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Anchoring the Presence with Spiritual Anchors


I was very fortunate in that one of my earliest teachers taught me how to create a spiritual anchor.  It's served me really well for many things.  Today I use it (among other things) to anchor the Presence.  Using the instructions below, it's quick and easy to both learn and implement.

--P. J.   



The Importance of Anchoring the Presence

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When speaking to a group of Russians in a darshan webcast on 6-8-12 Sri Bhagavan discussed why it is important to anchor the Presence.  He said...

"In the Oneness Meditation is you actually receive the Presence.  Acceptance, the absence of conflict, love, joy, compassion--all these  are qualities of the Presence.  When you get the Presence, you also get these qualities.  They are not your qualities; they are qualities of the Presence, but what you must do is you must anchor the Presence.    You could use sight, sound, smell or touch to anchor the Presence."


What is a Spiritual Anchor

For spiritual purposes, the verb "anchor" can be defined as "to fix firmly and stably," for that is what you want to do when anchoring the Presence.  A spiritual anchor is something physical that relates directly to whatever you want to anchor.  Bhagavan suggested you can use sight, sound, smell, or touch to firmly "fix" the Presence within you.  Examples of these would be...

  • "Sight" would be something you look at--an icon, srimurthi, Bible, etc.

  • "Sound" would be music or a mantra.  You will notice that many of the Oneness Meditators play the same music during each of their sessions.  (It would be really great if they all used the exact same music, because in just a short period of time it becomes an automatic anchor by immediately bringing in the Presence each time you hear it.)

  • "Smell" can be incense, essential oils, fragrant flowers on an altar, etc.

  • "Touch" could be a mudra.  This is my personal favorite because it's how I was initially taught to create an anchor, and requires no extra props as the others do.


How to Create Your Mudra Anchor

Mudras work perfectly as spiritual anchors since in Sanskrit mudra means lock or seal.  So a mudra hand position acts as an anchor to "seal" in whatever you're anchoring.

Mudras are configurations we place our fingers in, and they can create powerful responses in our energetic field.  They act something like a shorthand, with the purpose of activating specific energy flows in the body. When meditating, many place their hands in the Gyan mudra with the tips of thumb and index fingers together.  That's an example of a typical mudra that most of us recognize from yoga or meditative postures.

There are hundreds of specific mudras--some are health-related and some are spiritually-related, but you can also create your own.  This is especially good for anchoring the Presence.  When deciding on a mudra for this, you want to choose a hand/finger position in which you wouldn't normally place your fingers, since this can prevent accidentally triggering your desired response at some inappropriate time.

If you're right-handed, you might use your left hand for the mudra.  Since I'm right-handed, my personal mudra to anchor the Presence is placing the tip of my left thumb into the base of my left middle finger.  If I curl my other fingers over the mudra when bringing in the Presence, no one would even notice what I'm doing. 

Steps to take to create your mudra:

  1. Decide on the finger/hand position you want for your mudra to anchor the Presence.

  2. During a deeksha or Oneness Meditation, or any other time you feel the Presence, put your fingers in your chosen mudra position.

  3. Set an intent by quietly or silently saying to yourself something like this:  "Each time I place my fingers like this (form your mudra), I will come into this same state of being in the Presence just as I am now."

  4. To fully set the anchor you will probably need to repeat the above process on 3 or 4 different occasions when you are in the Presence.

  5. Once the anchor is set, whenever you want to bring in the Presence, just place your fingers in your chosen mudra.  The Presence will come in immediately.  (You can also use this same process and form separate mudras to take you into an unstressed state, balance your chakras, fully relax, go to sleep quickly, etc., etc.)

It's easy and works beautifully.  Try it and see.  Bhagavan also says...
"By frequently using the anchor, you could frequently move into the Presence... Once you get it, you will know how to get it more frequently."


Having deekshas help clear you to hold more of the Presence, and you can get Deeksha Oneness Blessings online.


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