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Bhagavan's weekly webcasts are being seen by people from all walks of life all around the world.  Each weekend everyone is invited to meditate with Sri Bhagavan for 15 minutes, in silence, as he transmits blessings and energies of Divine Grace.

For the more serious seekers, he has given the following instructions on how to get the most from these webcasts.  It involves a new teaching that he gives each week, so be sure to read this week's teachings here.  (The most recent teaching is always listed first.)

  --P. J.     


How to Get the Most From

Sri Bhagavan's Weekly Webcasts


You can read the following transcription, and/or hear it from Bhagavan directly in the video below: 

"Your role is to feel helpless,* and my role is to raise your kundalini.**  Once the kundalini is raised, all things will naturally happen.  You have been sufficiently programmed.

"For example, if you have sufficiently contemplated on the teaching given to you and then feel helpless, then when I raise your kundalini that teaching will become your realization.  If you have not done your homework, you may not get much.  The kundalini will still rise, but would not give any great result.

"That's why we give you one week's time to contemplate on the teachings.  You must almost commit it to memory.  Then as you feel helpless, the moment you feel helpless, I'll be able to raise your kundalini and the teaching will become your insight, your realization."

 * Some have asked what does feeling "helpless" mean.  The answer is simple.  If you think you can help yourself, that you can "do," then you're not helpless.  When you realize that you are too small to do a particular thing, but can depend on AmmaBhagavan for help with it, then you are helpless.  Even more important is when you see that you're depending on yourself or your own effort, then realize it's not in your hands and that you can't "do."

 **  Kundalini can be raised in a number of ways, but how it rises and how it's channeled in the body, which chakras it touches, etc., all actively effect what  kind of results you will get.  For Awakening to occur, the kundalini has to rise and be channeled in a particular way to reach certain parts of the brain.   How kundalini is channeled is divinely controlled, and deeksha is Divine energy with the intent for Awakening.


Sri Bhagavan's instructions


Bhagavan has given us homework each week to contemplate on his current weekly teaching.  The more you contemplate, ponder, and commit to memory each week's teaching, the more the teaching will become a reality for you as Bhagavan raises your kundalini during the webcast.

Bhagavan says that knowledge, as long as it remains knowledge and doesn't translate into an experience, is only equal to second-hand knowledge.  Knowledge, when it becomes an experience, is called gnosis (spiritual knowledge), and what you need for Awakening is gnosis, not knowledge.

These webcasts are your special time with Sri Bhagavan.  You can have an inner dialogue with him, ask questions, etc., or just quietly meditate with him.  Be in gratitude and open to receive the blessings.

After the webcast be sure to lie down and rest for at least 10 to 20 minutes, and allow the gifts and realizations to flow to you.



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