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Healing the Pain of Loss




The Quickest Way to End the Pain
of Death, Divorce, and Breakups

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One of the most difficult times in a human life is when we lose someone we love, whether it be through death, divorce, a painful breakup, or even a close friend or neighbor moving away to a distant location.  It's still a loss, and at times all of these latter situations can feel as emotionally devastating as death.

Arguably, one of the most difficult times to apply one of Sri Bhagwan's principal teachings is when you're in the midst of grieving someone you've lost.

It's much easier to try to avoid some of the pain by staying busy, even though we know that ignoring a problem doesn't make it go away.  Or we may stuff our emotions trying to convince ourselves that we don't really care, it wasn't our fault, blaming others, etc.  We tend to do whatever it takes to avoid feeling the pain.  But it never works...

The pain always resurfaces.

The only real solution is to face the pain and heal it.  The quickest way to do that is to go into the depths of the pain and experience it fully, while applying Bhagavan's teaching:

"The suffering is not in the fact, but in the perception of the fact."

Before beginning the process, invoke the Presence to help give you awareness, and using the teaching as a mantra, start repeating, "The suffering is not in the fact, but in the perception of the fact."

When you're suffering, definitely don't feel that you should not be suffering.  If that's your reality, you are suffering.  Acknowledge that the pain is there; acknowledge that you're suffering.  Then holding onto the pain, invoke the Presence, and keep repeating the mantra.

As you're relating to the Presence and repeating the teaching to yourself while holding onto the pain, insights and breakthroughs will begin to occur.  You will start to see the associations, meanings, excuses, etc., you're attributing as to why you're in pain because of your loss.

Some insights to the underlying reasons for the pain may be that you now feel so very alone, or you may feel as though you could have done something more, or differently.  You may feel abandoned, or even betrayed, etc.

In the case of death, you may realize that part of your pain is because you've been conditioned by the cultural concept that death is grievously sad and should be mourned.  Whereas in other cultures, they've been conditioned to joyfully celebrate the life of the person who died.

You may also realize that your loved one's death is his own soul's agreement to pass on at this time, and it can be your karmic gift to learn about yourself, heal, and grow from the experience.  The same also applies to divorces, breakups, and when close friends move away.

"The suffering is not in the fact, but in the perception of the fact."

As you're holding onto the pain and repeating the mantra to yourself, you'll begin to see what it is that your mind is conjuring up as excuses.  You'll start to get clarity and insights as you invoke the Presence more and more.

The mind will begin to let go and you'll start to see, "Oh, it's simply how I'm perceiving the situation."

As these insights begin to occur, you'll find that it can be very simple.  It doesn't have to be anything profound.  Just holding onto the pain, invoking the Presence, and repeating, "The suffering is not in the fact, but in the perception of the fact."  The clarity will come.  Just continue repeating the mantra to yourself.

Yes, it can be difficult, because losing someone we love is one of the most painful experiences in human life, no matter what the circumstance.  But it can be the most insightful and joyous experience when you deeply feel the pain, then get the most amazing insights about the situation and yourself.

Healing then occurs and you are free of the pain.



If you are feeling the pain of the loss of someone you love, remember that AmmaBhagavan's Oneness Blessing also helps.  You can get the blessing of this  Oneness Experience ONLINE.


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