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Meditation Room


Welcome to our Meditation Room.  It's dedicated to Sri Amma Bhagavan's Oneness Moola Mantra, and offered for your spiritual growth by utilizing the benefits of meditation.



You can listen to the Moola Mantra while you meditate, if you wish, by clicking on the videos below.  Or you may just wish to be in quiet contemplation while viewing Amma Bhagavan's photo (srimurthi)--or both.


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Sri Kalki Bhagavan and Amma

Sri Bhagavan and Amma


Moola Mantra Music for Meditation




 This Month's Inspirational Quote

"Be thankful for what you have.  When life gives you a 100 reasons to cry, remember the 1,000 reasons you have to smile.  Face your past without regret; prepare for the future without fear; focus on what's good right now, in the present moment, and practice gratitude."

--Joseph Mercola





Oneness Moola Mantra

Om Sat Chit Ananda Parabrahma
Purushothama Paramathma
Sri Bhagavati Sametha
Sri Bhagavate Namaha


It is said that chanting (aloud or inwardly) or listening to AmmaBhagavan's Moola Mantra can generate the following benefits of meditation:

  • health
  • wealth
  • happiness
  • greater mystical experiences
  • deep silence
  • bliss
  • and an elevated state of consciousness

Understanding its meaning (below), and focusing on that meaning while chanting, increases the mantra's power exponentially.  Chanting the Moola Mantra is also like calling the name of the Divine.  It comes when called, surrounding you in Divinity.

OM is the primordial sound of the universe that created everything. The universe vibrates to this sound.

SAT is the formless, all pervasive "Unmanifest" experienced as the emptiness of the universe.

CHIT is the infinite Supreme Spirit of the universe, or Pure Consciousness.

ANANDA is joy, bliss, eternal happiness.

PARABRAHMA is the Supreme Creator.

PURUSHOTHAMA is the Avatar energy that incarnates to guide and assist mankind.

PARAMATHMA is the supreme inner energy (the God Within, In-Dweller, Higher Self, Antaryamin, etc., that guides and helps us) present in every being.

SRI BHAGAVATI is the female aspect of creation.

SAMETHA means in communion with, or together.

SRI BHAGAVATE is the male aspect of creation.

NAMAHA is salutation or prostration to the Universe.

An interpretation of the Moola Mantra, from the definitions above, could be that by chanting it, you can merge with pure consciousness, become one with the Supreme Creator, experience Divine Bliss, then humbly honor the universe, your Higher Self, and the male and female aspects of creation for the experience.

As you can see, deep meditation combining the music and mantras for meditation can be quite powerful.


You can listen to more versions of the Moola Mantra here.



What others have said about the
Moola Mantra


"Thanks, I got the Moola Mantra CD from the source you sent me. Now my day starts beautifully as I listen to this wonderful mantra in my car on my drive to work."


"The mantra has a powerful, calming effect on me."


"I asked for help to make me feel better whilst I listened to the meditation, and immediately felt better. My husband could not believe the change in my state of mind. How wonderful!"


"My entire family keeps on listening to the recorded CD version of the Moola Mantra. It has a tremendous effect on all of us. We find more peace now a days."


"I really enjoyed listening to the moola mantra. It eased my mind, and I felt like my body is just a body without myself."


"I continue to hear the chanting even after the sound goes off. Awesome."


"I could sense an intense energy/feeling of happiness flowing through my body, during the chanting. My energy level has seen a drastic upheaval since then."


"I have learned to sing the Moola Mantra, which I do very frequently. I love it! I also received the Chakra Dhyana meditation, which I do every day. Deep in my heart there is great peace, love and harmony. Nothing seems to disturb that deeper part of me."


"I have been in this moola mantra meditation room before and I love it. It's great...thanks so much."


"I have been chanting the moola mantra with Amma Bhagvan's picture in front of me and feel very calm n peaceful."



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Meditation Room.

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