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How Deeksha Restructures Molecules


You might not expect Sri Kalki, Avatar of Enlightenment, to be scientifically oriented, but he definitely is.  It's one of the things that impressed me most about him, along with his intelligence and wit.

In this video he explains how the Oneness Blessing deeksha physically impacts the human body.  Following it is a transcription (which I edited slightly for ease of reading and brevity).


Bhagwan discusses the science behind deeksha's effect on the body  (02:42)



Bhagavan on:  How Deeksha Restructures Molecules


If you take a glass of water and using special cameras you can take a picture of its molecular structure.  You'll see some patterns.  Let us say you touch that same glass of water with deeksha, and then you take another picture of that, you'll find it will have beautiful floral patterns.  The molecular structure itself will have changed.  It will have very beautiful patterns because you have touched it.  That is the deeksha that has gone into it.

This is science.  It has been scientifically proved.

Now what's your body?  Your body is 80% water, so when deeksha is being given to you, the deeksha is being absorbed by what is called the sensory cells.  They have the knack of picking up energy and it is transferred to the water in you body, and the blood, etc.  So in 80% of your body the molecular structure is changed, and that 80% is flowing to all parts of the body.

It is flowing into your heart; it is flowing into your liver.  If the liver is healthy you'll have very little jealousy.  If your liver is terrible, you'll suffer from terrible jealousy.  All these emotions can be traced back to the organs in the body.  They are set right when the changed molecular patterns go into the brain and sets right the brain.

All these things happen because we've touched a glass of water and given it to you to drink.  Or we can touch your head with deeksha and the same thing happens.  No water is required.  It goes into your body the same way it goes into the water.

Similarly when a ritual or a vidya mala is done, we touch the mala and give it to you.  The energy gets transferred into the mala you are wearing, from there it goes into the sensory cells, and from there to the water in your body.  It sets you right.  That is how it works.

This is science, but test it out.  You can see the real effects also by testing it out.  Empirically you can prove it.

Since you are trying to gain, take the deeksha.  If you feel it's not going to work for you, don't take it.  If you feel it will work for you, because it has worked for so many thousands of people, try it.  If it works for you, continue it, but this is the science behind it.

Since you're trying to benefit, try it out and see.



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