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Sri Bhagavan Darshan Webcasts

Sri Bhagavan speaks with groups around the world on a regular basis to answer their questions, give teachings and darshan. Below are recordings of recent Bhagavan darshan webcast events.  Most end with a short meditation or blessing.




Sir Bhagavan speaks to Germans, April, 2014

In this Skyped darshan, Bhagavan speaks to groups of Germans in several cities, all gathered together for his message and blessings.



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Darshan for Dubai, November 22, 2013

In this darshan Sri Bhagavan describes the important difference between the "Physical AmmaBhagavan," "Satyaloka AmmaBhagavan," and "Antaryamin AmmaBhagavan."  (The video is in English, but if you want to be able to read the subtitles easier, just click on the "full screen" icon in the lower right-hand corner of the video.)

This very informative darshan ends with two meditations, one of which includes a chanting of the Nirvana Dasakam.  This ancient mantra is reported to contain the whole of the Vedic teachings and collectively means, "I am the form of Pure Auspiciousness."



Darshan with Swiss group, October 26, 2013

Sri Bhagavan answers questions about God, family, the Dark Night of the Soul, and which to focus on--enlightenment or Awakening.



Bhagavan talks to a group in Hungary, October 6, 2013

In this Skyped darshan Bhagavan discusses the connection between kundalini, the chakras, and religious experiences.



Bhagavan gives more details about his "next phase" of Oneness
to Germans, September 29, 2013

Sri Bhagavan gives more explanation about his new "Sri Murthi Phenomenon" to a group in Germany at their Golden Ball Oneness Festival.



Bhagavan gives good news to North Americans, September 21, 2013

Sri Bhagavan introduces his "next phase of Oneness" to the USA and Canada in this webcast on September 21, the International Day of Peace.  From the first minute when he raises his hands in the darshan to the last blessing, powerful energies emanate from this video.  Become quiet and receive.



Bhagavan talks to devotees in Canada and France, Feb., 2013

Sri Bhagavan gave this message in the Tamil language, so unless you speak Tamil, it might make it easier if you mute your sound volume and just read the subtitles.



Bhagavan tells Czechs how to transfer the Presence, 6-15-12



Bhagavan talks to Russians about the Oneness Meditation, 3-21-12



Sri Bhagavan has great news about Awakening Deeksha

Given on 12-11-11 to a Scandinavian group, his message about deekshas in 2012 is so exciting that I've posted the entire transcript of the video below it allowing you to either read or watch.  His answers to the questions posed are in italics.


Question:  Dear Bhagavan, do you have any news for us for 2012?

Yes, we have some news.  29th of January we will be introducing a new kind of deeksha.  This deeksha would be enormously powerful.  People should be able to move into Awakened states quite easily, and repeatedly taking these deekshas should very naturally lead to Awakening too.  Besides that, in the month of March, there'll be special deekshas at the Temple, which will help people to move into Awakened states very fast and to become Awakened.

Also, from March onwards, Awakened people will gather in the Temple to meditate for the sake of the world.  Only Awakened people will be allowed into the [Oneness] Temple on that day, and they will gather and they will meditate with Amma and Bhagavan for the transformation of the world.  So that's the news for you for 2012.

Question:  Bhagavan, if Awakening can only happen through Grace, what is the main obstacle that makes the deeksha not able to cause this neuro-biological shift in someone?

There are two things involved here, one is the individual's readiness and preparation, the other is the power of the deeksha.  In the initial stages, the power of the deeksha was not enough, so people had to work harder.  But as we are approaching 2012, people do not have to work that hard, because the power of the deeksha becomes much, much greater.  So in 2012 you'll see people making it more easily, because of the enormous power of the deeksha.  The deeksha has taken over 23 years to come to this level.

Question:  To get an Awakening, how much work or responsibility lies on the individual and how much work and responsibility is on AmmaBhagavan?  Can you please tell us in percentage, Bhagavan?

We cannot talk about this in terms of percentages, because in the initial stages, you have got to do more work, and AmmaBhagavan could do only a little.  But as time progresses, more and more work is done by AmmaBhagavan and less and less by you.  So in 2012, we could roughly say that 90% will depend on AmmaBhagavan and 10% on you.  It's a varying thing.

Question:  Bhagavan, can you please explain the difference between Awakened states and being Awakened?

They are very different.  Awakened states come and go like waves in the ocean.  They keep coming and they keep going, and in the Awakened state you could still get hurt.  Still there could be pain, and you are very much there, even though you are in an Awakened state.

To be Awakened is to be in a permanent state, a state where you are no longer there.  You have clearly realized that there is nobody there to become Awakened and you are gone.  And you do not get hurt; you do not get pain.  It's a very different state.  So the Awakened state is very different from what we call the Awakened One.

Question:  How can one remain in an Awakened state at work?  When I am with others, I find it difficult to keep the peace I can feel at home when I am by myself, but not at work.

When you are truly in an Awakened state, it does not matter where you are, whether you are alone or in a crowd, whether you are at work or at home.  But if the Awakened state is very weak, then certainly you would be more comfortable staying at home.

Question:  Dear Sri Bhagavan, sometimes people think when you are Awakened you should be only happy.  Can you please speak about that, Bhagavan?

When you are in an awakened state, you may be happy, you may not be happy.  But once you are Awakened, which is very different from being in an Awakened state, you are always happy, for the simple reason you are not there.  When you are not there, what is there is only consciousness, and the nature of consciousness is joy and happiness.

Question:  Beloved Bhagavan, when I take deeksha from my Padukas I always, been doing for a month, try to anchor a state of absolute freedom, an earlier transcendental experience of mine in the Padukas.  And now I clearly feel that this transcendental consciousness expands a bit for every time I take deeksha from the Padukas.  Dear Bhagavan, is this something to go on with, and will you please comment on this, Bhagavan?

You do not have to do this forever.  You have to do this only until your state has become sufficiently deep and permanent.  Once permanency is achieved, you need no longer do this process.

Question:  Bhagavan, it seems to me that those who are having the deepest experience from deeksha are those who have been on a spiritual path for many years, and have worked a lot on themselves and their charges.  Is deeksha more like the final push after doing all these preparations?  Is it really possible for ordinary people, who have not been on spiritual paths or done years of work on themselves and their charges, to become Awakened through deeksha?

The real thing that matters here is your past lives.  If we were to take into account what you have done in this life, there is no way you could get Awakened.  Actually, all of you are great seekers who have worked through hundreds of lives and through thousands of years.  It's the past which matters, your past lives, so from that point of view you are well prepared.

What was required was the deeksha power to push you.  The deeksha power has been growing ever since 1989 and it reaches a peak in 2012, and therefore it will be able to push you to the other side.  But you have done your work, but not in this life, but in past lives.

Question:  I have a deep desire to stay in touch with my Inner Divinity in stressful situations.  For example, when I have to concentrate mentally at work or when conflict arises.  Is there anything that I can do to keep in touch with you in these situations, Bhagavan?

It is most important that you are in touch with the Inner Divine in difficult circumstances.  And for that to happen you must build a great bond between you and the Antaryamin.  If that happens, the more stressful the situation, the more easily you'll be able to connect.  And if you could connect to the Divine, everything's taken care of.

Question:  What criteria should be met in order to be one of the 8,000 people that will sit in the Temple and meditate for the future of humanity?

To sit along with 8,000 people and meditate with AmmaBhagavan for the welfare of mankind, you have got to be Awakened.

Question:  Beloved Bhagavan, there seems to be a lack of commitment and desire to give the deeksha and to initiate new deeksha-givers in some parts of Denmark.  Can you please give us a blessing for Denmark, Bhagavan, so that we work towards Oneness?

Yes, I'll give a strong Blessing for Denmark.

Question:  Dear Bhagavan, I feel only emptiness inside, without any expectations.  What comes next?  I don't even have a goal in my thoughts anymore.  Please, can you give me an explanation as to what is happening to me, Bhagavan?

You are getting very close to being Awakened.

Question:  Dear Sri Bhagavan, what can we Norwegians do to spiritually activate the Norwegian people?  Would it be advisable to give deeksha to the map of Norway, every time the Trainers and Blessing-givers meet, Bhagavan? Please give a blessing for Norway, Bhagavan.

It will work in a very powerful way to give a deeksha to the map of Norway.  I'll also bless Norway.

So the questions are over, we shall now meditate for a few minutes.

(The video ends with a three minute meditation and darshan/blessing.)



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