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Amma Bhagavan's Oneness Temple

Facilitates Mass Awakenings



How the Oneness Temple Effects Consciousness...

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It's been said that the phenomenon of AmmaBhagavan's Deeksha Oneness Blessing began with the descent of the Golden Ball of Divine Grace into the children at the Jeevashram School in 1989, but actually it all began well before that--when Bhagavan was only four years old.

It was in 1953 when the Golden Ball first appeared to Bhagavan.  At the young age of four Bhagavan felt driven to chant a mantra over and over again into this mystical orb of light, as a way of charging it with his Divine intent to end suffering for all of humanity through enlightenment.

This special mantra wasn't found in any of the Indian scriptures, nor did Bhagavan learn it from anyone.  It was revealed to him by unseen forces, and completely beyond his control as he was involuntarily compelled to chant it 24 hours a day.

Whether Bhagavan was sleeping, awake, at school, at play--no matter what he was doing--the chanting continued.  Throughout all of this Bhagavan had the feeling that all his passion for human awakening, and his deep desire to help humanity was being transferred into the Golden Ball.

The chanting occurred inside Bhagavan's head 24 hours of the day for 21 years until he was 25 years old, and he was never able to stop it.  As it continued, Bhagavan felt as though the Golden Ball was growing more and more powerful in its purpose.

After 21 years of continuous chanting, suddenly one day the chanting stopped...and the Golden Ball disappeared.  At that point Bhagavan said he felt there was a reason for its disappearance and that it would reappear again at some point later in his life.  He also felt that when that happened it would be the signal for him to begin his higher mission.

Unbeknownst to each other, Amma had also been seeing this same Golden Ball since she was a child.  Despite being raised in different towns, it seems that both Amma and Bhagavan were aligned with the same grand plan.  Then in 1989 when the Golden Ball finally reappeared and descended into the children at the Jeevashram School, transporting them into extremely high states of consciousness, Amma and Bhagavan knew it was time to proceed with their Divine mission.

Mass Deeksha was Birthed

The miracle of deeksha had been birthed into the present, and over time the Oneness University was founded, the power to give deeksha was granted through the 21 Day Process course, and construction of the Oneness Temple began.  Now with its completion the marvel of the Golden Ball and deeksha can be dispensed to the masses.

The Oneness Temple in Golden City (in southern India, near Chennai) was personally designed by Bhagavan, using numerous ancient sciences from different traditions, including Vedic sacred geometry, and specifically constructed to facilitate the descent of the energies of the Divine Golden Ball very powerfully into everyone who passes through its doors.

When this Golden Ball descends into the consciousness of a person, the first thing they will experience is a cleansing and opening of the chakras, plus an activation of their spiritual, kundalini energy.  The very nature of the way the Temple is structured also serves as preparation to open people to receiving an infinite variety of possible miracles ranging from physical healings, emotional and relationship healings, financial abundance and success, to mystical visions and Divine experiences.

But  more importantly...

A neurobiological shift takes place in the brain and body that begins a physical and spiritual transformation ultimately leading to an awakening into Oneness and full God-Realization.

The powerful phenomenon of mass enlightenment has begun.


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You can read more about the Oneness Temple here, and there are additional photos of the Temple here.



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