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Deeksha Oneness Blessing Experiences


These are just some of the many, positive things people have experienced after receiving an energy transfer for enlighten-ment called deeksha (or Oneness Blessing or diksha).  All were received remotely through a long distance transmission over the Internet during an Online Deeksha Event. 



Many, many wonderful experiences continue to be reported, especially since Sri Bhagavan has made his Mukti Deeksha available to the masses, but since five years of experiences seem more than enough to confirm the beautiful and beneficial results of having Oneness Blessings online, no additional experiences will be added after December (2008).

Oneness Blessings have also produced many healings, and they can be physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual.  Some wonderful reports from those who have experienced a deeksha healing can be read here.



Experiences from enlightenment deekshas:

December 8, 2008:  I am so looking foward to this next deeksha event!  This experience with you, P. J., has been amazing.  My personal process and growth is something I truly cannot discribe into words.  It is so passionate & deep!  I love discribing my experience throughout the Deeksha with family members and close friends, with hope that someone will want one also. 

Your teachings have been wonderful for me.  My back really hasn't gotten better.  Sometimes I feel it is but it really isn't.  My coping and happiness has.  I may attend in absentia Friday night.  (hope not!)    --A., Virginia

November 14:  Thank you soooo much!  Very quickly after the deeksha started a tremendous sense of deep love and peace fell over me and stayed for quite some time.  It is astonishing how lovely the combination of deep love and peace can feel.  Truly remarkable, look forward to having that a permanent state.    --Norway


November 7:  I always enjoy your online deekshas.  I have had many shifts and my spiritual growth has been incredible since I first started receiving deekshas in December of 2006.  Your events are always eagerly looked forward to.    --Wisconsin


October 21:  With all my heart, I thank you for the powerful and profound experiences we had at the event I attended.  It certainly has brought me to another plateau in my life and has given me more knowledge and under-standing into the mysteries of life.

I truly feel transformed!  I feel so blessed to have had this wonderful opportunity for growth and development in every aspect of my life.  Looking forward to more divine experiences with you.    --USA 

October 16:  Life is getting easier and more peaceful.  It is becoming easier and easier to go with the flow.  I attribute this to all the deekshas we have been doing.  Thank you again so very much.    --Maryland


October 3:  I would like to thank you so much for tonight, and especially the deeksha that was received three days ago, it was really powerful and has eliminated a lot of mind clutter that used to cause me suffering.    --Norway


September 20:  I felt a great deal of energy moving through my body, particularly my heart, my solar plexus and my crown during the blessings.  It was very profound, beyond my understanding.  I could see myself sitting in front of Bhagavan and Amma. I am very grateful to them.    --New Mexico


September 15:   As we have progressed with these online deeksha events,  I have found myself speaking more and more of the truth which you spoke about at the beginning of tonight's mediation.  Taking the courage to speak the truth has opened some amazing moments of connecting with people who I would normally not engage at such a level.  It has been very transformative.    --Maryland


September 1:  All the Deekshas I received from your room on the dates where I was able to be present seem to be still working in me.  These Deekshas as Bhagavan says, "have an intelligence of their own."  They work when they will to work, in the way they decide to work, and with the intensity and revelatory perception moments that they decide to allow and demonstrate to us.
In my case, for now, the "soup is still being stirred and heated."  It is not so much any individual event that inspires gratitude even if it should be true, instead, and even more importantly, it is the process that the gift of Deeksha and Oneness Blessings cause to flow through us that truly inspire an awe-some sense of gratitude which I know will eventually liberate me into "the peace that passes understanding."  Hopefully the time will be short and process will not be blocked by the ego, at least for long.    --New Hampshire


August 27:  Thank you for your energy and efforts on my behalf with the Deeksha Blessings.  Since I began receiving Deeksha's my life has been improving in many ways, and I am grateful to Bhagavan and Amma and all the sweet souls that encompass the Oneness University.    --Texas


August 22:  Thank you so much for the deeksha blessings while you were at the Oneness Conference.  I could have told you exactly what time you placed our names on the alter....or whatever it was that you did each day.  The energy was so strong it stopped me in my tracks every time!  Just beautiful!    --Australia


August 14:  I am finding these deekshas moving my consciousness around and am really enjoying them.  Sometimes it is tough but feel movement towards Oneness, and what else is there?    --Arizona


August 9:  I ask for personal permission to tell here, my experiences during the event of the proxy Conference of Oneness in California, in August, 2008, in which I received Deeksha “in absentia,” for the first time in my life.

During the days of the event, also before and later, being only today, ten days after, I feel a little more balanced.  I had pains in the body, especially in the head, the intestines and eyes, with much sensitivity to the luminosity.  Still I feel some disillusionments with friends, without remunerated work and low productivity, unsafe, sad and lonely.

Well anyway, even with these physical and psychological discomforts, I think the Deekshas started balancing these bad sensations.  I also received a mysterious gift, the presence of a hummingbird’s nest, that is still being installed in the tree in front of the residence where I live, that despite many storms, remains unbroken, with the continuous work of the mother bird taking care of  its eggs.

It is the first time that I saw something like this in my life, so close, just like Deeksha "in absentia."

In my limitations to understand all of these happenings, I just want give thanks for all the Deekshas that I received with this small video of the hummingbird, thus thinking to repay, in someway, the dedication of all of the Deeksha-Givers in this important Conference.    --Fatima, Sao Paulo. Brazil



August 8:  Sometimes awesome opportunities unfold at the same time.  I totally forgot that you were proxying for me at the California Oneness Conference (except I kept meeting people from California to keep my attention there).  I have to share this amazing story with you.  It may put some of what you have done in perspective......

Over the years, I have been frustrated, annoyed, despairing, and disbelieving, as the abundance never occurred as I wanted.  I have had "bad luck" and doors closed in my face.  I have had legal wrangles and horrid jobs.  It simply never seemed to be working.

Well, suddenly it did.  And it may not seem to you as abundance, as I did not win a huge jackpot, but this to me is simply awesome.

On Tuesday, the universe opened abundance far exceeding my expectations, as I was handed my approved visa to go to Beijing to attend the entire Olympic Games as an observer.  All expenses paid.  I arrived on Friday the 1st of August as a solar eclipse occurred over China.

Now isn't that a blessing???  Know that I hold many in my heart as I run around the busy streets of Beijing.  So far, the experience has been awesome.    --Qatar


August 7:  I was part of your proxy program receivers and I am to report that I did feel some tingling in my body for two nights when I was in bed ready to go to sleep.  I had heavy sadness days (I have been living with a mild depression for a while) and some days it lifted and it was better which I was thankful for.    --V., Illinois


August 6:  I can't begin to express how happy I was when you announced you were doing the Oneness Conference proxy program again this year, and now my gratitude for having participated.  Like last year, the energies and deekshas were spectacular.  Just as you often tell us, I began to feel the energies almost as soon as I registered.

I have to say that I was a little disappointed on the first day of the Conference when I felt nothing, UNTIL, the next morning when I woke up in bliss like I've never experienced before.  It lasted for several hours, and, for lack of better words, it felt like I was being held at the breast of God.

I was hoping for more bliss on the third day of the Conference, but instead it seemed as if all my issues about EVERYTHING came up and smacked me right in the face.  After some anger/crying/resentment/denial, you name it, I knew it was an opportunity for healing and used the energies to face my issues.  I worked with them intensely late into the night, but went to bed feeling better.

The fourth day--Peace.

Thank you, thank AmmaBhagavan, and everyone at the Conference.    --USA


July 27:  I'm so glad to hear you are doing the proxy deeksha program again as the energy last year was so wonderful when you did it then.  I remember how powerful it was last year.    --G., New Mexico


July 14:  After receiving dikshas there are occasional periods of love and/or joy more frequently and more intense than before the dikshas, and my level of general satisfaction is consistent and higher than it used to be.  I am quite pleased with everything.    --N., New Mexico


July 5:  Since the last deeksha event my heart has widened and my love for humanity is bigger every day.  Emotions flow easily and I feel emotionally touched to see so many people searching for truth.  Intense love, intense joy, intense peace, that's exactly what I feel!!    --Venezuela


June 25:  I have noticed that the effects of previous Deekshas have continued to manifest.  I have noticed mostly an increase in synchronicity.  If I am concerned with health, for example, I have noticed that I get at least several emails, phone calls, or comments on a certain vitamin supplement that I should take, and so on.

I have had more moments of Satori, and have come to realize that Enlightenment, I feel, is more a result of NOT IDENTIFYING with anything rather than many things.  Of course, that only means keeping the NOT THIS, NOT THIS, NETI, NETI, NETI Awareness present, and, as one would expect, this puts you in the NOW.
As Bhagwan says, IT is about acceptance and then letting go.  If I am not this or that, then the IT, or this is or that is,--IS the only thing remaining.  So, the more I feel that, and the more I can let go after catching myself identifying with anger, persons, ideas, situations, and so on without acceptance, then the more likely I will be at some point to experience that threshold moment of an entire new paradigm shift in consciousness that arises as one accepts, ceases to identify with anything, and lets go.

In other words, we have a good chance to jump from the bank of the river which we are admiring, and jump completely and fearlessly into the flowing water of Now-ness and go with that flow.  I wish everyone a safe passage to that River Of Process where Identification ceases, Now-ness is recognized, and Acceptance IS.    --New Hampshire


June 16:  Ever since the deeksha in May, I feel so at peace.  I don't fight anymore with my ego.  I just pray and surrender.  It is so funny looking at my mind movement compared to before.

I'm moving forward.  Thank you so very much.    --Japan


June 12:  My body was electrified during the Chakra healing, and my usually blocked solar plexus and heart Chakras just blew wide open.    --G., Colorado


June 9:  This was my first deeksha, it was wonderful.  I also felt tingling and my feet were very heated.    --Texas


May 27:  I misjudged the event time because of daylight savings, which I forgot to factor in.  I was disappointed at first because I didn't feel absolutely anything during the time when the event was on, and wondered if I would receive any energy.  I've never before had an experience where I didn't feel the deeksha when it was given to me.

I didn't feel anything for a while after I visited the conference room later either, but eventually I told myself "maybe it'll have a delayed effect, that sometimes happens" and just laid down and relaxed.  Eventually I started feeling something and finally when it did hit me, I can also say it was one of the strongest energies I've gotten from you.  I was VERY much feeling it for three days afterwards.  So thanks!  :)    --K., Australia


May 23:  I just wanted to let you know that your last deeksha event was very powerful for me.  The most powerful one ever.....and I felt (very strongly) every deeksha as it came through.

It feels like our group, as a whole, is getting stronger and more unified with each deeksha event.....we are evolving beautifully.....thanks to you, and the Beings who work through you, with us.  A big thank you PJ.    --J., Australia


May 19:  This is the strongest Deeksha I have ever received.  I received something so big I can't describe it with words.  Thank you very much.  God bless you and everyone forever!    --C., Columbia


May 12:  I received diksha from you in absentia.  It was a very powerful, energy that waked me up.  And now when typing this message, I feel energy overwhelming me.  Namaste!    --A., Russia


May 3:  For last month's Boon deeksha, I wrote that I want to see Amma and Bhagwan.  Around 1:30 or 2 in the morning, I smelled a strong curry smell in the living room.  I was so tired and could not keep my eyes hardly opened and I remembered my last request.

I was lying down on the couch and told both of them "Thank You" for visiting me.  I can cook curry but for a long time, in this household, we haven't eaten curry.  The only thing I can think of is that both of them left the smell for me, just so I know they were here with me.    --R., Okinawa


April 23:  These are very powerful energies.  I experienced both strong grounding and etheric energies together, for the first time ever.  It was an amazing experience!  Many blessings.    --New York


April 15:  My son is loving the Deekshas.  I can't believe how attuned and aware he is of them.  Not to mention the change in his awareness.  The thoughts, ideas and feelings he has afterwards are really amazing.  Not to mention the things he seems to remember from other life times.

Mind you he is 9 years old, so I realize that he is a bit more open to the experience and does not have as much junk to clear.  Our whole house vibrates the night of the deekshas.  LOL

We will be attending the next event in absentia as we usually do.    --New Jersey


April 8:  During the last event I felt such an open and warm energy.  There was also a huge amount of energy in my crown, heart, root, and throat chakras.  It was all beautiful, smooth, and loving.    --Colorado


March 28:  I've had lots of very intense emotional experiences and lots of changes in my life, including my perception of reality.  The deekshas have also brought flashes of Oneness.    --C., California 


March 16:  Thank you so, so, so, so much for such a powerful and utterly beautiful online Deeksha blessing on Bhagavan's birthday.

I, and my two children, had such a strong experience that we were unable to even communicate with you that evening (chit chat, etc., in the conference room) ~ we were all just floating in a other dimension that evening -- with your words and the so very powerful blessing.    --A., Virginia


March 10:  I felt I received at least 5 deekshas, with beautiful golden light entering my crown chakra, a feeling of flying in the space, and of dissolving in the ocean.  It was really a beautiful experience.  Thanks to Amma Bhagwan. --H., Germany


March 1:  My experience of the last deeksha was very deep, yet extremely gentle...lots of energy, lots of images kind of like a movie, that's all I can say.  It's difficult to put into words.    --G., California


February 21:  I wanted to thank you for all the deekshas I received from you!!!  You so far away from this county, it shows how one we are!!!...Things are happening so fast, I notice a changing in myself every minute now!!!  I learn to know the new self and I like it more and more, although I am some-times so very surprised at what the new me likes, doesn't like, does or doesn't do!!!  But I enjoy the adventure!!!    --Belgium


February 13:  I wanted to write to you to thank you for the amazing deeksha I received from you last week online.  I could not come to the computer afterwards to thank you and to share my experiences ....as I was still floating on a cloud.

And thank you for sharing the very special place that you took us to in meditation on the grounds of the Oneness Temple.  You were so in tune to what was happening.  No sooner had I experienced a welling of emotion in my heart and sudden inexplicable tears in my eyes, than you spoke of this emotion and assisted us through it.

Once we were in that special place, I lost my body.  Initially there was some strong energy, almost an ache, in my head.  Then  so much interaction occurred with many 'presences.'  I was placed in such a deep state, so quickly.  And then I was gone.

I could not feel my body at all.  I remember trying ...and I got a small sense of where my head should be because of the ache ....and then I caught just a whiff of movement in my chest area ....and wondered if that was me breathing ...but then I drifted into wondering if perhaps I was just a leaf... and that movement was me blowing around in the wind ...and I truly felt I was that leaf.  It was beyond me anyway to have to form a thought to work out which one I was ...nor did it matter.

Later in the deeksha meditation (I was playing the OM Deeksha CD through-out this) the music began to enter my consciousness.  Each note was exquisite.  I was that note and that note ...or that voice ...was me.  I have never experienced music like this before.  It was the most delicious experience 'seeing' and 'feeling' and 'being' the music.

Sooooo......something very special happened in that place. Thank you.... Thank you!    --Australia


February 11:  This was my first online Deeksha healing and I really didn't know what to expect.  I felt the energy in the top of my head, and I had a lot of suppressed emotions come out for a few days afterwards...(a lot of crying, feeling of anger and fear), which although they were on the "bad" Deeksha Indicator list, were good.  It really made me get honest with myself about changes I need to make for "me."

I feel much more balanced and confident about going forward one day at a time.  My goals are more focused and I'm ready to step into the unknown.

I am looking forward to the next online event in March and keeping my healing energy high.  I go back and visualize breathing the energy in and out while grounding myself when I need it.    --Sharon, Pennsylvania


February 9:  Beautiful Brothers and Sisters of the Light, I have had several deeksha blessings.  I have experienced teleseminar deekshas, a physical hands on my head deeksha, and now a deeksha online.  Each time I feel more lifted and lighter.  I am experiencing being so present with my experience of living.

I stop and listen to birds…even in the gas station looking at them and listening to them, stop and watch butterflies, dragonflies, observing spiders building their webs, watching the flowers sway in the wind, hearing the breath of the trees, and feeling my heart pulsating within all things around me.  Knowing that every person who walks into my path is an image of me, and that every animal and creature who is present around is here to divulge their special secrets of life before my eyes.

I am experiencing tremendous joy and upliftment.  Feeling pure harmony and peace within my soul.  In fact, I wrote 4 pages of the book that I have been writing.  My creative juices are flowing like a waterfall.  I crave the deeliiciousness (spelled that way for more emphasis) that life has to offer us.

This last deeksha was so intense that I was a little shaky and nauseated for a day or two and a little restless.  Last night I did the special free meditation, and I feel one-derful today.  This is why we have come to the planet.  This is why we made our choice to be here and honor humanity and Mother Earth’s transformation and transcendence into pure golden light.  We are to open our hearts to the pure divine love that is radiating to our planet from the cosmos. We are to be fully present in each moment of our existence and honor it with love, courage and strength.

I am awakening to the divine grace of silver and golden light, and to my sacred divine purpose of all that is as I serve each heart with absolute love and devotion.

May your journey be filled with golden sparkles of eternal love, joy, and infinite abundance in all aspects.  Namaste.    --J. Johnson, Florida


February 7:  The deeksha energies last night were very emotional at the beginning, almost overwhelming.  Then I felt like I was floating in space, very quiet and peaceful, very much like a bliss.  No more time.  Thank you for the beautiful moment.    --Australia


February 2:  The deeksha was profound, the changes in my brain have no words to explain.  Thank you.    --B., New Mexico


January 30:  The effects of the last Deeksha have been incredible!  I have been feeling a kind of "Oneness" energy for the first time in my life.  And it's still there.  Incredible energy!  Thank you.    --Columbia


January 23:  I am overwhelmed and feel wonderful.  I have no words!!!  I felt something in my head--pulsations and especially at the top of my head, then happiness, joy... bliss.  Thank you so much, I am very grateful.  Now I feel a great peace and lots of love.    --Venezuela


January 12:  Soon after you started the meditation and said we might start feeling the energies coming in, I got quiet and sure enough the energies were very strong coming in and lasted throughout the deekshas.  It was quite wonderful.    --A., Colorado


January 9:  I tell people that the freeway is my best teacher, since driving 2 to 3 hours everyday forces me to be present and accept myself and reality as it is.  I have the most wonderful mystical and mundane experiences while driving, and today was the most incredible one...

I felt that I was a part of everything, as though the body was All.  I was the road, the cars, the ants, the clouds, the sky, and the people.  The mind was just in awe.    --California


January 8, 2008:  My experience was heavy throbbing in my third eye, tingling and upward motion in my crown like someone massaging my head.

It was very chaotic at my house, [during the deekshas tonight] a thunder-storm broke out, my dogs were freaking out and jumping on me, my son arrived home from practice, my daughter had several homework questions, my husband came home, etc.  But I just could not react in anger, I just laughed and realized this was what my experience was supposed to be like.  Namaste!    --Alabama


Also be sure to see the Oneness Blessing experiences in 2007,

as well as additional deeksha experiences reported in 2004-2006.



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