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Finding Spirituality in Chaos



What the Mayan Calendar has to say about...

Finding Spirituality in Chaos

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The Mayan Calendar tracks the history--and future--of the evolutionary Plan of Creation, and according to Dr. C. J. Calleman, noted Mayan scholar, the Calendar shows that during the "Fifth Day and Night" (November, 2006 to November, 2008) there will be a noticeable breakdown of our old realities.

He says that this Fifth Cycle is a time of great transition, and as with many transitions, they can be both exciting and challenging, depending on how you look at them.  We have the choice to affirm the new, or wallow in the loss of those old ways.  Clearly, the future overwhelmingly belongs to all who embrace the new.

Even back in 2004 Calleman predicted that there might be a collapse of the International monetary system during the Fifth Cycle, a global event he considered to be just another part of the Cosmic Plan.

It helps to remember that any crisis, whether it's personal or global, is a good thing, since chaos is the breeding ground for creativity.  Look at what happened during the week of October 5-11, 2008.  The whole world watched as 23 world leaders quickly came together to pound out an economic plan to help stem a possible global monetary collapse. 

I read and saw many newspaper and TV accounts that week that reported these leaders repeatedly using words like "unity," "coming together" and "unified efforts" over and over again.  This is how things are done in a world of Oneness as opposed to a world of competition and separation.

Anandagiri has also pointed out that, "As we move from a state where we feel disconnected to non-separation, the transformation is going to influence and be reflected in politics, economics, religions, and other social structures worldwide."

Have you really thought about the fact that 2012 is just a few short years away?  (Count them!!!)  Being so close to the imminent Mayan Calendar's (and Bhagavan's) prophesy of the blossoming of the Golden Age, is it any wonder that things are being shaken up a bit?  Calleman reminds us that the processes that seem to break down political dominance and global economies also pave the way to enlightenment.

Trying times prepare us for the next round of external growth.

Breathe, stay centered, be true to yourself, trust and allow.  It's all a process of Divine Creation that will eventually manifest in our destiny of becoming fully Divine human beings.

--P. J.,  October, 2008  


If finding spirituality in chaos has been challenging for you, remember also that Oneness Blessing deekshas help stop the mind chatter of fears and doubts, automatically bringing about more peace.



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