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Deeksha & Healing Stress

Early studies on deeksha show that Oneness Blessings appear to bring about a neurobiological shift in the brain that creates a state of inner peace and happiness, plus a higher level of spiritual awareness.

In addition, thousands of Oneness Blessing recipients have reported deeksha benefits such as improvements in relationships, the healing of stress, and greater relaxation.

While major research begun in 2008 continues, the deeksha Oneness Blessing is being given in various medical facilities around the world to support the treatment of inflammatory diseases, chronic pain, infertility, and even cancer.




Sri Bhagavan Reveals How the
Deeksha Oneness Blessing Effects Stress & Health


Sri Bhagavan speaks of deeksha and healing stress



(I've transcribed this video below.  --P. J.)

How Stress Effects the Body

Emotional distress is increasing so fast that by 2020 it is predicted to outrank AIDS, accidents, and violence as the primary cause of early death and disability.

You should not live with emotions of depression, anxiety, sadness, and irritability that are interfering with your natural capacity to enjoy life.  Most emotional imbalances have been found to be the result of unmet nutritional needs, malfunctions in our brain/body chemistry, and unquestioned perceptions.

Science has shown today that every emotion has a corresponding chemical reaction happening in the brain.  When you experience emotions like fear or stress, the hypothalamus releases chemicals and complex amino acids called neuropeptides, which thereafter are pumped into the bloodstream.

These neuropeptides reach the various organs through the blood.  They reach the cells and get locked up in the cell receptors.  Once this happens, these cells become immune to any form of nutrition and nourishment.  These cells further multiply to create similar unhealthy cells.

That is why people with prolonged, rundown emotions often prove their doctor's failures.  No medication or treatment works for them.

The body, by nature, has been designed for experiences such as ecstasy, love and bliss.  And it also knows fear and the struggle for survival.  Going into these challenges we are only triggering that chemistry of the brain that deals with emotions such as fear, loneliness, and frustration.

The result is that your brain is exhausted and brings forth an imbalance of transmitters and hormones in the limbic system.  Hence, you become emotionally reactant.

However, it is possible to activate those parts of the brain that deal with love, skill, and solutions.  Research on deeksha is now revealing that deeksha is activating certain areas of the brain that would not otherwise get effected even after years of meditation.

Deeksha is proving to be a very powerful tool in returning the body to a complete state of health, and the mind to a state of relaxation and rest.



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