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Sacred Spaces and Altars

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In mid 2013 devotees in India of Sri AmmaBhagavan began to report that dramatic physical healings and spiritual transformations were taking place as the Divine had begun to manifest very physically in their homes and centers containing altars, sacred spaces, and meditation rooms with srimurthis of Sri Amma Bhagavan.

The Divine itself began to instruct the devotees how it wanted special sanctuaries set up to create very sacred spaces for it to physically manifest, and transform the lives of everyone who experienced these spaces through its many miracles.

As this phenomenon continued to grow and spread across India, and more and more miracles were reported back to Bhagavan, OU began to specifically train people how to create and facilitate a 3 Chamber Process in more homes and centers.  In India these are called "Golden Age Temples" or "Oneness Shrines"; in the West they are called "Sacred Chambers."

These Oneness Shrines are now located all over the world and more continuing to be created.  You can read more about them at these links:  3 Chamber Process and locations of Sacred Chambers.  There is also a suggested sadhana (spiritual practice) as preparation before you attend one.

Since the miracles and physical manifestations of the Divine began in peoples' homes containing  a sacred space, altar, and/or meditation room, you might want to create one in your own home...



How to Create a Sacred Space Altar

It's easy to create a sacred space, altar, or meditation room in your home, and it doesn't necessarily have to be anything large or fancy.  If there is limited space, you don't have to dedicate a whole room.  A designated place with an altar is fine, and this could be something as simple as a small table, or maybe even use the top of a chest.  (Even an upturned cardboard box covered with a nice cloth can also work.)  Let your Divine guide you.

These altars normally contain a srimurthi of Sri Amma Bhagavan and a pair of padukas that represent the feet of the Divine.  You don't have to have expensive srimurthis or padukas since photographs work well.  Just print out a copy and frame it.  You may use these pictures of the srimurthi and padukas if you wish.  The padukas are a photo I took of a pair on an altar when I was at the Oneness University.

Photos and statues of other Masters and enlightened beings may also be included such as Jesus, Mother Mary, Buddha, etc., etc., whatever you feel drawn to use.

Optional objects such as candles, incense burners, flowers, food, water, etc., may also be included.  In India it's customary to offer food, water, milk, honey, etc., to the Divine, and there have been many, many reports of them actually mysteriously disappearing or "eaten" by the Divine.  Sometimes they just have visible bites taken out of them.  Red, yellow, or white sacred powder may also begin to form on the photos on your altar.

I'm sure everyone would love to have a whole room specifically dedicated just for meditation, worship, pugas, etc., but not everyone has the space.  If you do, your options are much broader.  Meditations rooms can accommodate larger srimurthis and more photographs.  A comfortable chair, and other items such as a yoga mat, pillows, zafu cushions, or meditation bench can be included.

Your meditation room may also include large potted plants, as well as your choice of larger statues, icons, and framed photographs of masters/deities, cathedrals or temples.  I have six photos of AmmaBhagavan's Oneness Temple for my wall.  These are some photos mostly in the public domain that you can freely copy and use.

Below is a video of a lovely, but simple altar as an example.  My Divine manifested to me just watching it.
                                                                                --P. J.



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another simple altar...

a simple altar


Benefits of Having an Altar or Meditation Space

Having your Divine manifest itself physically can greatly enhance your spiritual growth through its healings and other miracles, and having some sort of sacred space or altar in your home can speed up the process.  Creating one is simple to implement and highly beneficial.  Should you have any doubts, questions or fears about Divine manifestations, this will help.

Miracles are occurring worldwide in Sacred Chambers, and Bhagavan has said, "With every passing day and week, the power would step up."  He also suggested having deekshas as "...a preparation for that" and you can get deekshas online here.




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