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Below is a transcription of one of Sri Acharya Samadarshiniji's talks about the significance of 2012 and the years just before and after.  (I edited it slightly for brevity.)

--P. J.   



Acharya Samadarshiniji Speaks about:

Sri Bhagwan's Predictions for 2012 Golden Age

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The times in which we are living are very, very important.  That is why Sri Bhagavan, in one of his most beautiful statements, says that the coming decade is going to witness the most unprecedented changes that humanity has ever witnessed.

The coming decade is going to be the most significant, the most important period that mankind has traversed, and he wants all of us to understand what our future is going to be.

The world as you know it is going to change.  Education as you know it is going to change,  Medicine as you know it is going to change.  Technology, and travel, and communication--everything is going to change.

This is all beautiful, but what happens to the human being who is in the midst of this change?  Do we as human beings have the potential to adapt to change that is so accelerated?

Accelerated change is what we are witnessing.  Change has always been there, but accelerated change is what we are experiencing right now.  Do we have the potential to withstand, to adapt, and to go with these changes? 

There are only three possibilities that can happen to us as individuals over the next ten years.  That is not a long time at all.  In a very short period of time, the world will be different.

So what are we looking at?

Possibility 1:  Humanity will collapse, unable to take on the change because all pressure is going to be on relationships.

Any pressure that happens externally is going to impact our emotional life.  Culture is going to change; values are going to change.  You aren't going to have stability in relationships, because you do not know who is going to be with you.  There will be the uncertain feeling of "To whom do I belong?"  There is going to be an enormous crisis in terms of loneliness that is going to happen to people.

If this possibility happens, then relationships are going to be at stake.  And if relationships are at stake, our immune systems are going to collapse.  That is possibility #1.

Possibility 2:  The world is going to change, and we are going to drag ourselves into this changing world.  We will drag ourselves very painfully because we have no other option, then very painfully acclimatize ourselves to these changes.  This is possibility #2.

Possibility 3:  This is the most beautiful of possibilities.  Just as there is going to be evolution in every sphere of life, there will also be an evolution in consciousness.

As human beings we are going to be capable of a much elevated state of consciousness.  As human beings we are going to be capable of living in the present.  As human beings we are going to be able to connect to the higher consciousness, to the Divine Presence.  This third possibility is opening up to us also.

It is in addressing this latter possibility that Oneness has come into existence.  Oneness is to help humanity make this transition into this new age.



AmmaBhagavan's Oneness Blessings play a big part in in this transition by bringing individuals into a personal state of ease, acceptance, healed relationships, and elevated consciousness. You can get a Deeksha Oneness Blessing online here. 




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