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Sri Bhagavan has told us that one of the fastest and easiest ways to grow spiritually is to become intensely aware of any craving we may have for garnering attention and significance.

It's so important he made it one of his Weekly Teachings which says, "The Awakened One naturally becomes significant.  The unawakened one craves for significance."  You can hear it in his own voice here.

The following information should help in becoming consciously aware of all the ways your mind may be craving significance, and how to heal the craving.

--P. J.   


Teaching from Sri Bhagavan:

Ending the Mind's Game of "Significance"

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According to Sri Bhagavan one of the best ways to move beyond the mind into an Awakened state is to begin to consciously become aware of the many ways your mind may be craving significance and personal attention.
Do you crave significance in your actions, your conversations, your work, your relationships?  If you're honest, you will probably see that you crave significance far more often than you'd care to admit.
Begin the process of moving beyond the mind by trying to notice before you respond to people, before speaking, before you do anything, what your inner motives are for that activity.  Ask yourself, "Is this action arising as a natural, appropriate response to the situation, or am I doing it out of a craving for significance?"

Another way to question your motives might be to simply ask, "Is this response positive and for the greatest good for everyone involved?"  Or, "Will my response add light to the world, or perpetuate fear and darkness?"
You may be reacting in a particular way out of an unconscious need to bring attention to yourself.  Is the response coming from a place where you may feel afraid, empty, lonely, unloved?  Do you feel the need to seem important in this particular situation?  Do you have a need to feel special or dominant?
Just notice what motives may be behind your actions.  ALL of them.
When you begin to see the nature of your mind, and recognize that those needy personalities that arise from within aren't really you--that it's only a game your mind is constantly playing--then you will no longer react in a craving, needy way.  You will become the Witness, and can just watch the mind's game without reacting from that place of the false ego's sense of inadequacy.

Once you see clearly how the mind constantly craves attention and significance, you may find that you won't be talking (or texting, tweeting, posting, etc.) nearly as much.  :>)  The realization of truth and its behavior- changing outcome is like a mutual gift you give to yourself and to those around you.

It's also often easier to recognize the need for significance in someone else.  You see people expressing this outwardly everyday.  Their attention-drawing, needy actions to make themselves appear important aren't exactly fun to watch are they?  You don't want to be that person.
Each day observe closely and become aware of all the ways you try to fill any need to be significant or important.  Some ways may be subtle, but some are not so subtle.  Whatever way this need expresses itself in your life, just become aware of it, then accept it.  Once seen, you'll realize that there is no need to act on it.  Relaxation automatically follows.
Sri Bhagavan tells us that the mind compromises our every moment, and when you begin to recognize this, you can very quickly attain the higher states of consciousness you seek.
Peace will have found another way to enter your daily life.


Sri Bhagavan also teaches that deekshas can help bring peace and higher consciousness into your life.  You can get Oneness Blessings onlineBhagavan's healing icon can also help with healing personal issues.

There are more teachings from Sri Bhagavan listed at Latest News from the Oneness University.


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