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Making Your

Sacred Chamber Requests Lists

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Whether or not you ever actually attend a Oneness Sacred Chamber, it is still very important, and extremely beneficial to you, if you physically write down a list of all the things you want to manifest and to have healed.

In addition to other benefits, a very obvious one is that things change.  Even if you don't think you will ever be able to attend a 3 Chamber Process, a myriad of circumstances could shift allowing you to have the experience.  If it's meant to be, you will, if not, healings can take place just from writing these lists.

The following are some suggestions to help you get started making your lists.  Use them merely as guidelines, since your lists will be unique and totally individual to you.  There are suggestions, plus things you may not have thought of or forgotten.  This should be done in conjunction with the 3 Chamber Process sadhana.  If you haven't seen it go here for review.

--P. J.         


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How to Make Your

3 Chamber Process Lists


You should make three lists, one for healings in Chamber 2, one for what you want manifested in Chamber 3 when you meet your Divine, and third, possibly the most important one--the characteristics you want your Divine to have.


NOTE:  Releasings and healings will begin just by making these lists.



These requests can be for any type of physical healing, emotional, mental, or spiritual.  BE SPECIFIC.  In your mind you know what physical problems and issues you have, but your Divine knows you far better than your personality/ ego--so always ask for more.  You may think you're being as specific as possible, but may not be quite hitting the mark.  By asking for more, your Divine can take over and fully give you what you want and need.

Here is a fictitious example for illustration:  You ask for the pain from a ruptured disk in your lower back to be healed, and you're ecstatic when the pain disappears.  However, the ruptured disk could have damaged some nerves that also need to be healed in order to prevent additional problems.  By asking for "the pain from the ruptured disk in my lower back to be permanently healed--AND MORE," all could be healed.

It can also be very helpful to ask for the CAUSE of the problem to be healed as well.  Even in the medical field, a physical problem can be healed (such as cancer) only to have it return later because the underlying spiritual issue wasn't released.  This may seem similar to the example above, but the former is physical and the latter is spiritual.

The reason for long-standing issues which you haven't been able to shift may be based in FCDs (fundamental childhood decisions), uncleared charges, issues, absolutes, past lives, karma, etc.  So, as an example, ask for "the tumor in my right lung be permanently healed and its CAUSE."

Other suggestions you can ask to be healed:  FCDs, your 4 baskets, all fears, all relationships, your ancestors, etc.  Sri Bhagavan says that a lot of suffering is karmic, so ask for all your karma to be healed.



The 3rd Chamber is where you can ask for all the other things you want to manifest, such a objects, wealth, jobs, love, marriage, a child, etc.  You can ask to be Awakened (or be Awakened to a higher level), transformation of the heart, enlightenment, God-Realization, and for your Divine to physically manifest.  As with the above list, be specific, ask for more, and ask for any cause that may be keeping you from having what you want be healed, and that all healings be permanent.

Probably the most important thing you can ask for in this Chamber is for your Divine to become physical for you.  Once that happens your Divine can give you anything you want; all you have to do is ask.  Physical healings, enlightenment, money, whatever.  This is why List Three below is all the more important.  (In case there are any subconscious fears or doubts about your Divine becoming physical, be sure to ask for those fears to be healed also.)



The Divine wants to be physical on Earth and walk and talk with us.  Its time has come, and it's happening in more ways than you might expect.  Even now the Divine is becoming physical in peoples' homes and meditation rooms, as well as in the Sacred Chambers.  Spiritual energies tend to evolve rather rapidly, so who knows what delightful surprises are just around the corner.

It's possible that you may never even have to attend a Sacred Chamber.  This is why you should prepare these lists of what you want healed and manifested.  It's even more important that you define how you want your relationship with your Divine to be, and the characteristics you want him or her to have.

Bhagavan says that if you expect your Divine to have the characteristics of a punishing and vengeful God, that's how it will be.  If you expect to worship your God and be its servant, then that's how your relationship will be.  Get the idea?

Would you rather have your Divine to be like a Divine Father, Divine Mother, Divine Teacher, best friend, a close family member, Beloved, Master, a religious figure (Jesus, Mary, AmmaBhagavan, etc.); the choices go on and on.

Your Divine can also be an Inner Presence.  If this is the case, do you want this Presence to speak loud and clearly to you, or one who gives you vague messages that make you wonder and guess?

Do you want a Divine that can heal all things, or just a few things?  Do you want your Divine to be all-knowing, or just have knowledge in certain areas?  Would you rather your Divine be loving and compassionate, or a stern disciplinarian?

Do you want your Divine to give you what you ask for immediately, at the last minute, before it's needed, or possibly even before you ask for it?  You get to decide!  It's your choice.

From the above, I hope you can see the importance of making your lists whether or not you ever attend a Sacred Chamber.  You're cheating yourself if you don't make these lists.  Really put some thought into them.  Happy writing.



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