the deekshas were being sent out.  I felt a strange and wonderful feeling coming over my lips & mouth.  I discovered it was a perma grin  :) which was involuntary and my face was tingly too.  I also had a deep love for myself and a quietness in my mind.  I slept deep and sound, upon waking, I felt fabulous!

"My request for healing from an addiction was answered and given.  I'm free and feeling great.  I truly want to thank the Universe for sending me to this site for the healing I have been searching for.  I cannot barely wait for the next deeksha!!!  Namaste."


"I appreciate all the help... I asked for healing and I got what I wanted.  Health I am much better and feel wonderful.  I did detox and got pretty sick but it felt good and now feeling great!!!  Arigato as we say in Japan, Thank you."

H. in Japan


"My son...has now come so far in his healing that he is offered a subsidied job from July 1st.  A wonderful milestone before his 25th birthday.  Thank you, thank you, thank you."

M. in Denmark


"Deeksha has been such a blessing to me and your offering of deekshas on-line has really helped to accelerate my awakening.  I always find the deekshas you give to be very powerful, yet with a deep peace and serenity that can only come from your heart.  The energies that you send have helped my own heart flower in ways I never imagined possible.  Many Thanks."

M. in Wisconsin


"I'm feeling GREAT this morning so I think the [absentia] deekshas came through just fine."

R. in South Dakota


"I logged on [the online deeksha event] a little late and was immediately guided to remove my glasses (which I have worn since I was in first grade, and have asked for a miracle healing for almost as long).  At the end of the deeksha you mentioned something about there being something special in there for eyes.  I like when that happens.

"Anyhow, we had just had a house fire several weeks before, and the only things that we lost were things I was going to garage sale anyway.  Well, we have renters insurance (very good stuff), and later that week, a lady I know told me she had had her eyes lasered and loved it.  I was nervous, but I was quite sure that the insurance $ was my miracle for my eyes.

"I just wanted to share with you how your being a sort of station for this stuff has helped yet another.  Thank you."

B. in Costa Rica


"I thank you for what you do for all of us from the bottom of my heart.  This time the relationship deeksha was the most significant step for me.  Today was my releasing day.  I cried on and off.

"I have a 25 year old daughter and I don't have a good relationship with her.  All this time the word "Rejection" has been in me, and this was the source of the problem in my relationship.  It was hanging right on my face and I did not realize it until a week before this deeksha.

"I was physically abused by my own father, and I did not feel much love from my mother either and I thought my mother's love was always for my sister.  On the other hand, my sister was thinking I was treated better than her.

"From this experience, I guess I stashed away "Rejection" deep inside of me.  That's why I experienced the discrimination, all the other stuff came along with the word "Rejection" as a mirror effect.  I did not know about it until last week.

"For last year's relationship deeksha, I wanted to do something about my relationship to my daughter so I wrote my wish in Boon deeksha.  That did not help.  Just like you say, sometimes we have to find out the source of the problem.  This year I found it finally.

"When my daughter was in high school, she dated a boy I did not like and it strained our relationship ever since.  I watched Bhagavan's video and writing for importance of healing our relationship on your site and was thinking about my relationship to my daughter.  And the word "Rejection" came to me.  What my daughter was showing me was the word "Rejection."  Dating a boy I don't like so I have to reject my daughter.

"All this time, the answer was right in front of me.  Today, I forgave myself and my daughter.  I miss her so much and I noticed I love her so deeply.

"For this time deeksha, I prepared myself.  Watching Bhagwan's video on youtube for how to ask him for help.  I thanked both Amma and Bhagwan for leading me to the source of the problem.  Last night, around midnight I felt the deeksha energy again.

"I know I'm moving forward and I will keep moving forward, PJ.  Thank You so very much for your love."

T. in Japan


"They got all my husband's tumor and cancer cells out.  He is recovering quickly.  The cancer was a very rare form and they don't know much about it.  They are still consulting whether or not to do a mild form of radiation for the re-occurrence factor.  I am very grateful for all your and Sri-Amma's help.

S. in Pennsylvania


"WOW!!!  Just out of curiosity, I took my blood pressure right after the deekshas.....both numbers were much lower.....my deeksha healing request was answered.  Thank you again.

W. in New Hampshire


"I had a big release early this morning [after last night's online deeksha event] of some pain I asked to be cleared.  I was guided to be with it and I saw there had been resistance I wasn't aware of.

L. in Canada


"That last deeksha zapped me!  I just had surgery about two weeks ago and been having a lot of complications/pain.  I'm actually feeling physically better now....tired...but better.  I wasn't expecting that at all."

A. in Virginia


"I have been carrying an altered state all day and into the night.  My dreams were powerful and insightful.  My attitude is centered and peaceful, larger in stillness than an ordinary day.  It took a few hours this morning for me to make the connection.  What had created such a shift?  Deeksha.  Oh yea."

E. in USA 


"During the Oneness Blessings I wanted to cry, but cannot tell if is from joy or sadness.  My heart is opening even more than ever, and the area of the healing that I requested seems to be like pulsing.  I feel very vulnerable.

"So many emotions came to the surface that I could not name, because somehow there was no story attached to them.  That is beautiful and at the same time kind of scary, because we feel that without a story we are losing identity."

R. in California


"For me this was one of the most powerful deekshas I've ever experienced...I felt waves of energy in my left leg which needed healing.  I clearly felt your hands on my head [deeksha was done in absentia].  I felt a warmth and expansion in my heart and as always, tingling and heat in my hands."

H. in Wisconsin


"Diksha for horses!!??  Just a note about the last event (your last event was the first for me).  I had a wonderful feeling of things working out for me from the day I wrote my healing wish.

"2 weeks after the event, and at the last diksha event, I felt wonderful and actually Amma gave healing to my Icelandic horse who was very sick that day.  He was well two days later.  Isn't that sweet!!  So thank you from the little horse."

S. in Denmark


"Last month was my first online deeksha event and although I signed in a half hour late, the healing I asked for (emotional) was done.  I felt the change that night and still feel the healing has held.  Thanks so much."

J. in Utah


"Thanks so much for the deeksha.  I have to share what happened - it's pretty miraculous.  My healing request was "simple" - I wanted to overcome my fear of performing and writing.


"I got an email from the theatre, where I currently take acting classes, that there was a special 4-day intensive in July that involved writing your own material for the first 3 days and performing it on the 4th day.

"Wow!  Just wow.  Needless to say, I signed up immediately!"

W. in Illinois


"I just wanted to thank you so much for your deeksha last Wednesday.  I really appreciated you giving a deeksha to my poor sick little kangaroo Joey.  He is making a good recovery now ...although a week ago he was on the point of death.  I have no doubt that your gift to him has helped transform him to his current ...and remarkable.... level of recovery.

"The healing I personally received from you felt massive.  I can't ever remember being more distraught or at a lower ebb energy-wise.  After the deeksha, I felt a profound sense of calm and wellbeing ...as well as a good energy flow for many hours."

J. in Australia


"I'm writing to tell you about the effects of the last deeksha.  For the last few months I have had asthma type symptoms, tightness in the throat and chest, plus worry about my health in general.  Today I realized that I have not had these symptoms at all since the deeksha.  It is absolutely wonderful!"

Amanda in Australia


"I just wanted to let you know that after this last healing, my husband shifted.  He seems calmer, and is really focusing on his attitude and emotions...it's great."

L. in Colorado


"My brother's open heart, septuple, by-pass surgery went miraculously.  He had the surgery on Friday and was released on Monday morning."

L. in Pennsylvania


"I asked for assistance with balancing and harmonizing my body, and it was done instantly!  The imbalance was gone at that moment and did not return.  I was rather amazed, as you can imagine, and sent much gratitude to all involved."

J. in Virginia


"I wanted to let you know that I had set the intention to receive healing for problems with my right elbow and left wrist which have been bothering me for over a year, despite my best efforts.

"The night before the deeksha I got a call from a teacher, who told me to look at the emotional  state I was holding each of the two times I broke my right elbow.  When I did that, I realized that while the scenarios seemed very different, the emotional state was exactly the same each time.  This really encouraged me that at last I was going to make some progress towards healing my arms.

"The morning of the deeksha, I couldn't open the front door.  I didn't have enough strength in my hand to push down on the doorknob, so I had to ask for help.  The next day, I wasn't thinking about the problems I'd had with the door the day before, and I just opened the door as usual.  When I realized what I'd done.  I was very excited about it.

"Later, I got more information about how many negative beliefs were involved in this problem.  I could see why it has been so difficult for me to address it and what a great gift it will be when I have transformed those beliefs.  Anyway, thank you for your assistance."

C. in Colorado


"Thank you for that last healing deeksha.  My husband's medical tests went well.  The doctor found no suspicious areas."

R. in Japan


"About 7 years ago I had a small growth removed from just beneath my lower eyelid.  It proved to be a malignant skin cancer, and when tests showed that they did not get all the cancerous cells, my doctor gave me three options--surgery, radiation, or do nothing and hope the immune system would overcome the remaining malignant cells.  Even though it was an extremely small chance, I opted for the latter.

"You can image my disappointment a few months ago when I discovered that, after all this time, it had grown back.  Enter the healing deekshas.  I'm just not sure exactly when the healing happened after the deeksha.  It took me a while to realize the skin cancer had come back, and it also took me a while to realize that it is no longer there!"

P. in Louisiana


"I wanted to thank you once again for such a wonderful experience.  Just the night before my wife had asked me a question to which I responded, "I am always in pain."  Since receiving Deeksha that night, I have had no pain.  No physical pain, no psychological pain, not even emotional pain.  The feeling of lightness and freedom I have been experiencing these last couple of days has been incredible.
"I wish I could put down into words the feeling of energetics that moved through me throughout the session; down to the very essence of who and what I am.  To experience it is to understand it.  What a blessing this has all been for me."

J. in Florida


"Both my husband and I are aware that since the deeksha event the pressure and rush of our lives has lifted.  We are still called to do a lot of things, but the FEELING of being under constant pressure is now gone.  It is such a relief and we are so grateful for this healing."

K. in Minnesota


"OH MY GOSH- I emailed you earlier about getting a healing diksha for terrible sciatic pain I have been experiencing in my right leg and hip and lower back.  I was afraid the diksha energy would be too strong for me because I want only very gentle energy.  Well [after the diksha] my back feels completely healed- after 4 years of pain-  I have to wait and see if it is everlasting-  and I am so hungry for more-  more of that energy-"

R. in New York


"For my healing deeksha I asked for clearance of stuck anger/frustration energy in my heart and my body, and also in my feet where this has manifested in arthritis.  It worked beautifully!  I've had more energy, more groundedness, etc., without that very old stuck hurt/anger/frustration in my body.

"I've also had more ongoing peace/intuitiveness, and the joints in my big toes have not been hurting.  They were hurting so badly in March that I could not walk from a restaurant back to the car, I had to get my friend to drive from the parking lot to the restaurant door and pick me up."

E. in New Mexico


"My hips are continuing to heal.  Thank you and blessings."

T. in Colorado


"This was as usual, a most wonderful and unusual experience.  As I participated in absentia, the energy was incredible as it came in waves.  Sitting outside on a balcony overlooking the Gulf of Mexico was magical.  The wind and waves of the ocean added to the energy of the meditation.  At one point, the chair beneath me seemed to disappear and I expanded out to the concrete walls and beyond.  I thought thirty minutes had passed, but later learned that the actual time passage was one hour and ten minutes.

"My healing request was on a mental/emotional level.  I asked to be freed from a thought pattern that is self-destructive.  When it happens, I feel unworthy and pitiful, and get down on myself.   Well, a very dear friend served me by dishing out some hurtful statements to trigger my pattern.  There I was, on the bathroom floor, when I 'saw' a small tornado appear to my right.  My eyes were open, or maybe squinted with tears, when the vortex showed up, and sucked up the words.  Then I watched as it spun them around and scrambled the order of the sentences.  It continued until it scrambled the letters.  The thought came, "Oh, I'm not allowed to go there anymore."  And that was that.

"The emotional pain of a loved ones rudeness was still there, but not the irrational devastation.  A couple of times since then--dealing with my mother specifically--the opportunity arose to repeat the old pattern.  And guess what????  A miracle has happened.  Thank you Bhagavan and Amma from my heart."

A. in Louisiana


"I attended the online deeksha event in absentia, and felt the energy come very distinctly in two waves.  I hit the couch and watched the clock, and it seemed that the energy started pouring through at 9:33 pm Eastern time, stopped at 9:39, picked up again at 9:40, and stopped at 9:52.

"Anyway, it's Saturday [two days later].  I'm feeling much more centered and peaceful, and my  back and shoulder are a lot better.  So thanks for the deeksha and the healing!  I think I'm a lot more present than I was a few days ago."

A. in Maryland


"I asked for special healing on my right hand and had the deeksha in absentia.  I felt the energy when it was sent, however the healing happened the next morning when literally my hand turned red like it was on fire, and healed."

R. in California


"I had a small growth, looking like a sty in the eye, except it wasn't, and was on my lower right eye lid.  It drove me crazy and I could not get rid of it.  It looked horrible!  It appeared out of nowhere a year ago.... Now it is almost gone!!  There is just a little tiny bit of skin left where this growth the size of a swollen poppy seed used to be!

"I am very thankful that it is gone and I am sure it is from the Diksha and the healing [two weeks ago].  Next time I'm asking for my lower back injuries to be healed!

"I also have had some brief moments when I most definitely did step out of time and become one with all.  That's been really great!"
K. in Oregon


"The night of the 5th I noticed a dramatic change in my left hand.  All of a sudden I can see where the knife penetrated and my palm is looking much improved!  I was not even aware when you did the healing transmission."

M. in New Mexico


"Before the transmission I had chronic pain from my left hip, to knee, to ankle, to foot.  I was limited in the shoes I could wear and my activities.  Now I only feel a mild injury in the bottom of my left foot but not chronic pain every day."

L. in Virginia


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