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The Science and Psychology of

Oneness Awakening through Resonance

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Through the years I've heard and read about enlightened gurus awakening people through the sacred energy transfer called Shaktipat.  Shaktipat can be given by a glance, thought, touch, word or mantra.  One of the funniest examples I heard was about an Enlightened One sitting in the streets of India who awakened people by hitting them with garbage he threw at them.

I couldn't help but wonder why some of the thousands who have become permanently Awakened through AmmaBhagavan's Oneness Movement aren't doing it.  (Well, ok, not the garbage throwing part.)  Now they are!  It's happening in both live events and online in webcasts, so all can benefit.

One of Bhagavan's Oneness Guides said that in these events, as Awakened Ones share their experiences and answer questions, the participant's "brains will get synchronized with the Awakened people's brains," and many people may experience "Awakened states or they may then become Awakened."

  --P. J.      


How Awakening Resonance Works

The Science:

I've heard Shaktipat also called "Proxipat" because, of the various transfer methods (a look, touch, thought, or sound), except for touch, it's mostly given by intent.  Proxipat occurs through intent when a recipient comes within the proximity of an Awakened One.  Obviously, the energy can also be intentionally sent over long distances.

Even when just sitting within the energy fields of an Awakened person, Proxipat occurs.  I call it the "tuning fork effect."  If you strike one tuning fork, then hold it next to an identical fork, the second tuning fork begins to vibrate without being struck due to the principle of resonance.  Bhagavan says, "What we are noticing in India is, if in a family one person gets Awakened, the rest get Awakened within a month or so."  This seems to also be the case even if family members live distances away from you.

Sri Bhagavan personally describes resonance in this way, "If you take a piece of iron and rub a magnet over it, slowly the piece of iron becomes likes a magnet. Similarly if you stay close and keep interacting with Awakened people, your brain also becomes like theirs, and it becomes easy to be Awakened."

The Psychology:

For a long time it was believed to be physically impossible for a human to run a mile in less than four minutes.  Then in 1954, Roger Bannister, a young, British medical student, did it.  Within three years, sixteen other runners duplicated his feat, and today, athletes do it routinely.

Roger, himself, is quoted as saying, "There was a mystique, a belief that it couldn't be done."  This is where the psychology part comes in.  When Roger ran the mile under four minutes, people very overtly and concretely saw with their own eyes that it was possible.  He put it into everyone's reality.  Ergo...

When you see and hear Awakened Ones answering questions and speaking about their process, experiences and miracles, it firmly imprints on your brain and in your mind that Awakening is actually happening--today--to normal people.  It's already happened to hundreds of thousands all over the world, and it can happen to you.

Bhagavan has sanctioned Oneness Awakened Deeksha events, and is boosting the process through his Divine Intent.


HELPFUL HINT--You can receive the resonance benefits of these videos of Awakened Ones whether you watch, listen, or just play them softly in the background.  You can let them quietly play as you do other things on your computer, and even when you're away from your computer.  It's beneficial to you to let the vibrations fill your home, office, etc., as much as possible.


Awakened Ones at California event, Nov., 2012














Share the resonance with others:


This is the full length video of the above event.  It's nearly 1 and 1/2 hours long, but highly recommended that you watch it since it contains much more information and energy.  Unfortunately, if you have a dial-up, or otherwise slow Internet connection, it can take a long time to load.



Awakened Ones give deeksha in Florence, Italy (4:25)

In this abbreviated video of a live event, a group of Awakened Ones are joined by three newly pronounced Awakened people, and they proceed to give deekshas to the group. Later, four meditators give Oneness Meditations, then Bhagavan joins via webcast and gives blessings for Awakening.

In his webcast message to the above Italian group that day, Bhagavan said, "All of you are going to be Awakened very, very soon... We have reached critical mass and it's going to happen very, very fast... There is no question of anybody wanting to be Awakened and not getting Awakened."


See and hear more Awakened Ones here, plus Awakened Q & A.

Also see these experiences of Amma Bhagavan miracles.

Get Oneness Awakening Deekshas online.



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