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For many years in the seminars I taught I always included a brief time for manifesting, even when that wasn't the main focus of the event.  At one point I almost stopped the practice but didn't, simply because so many people reported receiving such a large percentage, even 100%, of everything they asked for.  Boon deekshas serve the same purpose, but it helps to know the correct protocol in asking for one.

--P. J        


Boon Deeksha:

What It Is and How to Get One

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Normally when you hear the word deeksha you usually think of a deeksha for enlightenment, but actually there are several different kinds.  They can all be combined and received in a Oneness deeksha, or they can each be received separately.

At our 21 Day Process in India, I was introduced to a rather unique deeksha (or diksha).  One night we were given a special deeksha for manifesting where we were allowed to submit to Amma Bhagavan a whole list of things we wanted to manifest.  This is called a "boon deeksha" and it's for the granting of personal wishes.

There are two stipulations for greater success with this type of deeksha.  The first is that requests should come from the heart, not a greedy ego.  For example, if you ask for a larger house, it should be because it would better serve your growing family, not because it would be a status symbol to impress your friends.

The second is to be in complete surrender and receptivity of your request by keeping your mind out of the process.  For example, don't constantly be wondering about how or when your request might come to you, or what you might do instead if it doesn't.  Make your request then let it go, thereby freeing it to come to you without restrictions.

Before getting a boon deeksha, make a list of your requests by writing down all the things you want to bring into your life.  These can be physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, people, objects, etc., etc.--anything.  Just be sure to write them down (hand writing is preferable to typing).  No one needs to see this list but you, your intention is the key.


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What others have to say about their boons from our deeksha events:

"The boon deeksha is amazing. Just with making my list things are already manifesting. WOW!"


"The manifestation deeksha we did has been a big success so far.  Within days of receiving the deeksha, my husband had two new business opportunities."


"So many good things seem to be manifesting...after the deeksha.  I'm in peace."


"My health is better. Finances are better.  Life is more of a joyous adventure."


"One of my boons was most definitely answered immediately...it was awesome!"


"I so feel the difference with each Deeksha.  I am really much more focused and I see that things which I have written on each of my lists are in the process of manifesting."


"Reference my big problem about my divorce, which is finalized and I feel much better.  Thank you very much for help."


"The energy is incredible and...my Boon's are starting to manifest."


"By 12:30am I checked my bank account and I had been paid electronically from my job AND my tax return was issued electronically...not to mention my grandmother's check.  May AmmaBhagavan truly bless the energy of abundance unto all of us!!!"


(Boon deekshas are included in EACH of our online deeksha events.)



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