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Manifesting Your Divine

in Physical Form


Just as it did with the phenomenon of Awakening, some of the same fears, doubts and questions have also arisen around the physical manifestation of the Divine in our everyday life, since this in now happening in the Oneness 3 Chamber Process as outlined by Sri Amma Bhagavan.

Not just fears, but questions such as, "Do I really want a Divine Being physically present in my home?" and "Why should I even have to have my Divine physical?" This is certainly under-standable, since human beings tend to have trepidations about the unknown.

If you have some of this same type of questioning, hopefully the following will ease your mind.

--P. J.         





How Your Divine Might Manifest

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Bhagavan began to prepare us several years ago when he explained how to create our own God. Even this brought up questions and fears, but what he was actually telling us was how to create a relationship with our God.  Now as the Divine is actually becoming physical to us, what he told us is vital to the successful process of these Divine manifestations.

Bhagavan has also suggested that we talk to our Divine everyday, because "The more you talk, the more physical they would become."  So talk, talk, talk.

It's been my experience that as spiritual energies and manifestations evolve, the process is not always linear (nor will everyone's experience be the same). Keep this in mind as you read the way Bhagavan explained how your Divine can become physical to you.

You should also keep in mind that the physical form the Divine can take will vary from person to person depending on their culture and/or religious beliefs (but not always).  For instance, the Divine might manifest as Jesus or Mother Mary to Westerners; as AmmaBhagavan to Indians; as Buddha to SE Asians, as Allah to Muslims, as a light to Jews, or formless to atheists, etc., etc.  The Divine can take many, many different forms.


This is how Sri Bhagavan describes the stages of Divine manifestations:

  • Level 1--Physical/Non-Physical:  In this initial stage, as you gaze at AmmaBhagavan's srimurthi, or a statue or photo of your Divine in whatever image you choose (Jesus, Buddha, etc.), you may notice slight movements in it such as the eyes, hands or lips moving.  Your God could even step out of the photo. He/she would appear physical, but if you tried to touch them, your hand would pass right through them.

  • Level 2--Physical/Physical:  Your Divine is material enough to actually be felt when touched.  However, at this stage their image would not show up in a photograph if you took one.

  • Level 3--Physical/Physical/Physical:  At this level your Divine is physical enough to be photographed, but they would only be present in your meditation/altar room, Sacred Space, etc., and not venture out of that room.

  • Level 4:  In this level your Divine could come out and be present with you in other rooms of your home.

  • Level 5:  At this stage they can come out of the house and accompany you to other places.


After Your Divine Manifests

As you can see from the above, your Divine can manifest in many ways and in many different forms; each person will have their own unique experience; and the manifestations can evolve from one stage to a higher one.  It seems that most questions arise around what happens in Levels 2 through 5 when your Divine is in a physical form--living in your home.  What do you do with them?

Questions arise such as do you have to feed them, clothe them, provide them with a bed or room?  Obviously the Divine is the Divine and doesn't have to eat or sleep, so the answer depends on what kind of relationship you have created with your Divine. Bhagavan gave this explanation...

"The Divine could stay in your home, could watch TV with you, could cook with you, could eat with you, it could be that physical.  It all depends on you.  If you think the Divine would not do these things, then nothing would happen.  If you think it's possible and it's OK, then all these things happen.  It's all in your hands.  It all depends on you, what kind of relationship you have with your Divine... It is not that only you must cook always, the Divine too could cook for you.  So what the Divine demands depends on your relationship with the Divine.

Of course, when your friends come home and they also see the Divine, what you will tell them depends on you.  You could tell them my friend is here.  Suppose you tell them the Divine is here, they might not believe you, so it depends upon you, your friends.  Ultimately the decision is yours.

You should not always think that the Divine will be very, very demanding, not at all.  The Divine will also help you, in keeping your house clean, in cooking, all that the Divine could do.  It depends upon what kind of relationship you are going to have.  That's why we tell you, create your own God.  God cannot be created, but the kind of relationship you have with God depends on you."

He also offered this simple suggestion:  Just ask your Divine; they will guide you completely.


Getting past your fears and doubts has a huge upside...

Once your Divine manifests physically to you, you can ask for anything you wish.  You can ask for any kind of healing you want, and it doesn't matter if they are physical healings, spiritual, emotional, or mental.  You can ask for abundance, loving relationships, success in your career, marriage, children, etc., etc., as well as full Awakening, enlightenment and even God-Realization.

Sri Bhagavan explained it this way, "If you have a financial problem, you ask your Divine to help, and your financial problem is automatically solved.  If you have a health problem, like say cancer, you ask your Divine and you are instantly cured.  Whatever you want, you ask your Divine and you get it."

Thousands of miracles are happening all over the world in the 3 Chamber Process done in the Oneness Sacred Chambers. Bhagavan said, "It is starting to happen to the devotees and it will happen to you also--very soon."  He also said that having deeksha is "...a preparation for that" and you can get deekshas online here.



Hopefully you will be able to set any fears aside; you have nothing to lose and life itself to gain.


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