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Questions about

Oneness Awakening

answered by Sri Bhagavan and Awakened Ones


As more and more normal, everyday people reach the Awakened state of consciousness and begin to share what their state of Oneness Awakening is like, it seems that even though many aspire to this very high state, doubts, questions, and even fears continue to come up around it.  Hopefully the following will answer any questions or doubts you may have.

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Oneness Awakening Q & A from Bhagavan

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Sri Bhagavan's teachings that he has been giving us refer to Oneness Awakening qualities and how Awakened Ones view and live life.  In reference to his teachings that "The Awakened One does nothing, but leaves nothing undone, for all things are happening all the time around and through the Awakened One," and "Everything happens automatically," Bhagavan was asked if Awakened Ones still have the desire to accomplish material goals such as becoming rich, running businesses, being competitive, etc.

Bhagavan answered:

"Now, assume you are riding in a car on a highway, and that you are moving very fast.  And then suddenly you find a truck in front of you and you instantly apply the brakes. 

"Who applied the brakes?  You did not apply the brakes.  It was your unconscious mind which applied the brakes.

"The unconscious mind is two million times more powerful than your conscious mind, and most of the time it is the unconscious which is working.  But the conscious mind thinks it is doing things itself.  The unawakened man takes credit for all that the unconscious mind does.

"The Awakened person is fully aware that the unconscious is functioning most of the time.  The Awakened person is constantly witnessing the unconscious mind at work.  Therefore, when all things are going on, he feels that he is doing nothing.

"You should therefore not imagine that the Awakened man actually does nothing.  The Awakened man actually does a lot of things, but only thing is he feels that he is not doing anything just like when you applied the brakes to the car, you really know that you did not do it.

"The Awakened person can do all that the unawakened does.  He can make money, he can grow rich, he can have a family, he can have everything, but still he will only feel that he is witnessing things."


Question:  What happens to our emotions when we become Awakened?  Will we still experience anger, fear, doubt, etc.?

Bhagavan's answer:  When you become Awakened, your emotions still exist, but they are no more your emotions.  You will not say, "This is my fear, or my anger."  You will simply say, "There is fear; there is anger."  The sense of ownership is gone.


Question:  Concerning the process of pursuing Awakening, can we still fulfill the desires in mundane worlds, such as wealth and achievements, or do we need to give up everything and focus only on spiritually?

Bhagavan's answer:  There is absolutely no conflict between what we call the spiritual and the worldly.  One could spiritually grow by still following worldly pursuits.  All that is required is great awareness of what you are doing.  Awareness is the key.


Question:  Will I lose anything when I become Awakened?  What goes away when I Awaken?

Bhagavan's answer is in this short video:


Question:  In reference to the teaching, "The Awakened One does not try to change the world.  It is perfect and sacred to the Awakened One," Bhagavan was asked if this means that Awakened Ones have no incentive to change anything.  If true, how will there be any technological progress in the Golden Age?  Will everything just stop?

Bhagavan's answer:  "The unconscious mind which I spoke of earlier will be engaged in bringing about change, scientific progress, technological progress, everything would be as usual as before but things will happen much, much faster.  Only thing is you will be like a bystander, like a witness." 


Question:  Humans seem to be doing irreversible damage to our planet.  Once we're Awakened will we begin to think and act consciously about sustainability?

Answer:  "Once you become Awakened, you feel a natural Oneness with nature, you become very protective about nature; you become very careful, and you are very concerned about conserving nature.  ...The moment you're Awakened, these qualities come to you very naturally and nature also responds very favorably to such people."


Question:  How does Awakening and God-Realization affect family ties and karma?

You can hear Bhagavan's answer in his own words in the following video:



Q & A from Awakened Ones


Question:  Bhagavan says that the Awakened One "has gone beyond thought."  Does this mean I will lose my mind?

Answer:  You are not going to lose your mind; you are going to finally start using it--all of it.  Nor will you turn into some airy-fairy, space cadet.  Instead, it's just the opposite.  You will finally become the normal, fully functioning person you truly are.  The truth of who you are will finally unfold and blossom.


Question:  I'm worried about my relationship with my spouse [parents, children, friends, etc.], and am afraid it will change after Awakening?

Answer:  As the Divine radiates out from the body and nervous system of an Awakened One, a process of natural transformation begins to take place.  Even if your family and loved ones aren't spiritually-oriented, a corresponding transformation will quite naturally take place within their nervous systems.  A sharing of similar visions begins, and what emerges are the most beautiful relationships you could ever imagine.


Question:  Will I lose my personality and the desire to pursue my lifelong dreams and aspirations?

Answer:  What you will lose is the lifelong "chase" you are on thinking that your desires have to be met in order for you to be happy.  After Awakening, you can "choose" whatever desires or things you wish, but the attachment and feelings that you must have them to make you happy won't be there.


Question:  Bhagavan has said that the Awakened One has sharper mental skills and can get more done in less time.  How is this possible?

Answer:  Becoming more efficient is a natural byproduct of the liberation of the mind.  Once the Awakened Mind is free of conflict and distractions, it automatically sees things exactly as they are. Nonproductive habits are easily restructured, and problems laid bare are easily and quickly solved.


Question:  If an Awakened One is always in the present, and not in the past or future, does he not ever plan for his future and for his family?

Answer:  An Awakened One plans for the future as does everyone else.  The difference is that when he plans he doesn't get carried away or caught up in the process.  There are no afterthoughts, or doubts, or recriminations, or mind-changing as most people have.  He makes his plans and it's done.  There's no agonizing over the decision, no conflict or struggle. 


Question:  Will Awakening improve my physical health?

Answer:  Inner conflict and resistance drain the unawakened of energy in every moment.  The Awakened receive energy from everything in life.  Also, as the Awakened One's chakras fully flower and the physical body begins to function normally as it should, the body can much more easily heal itself. 


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Bhagavan's bottom-line answer to all these questions:

"Once you are Awakened no fear will trouble you thereafter."




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