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Sri Bhagavan has told us that we can hasten our Awakening by developing a very strong relationship with our Antaryamin, but what exactly is meant by Antaryamin?

In Sanskrit, the word Antaryamin means In-Dweller, but it's also known by many other names, such as God, Atman, Divine Self, Grace, the Presence, the Formless, Universal Intelligence, Life Force, Cosmic Consciousness, Soul, Higher Self, Supreme Being, Source, God Within, etc., etc.

It doesn't really matter what you call it, because ultimately it's all the same.  Everything is One.  What is important is how you relate to your Antaryamin.


Why Awaken Your Antaryamin?

When your Antaryamin is awakened you are able to react to every situation that arises in your life in the perfect way, because it is the ultimate friend and inner guide who will not only guide you, but protect you.

At every turn and juncture, you will know exactly how to respond and proceed.  At every step, you will have someone on whom you can completely trust and rely.  As you bond grows and gets stronger, the more relaxed you'll be as you come to feel more secure and accepted.

Life just gets easier.

Just as the Antaryamin has many names, it can also take many forms.  Each person is free to choose the name and form of their personal Antaryamin.  It can manifest as a physical form or be formless such as Consciousness or Light.  Examples of physical forms are Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, any Ascended Master, your Inner Best Friend, etc.

Sri AmmaBhagavan have also offered themselves as your Antaryamin, and many members of the Oneness community have chosen them as the form in which they want their Antaryamin to manifest.

Antaryamins can actually manifest in the physical and talk and walk with you.  (There have been numerous reports of Bhagavan stepping out of the SriMurthi, or physically appearing in cars, rooms, etc.)  Others may only hear their Antaryamin speaking to them internally, or sensing their guidance through intuition.

If you want to connect with your Antaryamin all that's required is...

  1. With a strong desire and gratitude, invite them into your life.

  2. Next, you need to develop a relationship and bond with them.

    Here are two easy ways...


Hindu Mythology Teaches Us

How to Relate to Your Antaryamin


1.  In Hindu mythology the word for God means "One who is dependent on the seeker."  This means that:

"God comes to the seeker only as and when he seeks.
The more often you seek, the more often He would come to you."

It tells us that in order to have a strong relationship with your Antaryamin, you need to talk to him/her all day long, not just once or twice when you want or need something.  Also, the more often you seek/call/talk/pray, etc., the more assistance you will get.

As incentive, here's an illustration.  If you invited guests to your home for a visit, only spoke to them once a day and ignored them the rest of the time, they wouldn't feel very welcome or want to stay very long, now would they?

Your conversations can be internal or external, but talk to them as though they are your best friend, one with whom you are practically inseparable, and love dearly.  (We've all had friends like that, so you should be able to relate.)

Talk to them--A LOT--all day long, and see what beautiful changes come into your life.

2.   It's easy to remember to ask our Antaryamin for help when we need something, and especially when we're stuck and can't go any further on our own.

As a sadhana to strengthen your relationship with your Antaryamin, when you ask for help with something, write down your request and the date and time when you made it.  Do this for a period of 21 days.  You will also record the day and time when your request was granted.

Begin by asking for small things, such as finding a good parking place, help finding your lost glasses, keys, etc.  You want to be realistic in the beginning. (Asking to be elected President in the next election isn't realistic.)  Once your relationship is firmly established, it's easy to move on to bigger, more complicated things.

There are biological as well as psychological processes involved in this sadhana, so at the end of 21 days when your personality/brain/mind sees the number of successes written down in black and white (even though they probably won't be 100%), something within you shifts.

This written "proof' that your Antaryamin is not only with you, but listening and helping you, is an important physiological step in strengthening your relationship.  It imprints on your brain that this is for real, and convinces your personality it's really happening--that you really do have an Antaryamin who is helping and guiding you.

With this deep knowing, your bond can become even stronger and your relationship will grow and grow.  Here is a printable worksheet to help you get started.


Share how to awaken your Antaryamin  


Oneness Blessing deekshas also help awaken Antaryamins.



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