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Sri Bhagavan Discusses

Awakening, Kundalini, and Oneness Blessings


Bhagavan put the process of Awakening into simple, physical, understandable terms for us.  I've combined and paraphrased several of his discussions on the subject into the following shorter explanation.

--P. J.


Ultimate Benefit of Bhagavan's Sadhanas

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Physically speaking, Awakening is a simple process.  The Deeksha Oneness Blessing activates the chakras and kundalini, and when the kundalini travels its full circuit up and down the body, Awakening occurs.  Unfortunately, there are blocks and resistances to this process.  The kundalini has to fight through these blocks, but there are ways we can help ourselves.

Sri Bhagavan explains that:

Concerning the biology of kundalini, it is indirectly being controlled by deeksha, which is a form of energy that is compatible with kundalini.

What happens for some people without many obstacles is that kundalini rises very fast.  Generally in the first round it goes up to the top of the head and then comes down.  The energy that goes up is called Shakti, the female energy, and what's on top is Shiva, the male energy.  The two unite, and after uniting the kundalini comes back down and settles.

This journey of coming up, uniting, and going down is the whole kundalini process.  Once it completes this round, you are Awakened.  It has to go up, step by step, and unite at the top of your head.  This uniting of the male and female energies can sometimes even be felt in the physical brain, then it comes down.

Obstacles to this process are mental blocks, past lives, karma--there are many causes.  When these blocks are removed, the kundalini energy goes up very freely.  But you should not think that it will always be up.  It goes up, up, up, and finally reaches the top of your head, stays there for some time, then comes down.
In the initial stages the kundalini cannot hold on for long, it will come down.  Sometimes it stays down for some time, and this period can be experienced adversely as the
Dark Night of the Soul.  You are to allow this process to go on, as the energy is intrinsically directed and has its own intelligence.  It knows what it has to do.
The kundalini can come up the spine and go down the front of your body, or it can come up the front side and go down the back.  This leads to two different experiences, but it finally does come down.  It can bob up and down, but one complete round and you are Awakened.

That's what goes on, and it's my job to see that the kundalini goes up, unites, and comes down.  That's the kind of help I'm providing you [through deeksha, Oneness Meditations, sadhanas, and weekly teachings].  But you have to cooperate with me by removing the blocks.  How do you remove them?  By setting right relationships, becoming more focused, practicing the weekly teachings and sadhanas, etc.  That's the kind of cooperation I need from your side


Having deekshas is a simple way to activate the above process.
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