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How to Choose a Deeksha-Giver



Suggestions on Choosing a

Oneness Deeksha-Giver

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Sri Bhagavan's vision for his Oneness Movement has always focused on the dawning of a Golden Age in the year 2012.  This vision is in keeping with many other ancient predictions for an age of enlightenment in this same timing.

Being blessed with the Divine Gift of Grace, and recognizing the task, Bhagavan made it part of his mission to impart this energetic gift of Grace to others, so that they could pass it on energetically through Oneness Blessing deekshas.

Through the teachings at the Oneness University in southern India, many thousands around the globe are now trained and sanctioned to give Oneness Blessings, with more being initiated each month.

The Oneness Blessing deeksha is Divine Grace that, over time, can bring about phenomenal transformations in everyday personal lives and spiritual Awakenings.


Individuals differ, thus all deeksha-givers aren't exactly the same.  So how do you choose who might be best to transfer this gift of Grace to you through a Oneness Blessing deeksha?

These are some suggested questions to ask a person when choosing the best Oneness Blessing giver to give you deekshas:

  1. How long ago did they attend the Oneness Awakening training (formerly called Level 1, or the 21 Day Process)?  Generally, the longer ago the better.*

  2. Have they attended the 10 or 28 Day Deepening Process (formerly called Level 2)?  If so, how long ago?

  3. Have they conducted any deeksha events?  If yes, how many?

  4. About how many deekshas have they given in total?  (The more the better.)

  5. Are they open-hearted, and do you relate to them well?

  6. The Oneness University offers little to no in-depth instruction in Intent Deekshas (deekshas given remotely, long distance, and hands-off over the telephone or Internet, etc.).  If this is the kind of Oneness Blessing you will be receiving, be sure to ask what kind of additional training they've had in the act of transmitting energies.  The Oneness Guides acknowledge that if a deeksha-giver has any doubts as to whether they are doing it correctly, the deekshas will be less effective.  This also applies to Awakened Ones when they give deekshas.

* The longer someone has been giving deekshas, the better quality deekshas they can give.  If someone has given more deekshas (thousands as opposed to hundreds), this automatically makes them a clearer and more open vessel for giving higher quality deekshas due to the deeksha's contribution to their own purification, spiritual growth, and opening into higher states of consciousness.

In the words of an Awakened Oneness Meditator, "How big their pipe is, how big their channel is, is relevant to how powerful or not powerful someone's deeksha might be" when they are giving Grace.

One of Sri Bhagavan's senior Oneness Guides has also stated that a deeksha-giver's state of mind does not influence the receiver in any negative way, but expressed that if the Oneness Blessing giver is happy, in a state of love and connection, and has an open heart, "then the Blessing can be much more effective."

Basically deeksha energy is deeksha energy, but...

This senior dasa also feels it's even more important that the deeksha-giver be evolved spiritually himself, and be able to really connect with, feel, and empathize with the recipient.  Doing so opens the giver to a greater flow of Grace and Presence, therefore "the greater the blessing will be."

Even Sri Bhagavan himself has noted that your choice of a deeksha-giver is important.  He says that:

Deeksha is the phenomenon where the Divine reaches out to man, and the person who's giving deeksha is making himself or herself available for the Divine, and he becomes an instrument.

...We can, as a rule, say that [the result] depends upon how receptive you are, what your beliefs are, and what your conditioning is, and the quality of the person giving the deeksha.

...The heart plays a key role...if there's no warmth in the heart [of the giver] the deeksha is not going to be very effective.

...If the deeksha-giver himself or herself is enlightened, or in a very high state of consciousness, the deekshas are in fact very different...so the person who is giving does really matter.


You can also view the video of Sri Bhagavan personally giving the full message of the text above about the Oneness Blessing deeksha and the importance of choosing deeksha-givers.



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