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Oneness Blessing (Deeksha) Experiences


Here are a few of the many things people have reported that they experienced from receiving energy transfers for enlighten-ment called deekshas (dikshas or Oneness Blessings).  All results came from Oneness Blessings received remotely through a timeless, long distance transmission via the Internet in an Online Deeksha Event. 



Deekshas have also shown to produce healings, and these can be emotional, spiritual, physical, or mental.  Be sure to read these wonderful reports of deeksha healings.


Add any of your own deeksha experiences here.


Experiences from enlightenment deekshas
reported in 2007:


December 27, 2007:  Thank you, this is amazing, and just getting better and better.  This is to experience for real what is to be human, connected to all.  My body feels like a very happy kid.    --California


December 19:  I felt the energies doing strange things, then I lost all tension completely, like a sedative, but one without distortion.  It was a wonderful, amazing experience.  After having deeksha I now feel it is easier to see all the problems of life, but see them from outside the drama.    --G., New Hampshire

December 10:  The main difference between then and now is that I feel such intense love I could bust!  And gratitude.  And humility.    --Virginia


November 29:  My life is much more happier and easier now...a thoroughly satisfying and enjoyable journey.    --G., India 

November 20:  I wanted to thank you again with all my heart for that most extraordinary evening of deekshas last week.  During the regular time, my experience was deeply relaxed, alert, and calm in my heart and at the initial ending, my body was quite cold almost in deep freeze.

Then, when the energy kept pouring through at the end, I felt wave after wave of beautiful, intense energy, exquisite gratitude and deep changes within me.  The deep freeze became a very active working state.
I was so grateful to you for navigating us through the waves with the accurate and helpful instructions.  You would say breathe just at the time I'd need to, but didn't know I needed to.  I loved that you guided us to gently open areas to make room for the expansions, just when I needed that guidance, and the energy responded in kind.  I was amazed how much we were all in sync, together in the flow and so glad that you stayed with what was happening so we could receive those incredible gifts.
When you joked about how we might need to adjust to the changes, since we basically had new bodies, I started laughing so hard, because that was exactly my experience!  And my typing keyboard at the end went totally buggy, even tho it had worked fine for the whole session.  I had to hit a letter about 10 times for it to go on once!

I've felt waves of gratitude and changes inside all week.  I feel like my deepest wishes for freedom are coming to pass.    --M., Arizona


November 16:  After the online event I felt very quiet.  My body was sleepy but at the same time vibrating.  And there was some kind of headache.  During the diksha I felt something flowing through my body, and my brain felt a little cool afterwards.      --D., Germany


November 15:  It was such an immerse energy at the end of last night's deeksha event.  My crown chakra is still hurting from this morning, yet I was content and at the same time very peaceful this morning.    --Okinawa


November 9:  This is an on-going process, first feeling wonderful, then having no body, then heat in my left foot, now continuing changes in my head/brain.  I think the heat was related to a healing in my left foot.    --B., New Mexico


November 4:  Thank you for the diksas, I've been 4 times by now since May 2.  The first two I enjoyed very much, the last two has been quite mad, bringing up really bad and strong anger feelings, but I think I am getting more "stabilized" and moving to higher level.  I start to feel more firm during the day - for a longer period of time during the day.    --Czech Republic


October 23:  I got very emotional, but very happy during the deeksha.  There was pressure on the top of my head, and also my heart.  Thank you for this beautiful experience.  I have like a buzz feeling all over.    --B., New Jersey


October 13:  During the Oneness Blessing it felt like my whole body was filled with liquid.  I felt it rising before we started--ELECTRIC.    --R., Colorado


October 7:  There was lots of energetic shifting going on with the last deekshas.  They produced some very deep physical and emotional cleansing and shifting of old patterns into new paradigms.  I've also had periods of high energy and knowing.    --Virginia


September 28:  The deeksha was interesting...I felt something like a scan from head to toe and then an energy burst in the solar plexus, as if to clear it, before it continued on down to my feet.  I had the thought that now I'm a clearer vessel.    --Utah


September 20:  Thank you, in much appreciation and humility for the deeksha experience!  I felt fingers reaching  within my brain.  I froze tremendously for the most part and had to cover up.  But then the warmth came along with vivid images.    --J., Canada


September 12:  Deeksha really has made a huge difference in my life and for those around me.  I feel relaxed, and at peace.  It feels as if a huge weight has been lifted from my heart.    --G., Columbia


September 2:  This was truly powerful.......so much energy.  I got very emotional, but very happy during the deeksha.  There was pressure on the top of my head, and also my heart.  My crown chakra pulsated strongly and now feels more open.  It was a beautiful experience.    --New Jersey


August 26:  I recently received the dikshas from you on Amma's birthday.  What an experience!  I can already feel the enlightenment diksha working its magic in me.  I practice Reiki Tummo so my kundalini has already been awakened, but the diksha has seemed to speed up the entire process.

One night about a week after I received the Diksha I had just finished doing the chakra dhyana and went to bed.  Well about 2 minutes after I laid down my heart started beating extremely fast, I became really hot, and I could feel the energy shooting up into my crown.  It was a scary and exhilarating experience at the same time.

These last few days I have felt a lot of energy in my head.  It is a soothing and relaxing energy, but it can sometimes give me headaches if I don't control it :).  Anyways, that's what I've been experiencing so far and I'm loving every minute of it.  Thank you so much!    --L.,  Canada


August 16:  This was my first online deeksha, second deeksha total, and it was wonderful...lots of body heat.  Now I feel relaxed and peaceful.

During the deeksha meditation I was given sort of a 'slide show'....the feelings of abandonment, with my mother's attention being elsewhere, busy, etc....I suddenly moved into crying...sort of observing myself crying...but hard.  Then I told her I loved her, that I forgave her, that I was sorry, and the joy came.  It was wonderful.  I feel released.    --H., California


August 9:  I now feel lighter.  Before the deeksha my body felt so heavy.  I was totally exhausted but now I do feel more myself again.    --S., Ireland


August 2:  I wanted to tell you that I feel these deekshas in a very deep and effective way...they are really wonderful.    --Spain


July 24:  I have had a week full of potent energy and blessed stillness, both before and after the last deeksha event.    --J., LA


July 12:  During the whole while of the deeksha I felt enormous amounts of energy pouring into both my crown chakra and up through my feet... very powerful, calming, grounding energy.  It felt amazing.    --USA


July 2:  One day I completely forgot I was attending a deeksha event in absentia at the time, due to being busy with work and school.  This was a few months ago and in the middle of the event I suddenly became so aware of my connection to the universe and the love involved when it dawned on me about the deeksha and what was  happening :)... amazing experience for me--to be so connected.    --Pennsylvania 


June 25:  Yesterday evening I felt I was connected to myself.  My life came under my control.  A few days back I had disconnected feelings and felt life was going out of my control.  I sleep better now too.    --India


June 19:  After my last deeksha I have a strange feeling on detachment.  As if I am not there.  It is hard to describe in words.  In fact, it is a little dis-concerting, as I keep trying in vain to remember who I am.  I can't seem to find my old self or personality.

I have read about this, but the direct experience I am having is quite hard to accept, as it is so different from my old reality, and I am resisting.  To sum up: a feeling of not being there...just vacant, very detached, and solid feeling, as if uninvolved.    --South Africa. 


June 10:  I was unable to attend the deeksha event last night in person.  But, as you know, I always pre register.  I was out and all of a sudden at around 9:30 pm edt I started to get extremely sleepy.  So much so that by 10 pm I was home and sound asleep.  At first I was concerned over what was up, then I remembered the Diskha.. WOW!!!  I feel amazing this morning... Thank you.    --G., New Jersey


June 4:  That last deeksha was amazing.  I felt my heart expand, open and I felt so much energy and heat all around my heart chakra.  My whole system has been in a shift for several days just before the deeksha--I think that I now feel more balanced.  I feel good, warm energy everywhere.    --C., Tennessee


June 1:  Very Powerful.  I have been vibrating for days.  This has been a huge one for me.  The energy is slowing beginning to settle.  I could run laps around the block!    --Colorado


May 27:  The last deeksha event (on May 20) was amazing.  Today I was actually awakened from my sleep and told to go to my computer to sign up [for the next online event].  I didn't know there was one until I got on the computer.  LOL  Mind you it is 4:00 AM.  Thank you.    --New Jersey


May 26:  I wanted to thank you for hosting the Deeksha giving.  It has been 5 days, and I can still feel the Deeksha unfolding.

I'm involved in energy work, but even so, I was quite intrigued when I read Kiara Windrider's book, Deeksha: Fire From Heaven, and found myself experiencing something I never had before.  My mind stopped.  There was a vast silence, and occasionally, thoughts would pass on by.  It was a great relief!  I had to constantly focus on not laughing like a crazy person.  That happened 4 times over the span of 3 days, and I knew that I wanted to be that way all the time.  So, I sought you out.

I've experienced a variety of sensations, both during the Deeksha giving, and since, that confirm at the personal level, that my system is undergoing a major revision.  That's RE--VISION. 

Among the things I've felt:  When we can arrange to "catch the mind by surprise", the vast silence returns.  Once, it occurred while I was in traffic.  Three drivers created dangerous situations around me, in the span of 40 seconds, and after the mind shut down, so that reflexes could take over, the vast silence filled the space.

Similarly, at work today, I noticed that I am not as joyful as usual, however, I'm not swinging in a darker direction either.  My moods seem to be tightly orbiting a neutral state.  A peaceful state.  Shortly after that understanding, my mind and hands were busy analyzing samples, and the vast silence returned for an hour or two.  Obviously, I'm looking forward to your next deeksha event.    --Louisiana


May 24:  I wanted to give you some feedback about the last deeksha.  That was a big one!  It was certainly about LOVE ...no doubt about that.  I felt the energies building in me for days beforehand, in a strangely new way.  The deeksha itself was just beautiful.

I have vibrated with energy for days.  I have had very little need for sleep and move in and out of the dimensions with ease.  And in the midst of this I feel filled with loving compassion.  I feel the most profound and pure love.

I have felt my Self dissolving away as I become a vessel for this divine love.   I no longer exist ...I am at one with the Universe.   I feel very much as though I am on the edge of a major life change.    --Australia


May 21:  I just wanted to tell you what a powerful deeksha that was last night.  Truly amazing!  I always receive them from you "in absentia" and I experience them as if they were "hands on"...but last night it was amplified many times.  And it seemed to continue all night long...I woke up with a deeksha hangover and luckily I can just be quiet for the rest of the day.  There's a lot of energy to be present with.    --Oregon 


May 7:  The last Wesak deeksha was wonderful.  Still feeling the effects and probably will for a while.  I can't wait until the next one.    --B., Australia


May 3:  I experienced the deeksha yesterday in absentia and it was in one word--amazing, thank you very much.  It will certainly push me to my next level of spiritual awakening.    --C., Australia


April 21:  The night of last week's deeksha and ever since then I have been having the most amazing dream state sleep.  My clarity is amazing; my peace is unshakable.

Even in the aftermath of the storms, a family death, and some silly work issue, oh, and moving into a new home.  I am just flying.  Never mind my ability to manifest with great precision.  Thank you for this amazing instrument of light, for sharing and allowing all to be apart of it.    --New Jersey


April 13:  I am a reiki master and jin kei do and expected a similar energy, but the energy I received last night from deeksha was amazing, very powerful.
I felt quite spaced out, dizzy and a sense of being like one with everything around me.  I had a very slight rocking motion throughout the evening as if a whirlwind was steadily coming down through my head reaching the base of the spine.  I just went with the flow.  A lot of pressure from the crown down to my third eye, my cheeks and the back of my neck was really hot!

This morning I "know" there is a change already, as if I have been born into a new world, a new outlook.  I'm just too excited as what the days ahead will present to me.  Thank you so much.  Blessings    --Andre, United Kingdom


April 8:  I have been taking deekshas, but never realized how powerful they were.  Only realized when I craved for it.  I recently took deeksha twice.  One on the phone and the other one physically present in front of the Deeksha givers.  The one on the phone worked wonders.  It left a sensation in my body and I was at peace. 

My best friend expired a week ago, and  I was shattered.  Just prayed for Bhagavan to help me.  It was only after deeksha that I felt a bit better.  I woke up the next day after deeksha, and I felt I am alive.  Bhagavan was helping me and I could feel it.  The next entire day I felt that some energy is flowing into me continuously, even when I am at the office.  I was listening to the moola mantra continuously and did not feel like stopping it, as it was giving me utmost pleasure.  I was still feeling the pain for my deceased friend and missed him, but there was no anger, depression and tears.

I went for a personal deeksha the very next evening.  I was given deeksha by 7-8 deeksha givers.  I felt vibrations in my body and a mild headache... but a pleasant one.  Would love to have such a headache thoughout my life.  I could feel some divine presence.

Love you Amma Bhagavan.  Thank you for taking care of me when I needed the most.    --Ruhi Bharti, Tempe, Arizona, USA


April 6:  I don't know where I went during the deekshas...but it was definitely outside of my body...and that's the first time ever.  I was like, "Wait...I'm getting deeksha....where have I been?"  That hadn't occurred to me before.  Wow, it's so beautiful!    --M., Florida


April 1:  I had 2 deeksha's 2 weeks ago.  The first time I felt floating, the second time, I felt and saw into the future.  This third deeksha, I felt total relaxation.    --USA


March 22:  I felt like I was in a pressure cooker and my head felt as if it may explode.  The deeksha was very powerful and beautiful.  I am very grateful.    --B., South Carolina


March 14:  I feel overwhelmed and humble by the love that has enveloped me.  Thank you Amma Bhagavan and to you PJ for this most beautiful blessing.    --R.,  Nevada


March 8:  Wow, last night's Deeksha really effected me.  I don't have many words around it, but I sure feel it and the alignments it is creating.  Thanks.  --B., Minnesota


March 5:  My relationships with family are relaxed and joyful, and I am less attached to problems that once could keep me awake.  I am so full of gratitude!    --USA


March 1:  After the deeksha I was energized, yet surprisingly grounded.  It's unusual for me to be so grounded.    --New Mexico.


Feb. 20:  Namaste, I am suffering from loneliness, feel upset, I want to cry but don't know the reason.  Lots of things wondering in my brain.  So what to do, I can't understand.  Lastly, I ask in meditation.

Surprise, I just read How Can I End My Suffering?  At that time vibrations flow in my head for around 10 minutes.  I feel heavy as I read the article.  My tensions fly away and smile come to my face.  Love you Amma Bhagavan, love to all readers, and full universe.  Thanks.    --S. H., India


Feb. 15:  Major changes have been happening in my life!  What Grace has been pouring out!    --D., Florida


Feb. 11:  Sometimes after a deeksha I feel nothing until the next day, but tonight it was immediate.    --Lee, PA  


Feb. 4:  So much energy was coming thru I wanted to cry, to sing, to laugh, to shout.  I feel so much love and joy.    --California


Jan. 29:  I would like to narrate an incident that has happened just yesterday.  Some devotees from our place had been to Nemom for Bhagwan’s personal Darshan.  They were supposed to come the night of Jan. 27 with the Blessed Silver Padukas of Bhagwan.

[Padukas are sandals symbolizing the feet of the Divine, and are charged and blessed by Bhagavan with his Presence.]

My Husband was supposed to leave for a business trip on the morning of the 27th, so there was no question that he wouldn't be able to get the blessings of the Padukas.  But as my Husband is also getting into this spiritual path I wanted him to touch the Paduka before he left for his business trip.

It was the evening of the 26th and I was doing my evening prayers, and I also called my husband to pray along with me.  Suddenly after chanting the Mantras thrice, all at once I felt dizzy and then started feeling too hot and internally I was very excited.  I said all this to my Husband that this is what I am feeling. 

Later that evening around 10:00 pm at night I received a call from my neighbour asking me to come down to her place as soon as possible as the devotees had reached them with the padukas.  I ran down with my husband and as soon as I reached there and stood in front of the Srimurthi, I saw a statue of Amma and Bhagwan and below it the Blessed Padukas.

I at once wondered how these devotees were also able to get these statues of Amma and Bhagwan so similar to that of Srimurthi.  But there was no statue, only the Srimurthi, and my eyes were able to see the statue in the Srimurthi. I  started shivering and collapsing but controlled my self and went to touch the Paduka.  The padukas immediately moved as soon as I touched them.  It was a great miracle for me because those devotees suddenly came on the 26th instead of the 27th, and I could see the Image of Lord and Lordess through my naked eye.    --Sandhya S., India


Jan. 24:  That was absolutely amazing...it was such a flood of incredible flowing energy that kept expanding.  You could feel Amma's love emanating out.    --A., Virginia


Jan. 23:  I first began to well up and began to cry off and on throughout the mediation and deekshas.   Then my hands began to tingle and I felt tight in my throat for just a bit.  Then I began to feel something like warmth rolling down my throat.  It was not a physical feeling, just felt very strong and kept going all the way through the mediation.  By the end of the deekshas I felt a bit numb and then shaky.  I just kept thanking Amma Bhagavan over and over again.    --C., Colorado


Jan. 20:  I would like to share a special Miracle that has happened to my uncle Mr raajiv Kumar who recieved Your Vara Diksha couple of Months Ago with all the Oneness Groups and members and Diksha Givers :--

My Uncle was totally Against AmmaAppa, But somehow he agreed to Take Online Varadiksha (Boon Diksha) From Ms PJ around September 2006 with his Wife who was living seperate from him.  After the two Days of recieving the Varadiksha he Had a severe accident, as he was hit by the car.  All his Bones were brokeni His Skull Shoulders ribs and Legs.  Docotors Gave up all the Hopes of his coming back as he was unconcious for couple of days.  At that time i was so Frustated with AmmaBhagavaan and Ms Pj how could this happen to him after receiving the Boon diksha i could not understand at that time.
The Miracle is he is perfectly all right within three Months and would be discharged from the rehab Center Next week, and above all has no more injuries in his body.  And Beyond All this i had to rent his room which he was sharing with me, and His wife had to take care of HIm through all this time.  And now they are Moving Back together Through AmmaAppa's Grace and Your Prayers.  Dear AmmaAppa and Ms Pj i am really very sorry for all that i spoke to you after that Incident, PLease forgive me for all the pain which i caused you.
Thank You so Much for your Prayers and Blessings to all of us.  Thank you so much AmmaAppa.  Thank You so much Ms Pj.  God Bless You.    --Vikas J.,  New York 


Jan. 18:  At one point during the meditation, I felt a sudden high energy charge through my physical body that I interpreted as healing energy.  I also felt a sudden “lifting” feeling during the deeksha.  I awoke during the night with chills, like you have with a high fever, that lasted 2-3 hours, but no other sign of illness.    --Y., USA


Jan. 15:  While having a reading on my local healing center's bio feed back computer, the operator's jaw dropped at the colors she saw.  She told me it was the most balanced bio reading she had ever seen.  I relate this directly to the Deeksha experience.    --Colorado


Jan. 11:  The deekshas have been great, especially the last homa.  The cleansing with fire was particularly powerful and once again I could really feel the clearing.  Since then I've felt very centered and grounded, and physically have a lot more energy.  Overall I feel really well.    --W., Australia


Jan. 8:  On receiving the first deeksha, I felt a soft ball of energy quickly descend into the top and left of my head.  It was seen in my mind's eye as a ball of light surrounded by a purple rim.  During and beyond the last two deekshas, my whole body felt a refined tingling, quietness, and harmonized balance.    --D. C., USA 


Jan. 5:  There is another great miracle PJ, I would like to share with you.  My husband is getting involved in the spirit of Amma Bhagwan though I never force him to follow me or do prayers along with me.  He dreamt of chanting the Mantras and saw some fire like energy flowing which he couldn't see clearly and something is interrupting him from seeing the fire.

When he told me this morning, I said it is the grace of the Divine Lord, and it I am sure we are being blessed by them.  Dear PJ now I am very sure that all my problems will be solved and I will be able to go see Amma and Bhagwan.    --S., India


Jan. 3, 2007:  Thank you so much for the wonderful deeksha experience last night.  I am still in a glow!    --J., Colorado 



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