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December 25, 2014--

Many Blessings and Happy Holidays


December 20/21--Special Webcast with AmmaBhagavan

Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan will hold a special darshan online on December 20 or 21, depending on your time zone, to celebrate the anniversary of 12/21/2012's Birth of the Golden Age of Oneness.

You can attend here at the following times (use this time zone converter for times in different areas):

Saturday, Dec. 20, 2014, 8:30 PM (Los Angeles)
Saturday, Dec. 20, 2014, 11:30 PM (New York)
Sunday,   Dec. 21, 2014, 4:30 AM (London)
Sunday,   Dec. 21, 2014, 10:00 AM (Chennai)
Sunday,   Dec. 21,2014, 3:30 PM (Sidney)

If you can't attend the live webcast, a replay can be seen here.



December 6, 2014--Works of the Oneness Seva Trust



November 27--Happy Thanksgiving

Even though Sri Bhagavan proclaimed the 14th as World Day of Gratitude, he also asked that the entire month of November be devoted to gratitude and giving thanks.  How perfect that Thanksgiving, the second biggest holiday in the USA, falls in November.  Today!

gratitude on Thanksgiving Day



November 14--World Gratitude Day

Bhagavan declared November 14 as a World Day of Gratitude, a time to give thanks for all the things we have in life, both large and small.  You will reap tremendous benefits when you do.  Some of those benefits are listed here, as well as two quick and easy ways you can give thanks every day.


The best form of prayer is Gratitude.



October 7--Wealth Consciousness Puja

There will be a free, online puja for wealth consciousness on October 7 at 4 PM, New York time, at this link.

You can simply view the 30 minute puja, or you can actively participate at home by having flowers, lighting candles or incense, etc., on your altar, and having 108 coins (of any denomination) to offer to the Divine during the puja.   To find the time in your area, use this time zone converter.


Sept. 19/Oct. 1--Divine Healings

Braco is an Internationally known healer who has been presented the same peace symbol as Mother Teresa and the Dalai Lama.  From now through October 1 he is generously offering free, livestreamed webcasts of his healing "gazing" sessions.

These sessions aren't related to any specific religion, church or ideology, and there are seven sessions a day, one per hour, beginning at:

7:00 AM, Los Angeles
10:00 AM, New York
3:00 PM, London
7:30 PM, Chennai
midnight, Sidney

It is asked that all attendees be at least 18 years of age, and not pregnant past the first trimester.  Otherwise, you can attend as many sessions as you wish.  You can see his full schedule at this link.  Just be sure to set the clock to YOUR time zone.

Each session is in English, but once logged in, if you click on the "original sound" button in the upper right corner, you will find live translations in several other languages.


September 21/22--International Peace Day

September 21 is the day the United Nation's International Day of Peace is observed, with the day being dedicated to strengthening the ideals of peace around the world.  Part of the days activities is a "moment of silence for peace" scheduled at 12 noon in YOUR  time zone.  It's designed to create a rolling wave of peace moving across the planet.  Some of the times are listed below.

Peace Day 2014

As you pray for peace and global Oneness during this moment, you might want to use the method Sri Bhagavan taught us about how to pray more effectively.


September 1--Satsang Online

Oneness Trainer, Steven Broes, will hold an International evening of satsang and deeksha on September 1, at 8 PM EDT (New York time).  The event will include teachings, experiences, a guided meditation and Oneness Blessings.  Everyone is invited, and you can join in online here.


August 24, 2014--

This is one of Bhagavan's daily teachings you can pin, tweet, and share on your blog, Facebook page, etc., (use the above share buttons--the red + button will take you to Pinterest) to help spread AmmaBhagavan's Oneness Message.


Love is...


August 15--It's Sri Amma's Birthday!

Millions of people all over the world will be celebrating Amma's birthday, as this auspicious day is known as the "World Day of Love."  Also on this day AmmaBhagavan will give a live darshan webcast.  Amma's healings, blessings, and boons are especially powerful on her birthday.

You can see Amma and Bhagavan's special webcast online at this link at the following times (for more areas, use this time zone converter):

Friday, August 15, 5:00 AM (Los Angeles)
Friday, August 15, 8:00 AM (New York)
Friday, August 15, 1:00 PM (London)
Friday, August 15, 5:30 PM (Chennai)
Friday, August 15, 10:00 PM (Sidney)

All are invited to receive their Blessings.  If you didn't attend the live event, a replay is posted here.


July 24, 2014--Update from OU

A Oneness Guide recently gave an update on some upcoming shifts at the Oneness University.  He explained that what may appear to be a stepping back of Amma Bhagavan and the Guides is actually more of an intense focus on taking those of us serious about the Oneness Movement into much higher states of consciousness.  That way we can take the Grace back into our communities, and help humanity in a much bigger way.

He went on to say that OU will be around for a very long time; it will always have courses that will continue to evolve.  The Guides are waiting for us to grow to certain points, then they will bring out courses that will be "beyond extraordinary" to help us grow to the next point, then beyond that and beyond that.  They will be working with thousands of us to take us into the higher states of consciousness enjoyed by saints, sages and spiritual masters, and want to create "fleets" of people at that level.

He emphasized that when you attend courses at the University, you will always be able to see Bhagavan and the Guides.  That hasn't changed.  He continued with the good news that the energies of deekshas, Oneness Meditations, and Sacred Chambers will grow "enormously."  The power of these are merely at the beginning of their capacity, and will only become stronger throughout 2015 and onwards.  [Bhagavan recently confirmed this saying, "Amma and I will be silently working to transfer more power and more knowledge to all those people who have come to Oneness.  This will be our new role."]


June, 2014, Teachings from Sri Bhagavan--

"The Awakened One does not indulge in daydreaming."

"As you keep helping others, your heart flowers."

"The root of all problems is getting emotionally stuck."

"The Awakened One has a bird's eye view of everything."


June 21, 2014--Worldwide Solstice Meditation

You are invited to join people around the world in a Prayer for Peace for 11 minutes beginning at 11:11 AM  (Los Angeles time) to pray for the healing of the planet, and world peace and harmony.

Thousands joining together this way in meditation is a powerful way to achieve the intended positive results, and also help shift the consciousness level of the planet.  Times for the synchronized meditation are:

Saturday, June 21, 11:11 AM (Los Angeles)
Saturday, June 21,  2:11 PM (New York)
Saturday, June 21,  7:11 PM (London)
Saturday, June 21, 11:41 PM (Chennai)
Sunday,   June 22,  4:11 AM (Sidney)
   (time converter for more cities )


June 15--Happy Father's Day to all fathers

message from the Oneness Guides

A Father's Day message from the Oneness Guides--

Let us celebrate the very special occasion of Father’s Day by expressing our gratitude and love for our father, whose countless sacrifices and unconditional love have made us  who we are.

Let us pray to our Divine Parents, the most revered Sri Bhagavathi Bhagavan, to strengthen our bond with our father even more and to give us the ability to understand, accept and love them unconditionally.


June 9--Happy Anniversary, Amma and Bhagavan!

On the auspicious anniversary of Sri Amma and Bhagavan's wedding, thousands help them celebrate all around the planet.  The day is doubly special because Bhagavan proclaimed it to be a Day of Relationships, and he and Amma send special energies during their annual darshan to help us heal our relationships.

AmmaBhagavan's Day of Relationships darshan

The darshan is broadcast online and can be seen at this link at these times:

Saturday, June 8, 9:30 PM (Los Angeles)
Sunday, June 9, 12:30 AM (New York)
Sunday, June 9, 5:30 AM (London)
Sunday, June 9, 10:00 AM (Chennai)
Sunday, June 9, 2:30 PM (Sidney)
   (time converter for other areas )

If you couldn't participate in the live event, there is a replay here.


Sri Bhagavan's Weekly Teachings for May, 2014--

"Any movement away from the 'what is' is suffering."

"Meditation happens in the absence of the meditator."

"Freedom is not in the transformation of the 'what is.'
It is in witnessing the 'what is.'"

"Becoming aware of one's resistance is the process of transformation."


May 14, 2014--Happy Wesak



May 1--Moola Mantra Day

On this dedicated day, people all over the world, both individually and gathering in groups, are chanting the Moola Mantra for a minimum of 108 times with intent.  The intention can be anything you wish--world Awakening, higher levels of consciousness, world peace, etc.  (The mantra can be chanted inwardly or aloud.)

The full meaning, importance and healing effect of the Moola Mantra's sanskrit words, plus video sound recordings, can be heard in our Meditation Room.

Let everyone know and make this a spectacular day of growth!


April 29--Youth Course for Westerners

The Oneness University recently announced the very first Youth Course for Westerners that's ever been taught in India.  It is in conjunction with a 108 Course, so both children and parents can attend as a family.

Oneness 108 Youth Course

The course is taught in English, and is for children 4-10 years old.  Its goal is to take the children into Spiritual Awakening and higher states of consciousness.  Registration, contact info, fees, and additional details can be found here.


April's Weekly Teachings of Amma Bhagavan--

"The inability to pay total attention is the root of discontent."

"Under the heat of attention,
the inner dialog undergoes a transformation."

"There is a crowd inside you creating a lot of noise;
listening to that noise is meditation."

"The Awakened One makes use of the world.
The unawakened is made use of by the world."

"Moving away from the 'what is' is suffering."


April 5--Bhagavan's Webcast Meditation

meditation to use with Sri Bhagavan's webcast


April 1--How to Pray More Effectively

Sri Bhagavan has given us a new way to pray so that our prayers can be more successful.  You can read all about it here.


March's Teachings from Bhagavan--

"Being with the 'what is' is to be spiritual."

"Being with the 'what is' is meditation."

"The Awakened One knows there is no such thing
as ultimate truth."

"For the Awakened One the problem is with oneself
and not with the other."


March 7, 2014--Happy Birthday dear Bhagavan!

 Sri Bhagavan's birthday webcast


Bhagavan's Birthday Darshan Webcast

In celebration of his 65th birthday, a very special, darshan webcast will be held on March 7 (March 6 in the USA). It's completely free, and everyone is invited to receive the Grace, no matter what your religious faith. The webcast will be broadcast online here at the following times (use this time converter for other areas):

Thursday, March 6, 8:30 PM (Los Angeles)
Thursday, March 6, 11:30 PM (New York)
Friday, March 7, 4:30 AM (London)
Friday, March 7, 10:00 AM (Chennai)
Friday, March 7, 3:30 PM (Sidney)

If you could not attend the live webcast, there is a replay here.


February's Weekly Teachings by Sri Bhagwan--

"The Awakened One is active externally and passive internally."

"Awakened experiences do not make an Awakened One."

"Unconditional love is unconditionally accepting oneself as one is."

"Forgiveness is to realize that there is nothing to forgive."


February 9--Sri Bhagavan's Birthplace is Opened

Sri Bhagavan's birth home is open


January, 2014, Teachings from Bhagavan--

"Acceptance is not an act, but a happening."

"Real freedom is not freedom from something
but freedom with something."

"For the Awakened One the ordinary is extraordinary."

"The Awakened One does without doing."


January 26--Happy Indian Republic Day

Republic Day message



Dec. 31/Jan. 1--AmmaBhagavan's Darshan to Usher in 2014

AmmaBhagavan's 1-1-14 darshan meditation

Bhagavan and Amma will hold a special webcast darshan on Jan. 1, 2014 (December 31 in the USA), to bestow their Blessings and Grace for a ONEderfully successful and joyful new year. Also included will be Divine Deekshas specifically for the purpose of Wealth Consciousness.

"Their vision for humanity is that we all manifest wealth and abundance into our lives, and in turn create wealth and abundance for those around us."  The darshan can be viewed here at the following times (you can also use this time converter for different areas):

Dec. 31, 2013, 8:30 PM (Los Angeles)
Dec. 31, 2013, 11:30 PM (New York)
Jan. 1, 2014, 4:30 AM (London)
Jan. 1, 2014, 10:00 AM (Chennai)
Jan. 1,2014, 3:30 PM (Sidney)

If you didn't see the live webcast, the replay is posted here.


December, 2013, Teachings by Bhagavan--

"The Awakened One is affected but not disturbed.
The unawakened is not affected but disturbed."

"The Awakened One does not take a position.
The unawakened one takes a position."

"The Awakened One is secure and makes everyone secure.
The unawakened one is insecure and makes everyone insecure."

"The Awakened One does not judge, and hence has love.
The unawakened one judges, and hence has no love."

"The Awakened One responds from the present.
The unawakened one reacts from the past."


December 21--important darshan and sadhana

Hundreds of thousands of people moved into higher states of consciousness on December 21 of last year, thus was marked a critical spiritual milestone in the history of humankind.  Since that date Sri AmmaBhagavan's Oneness Movement and Phenomenon has grown at a rapid rate.

In commemoration of this date, AmmaBhagavan will hold a special live webcast to bestow Blessings and Divine Grace. "It is yet another Day of Benediction, with the Divine descending into our lives, propelling a further growth in consciousness."

December 21, 2013 darshan

Important note--We have been invited to connect with over 1,000 in attendance in the last days of their special Deepening process in the Oneness Temple through December 21.  We were told that by, "Gathering the power of the Temple, we can allow the Divine to work through us as human conduits."  By doing this it becomes a powerful global effort.

Sadhana instructions:

1.  Connect each day through Dec. 21st at 7:30 AM, India time (IST).
(converted times:  New York at 9 PM, London at 2 AM, Sydney at 1 PM)

2.  Sit at your altar or some undisturbed, quiet place.

3.  Invoke your personal Divine and connect with the Oneness Temple.

4.  Chant the Moola Mantra three times.

5.  Pray for your Awakening, Transformation and God-Realization, as well as for your family and the entire world.

6.  All deeksha-givers should then give yourself a deeksha and to the world.

7.  On December 21 repeat the above steps 5 minutes before the beginning of AmmaBhagavan's special webcast, and connect with the group again in the Oneness Temple at the link and times below:

The special darshan will be webcast here and seen online at the following times (for any other area, you can use this time zone converter):

Saturday, December 21, 3:30 AM (Los Angeles)
                                    6:30 AM (New York)
                                  11:30 AM (London)
                                    5:00 PM (Chennai)
                                  10:30 PM (Sidney)

All are welcome to attend and receive AmmaBhagavan's Blessings.  If you miss the live event, a replay has been posted here.  Enjoy.


November's Teachings from AmmaBhagavan--

"The Awakened One stays with the what is without effort.
The unawakened one tries to stay with the what is."

"The Awakened One is free of all views.
The unawakened one is full of views."

"The Awakened One does not have fundamental questions.
The unawakened one has fundamental questions."

"The Awakened One listens.
The unawakened one hears."


November 14--World Gratitude Day


A Gratitude Day message from the Oneness University--

Acknowledged and
Eternal love.


November 2-6--Happy Diwali

Diwali (pronounced: dee VAL e) is also called Divali, Deepawali, Deepavali, and the Festival of Lights.  It's marked by the lighting of cotton wicks in oil-filled, earthen- ware lamps, called diyas, that are used to light the perimeters and parapets of temples, homes, and set adrift in rivers and streams.

The festival honors Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth, and the diyas are also meant to light her way into homes.  Celebratory activities include exchanging gifts and sweets, cleaning and decorating homes, wearing new clothes, shopping, feasting, and fireworks displays.

Diwali diya lampJust as the traditions of Christmas festivities are celebrated differently in various parts of the world, the various traditions comprising Diwali vary immensely, including the dates it's held.  Since it usually occurs during the time of the New Moon, the myriad of lights, candles, and fireworks symbolize victory over the reign of darkness, and the triumph of good over evil, as evil spirits are believed to be reduced to ashes in the fireworks.

Light emerging from the New Moon phase is fresh and signifies a time of New Beginnings.  It's a time when you can release the old (clean house), set new goals (wear new clothes), and your new wishes take root (good wins over evil).

2013 Diwali prayer from our Oneness Guides--

May the brilliance of every light that is lit this Diwali
dispel the inner darkness and ignorance of our minds,
helping us to attain, for all times to come,
Exalted Oneness and Deeper Awakening.

May you enjoy a joyous Festival of Lights!
Happy Deepavali to you and your family!


AmmaBhagavan's Weekly Teachings for October--

"The Awakened One is what One is.
The unawakened one tries to be what one is not."

"The Awakened One sees Grace everywhere.
The unawakened one searches for Grace."

"The Awakened One sees the world as family.
The unawakened one sees the world as separate individuals."

"The Awakened One experiences no division as the inner and the outer.
The unawakened one experiences a division as the inner and the outer."

"The Awakened One has natural values.
The unawakened one has cultivated values."


October 5-13, 2013, Happy Navratri

Let us invoke the power of Maa Durga,
in order to destroy our impurities, vices and defects.
Let us invoke the blessings of Goddess Laxmi,
who can bestow upon us inexhaustible wealth and prosperity.
Let us beseech to Goddess Saraswati
to bless us with wisdom, knowledge and success,
so that we can cross the hurdles of life,
and easily attain our cherished goal
of total Oneness and complete Awakening.

--from our Oneness Guides        

Happy Navratri from AmmaBhagavan


Navratri, the Festival of Nine Nights, honors the different forms of the Divine Mother.  During this time of celebration, be sure to ask our Divine Amma to shower you with her blessings and healings.


Sri Bhagavan's Weekly Teachings for September--

"The Awakened One follows the Divine Will.
The unawakened one follows his own will."

"The Awakened One has no views.
The unawakened one is full of views."

"The Awakened One acts.
The unawakened one reacts."

"The Awakened One knows no self-pity.
The unawakened one wallows in self-pity."


August, 2013, Teachings from AmmaBhagavan--

"The Awakened One is a friend of one's self.
The unawakened one is one's own enemy."

"The Awakened One is non-judgmental.
The unawakened one is judgmental."

"The Awakened One lives the teachings.
The unawakened one tries to understand the teachings."

"The Awakened One sees the observer and the observed as one.
The unawakened one sees the observer and the observed as different."


August 15--Happy Birthday Amma!


Sri Amma

Amma's birthday is known by millions as the "World Day of Love," and she and Bhagavan will be giving a live webcast in celebration.  Amma gives especially powerful blessings, healings, and boons on her birthday.

This special darshan webcast can be seen online, and can be viewed here at these times (for other areas, use this time zone converter):

Wednesday, August 14, 9:30 PM (Los Angeles)
Thursday, August 15, 12:30 AM (New York)
Thursday, August 15, 5:30 AM (London)
Thursday, August 15, 10:00 AM (Chennai)
Thursday, August 15, 2:30 PM (Sidney)

Anyone who wishes may attend and receive their Blessings.  If you couldn't attend the event live in real time, a replay has been posted here.

On this significant day, let us pray to be filled with a mother's love which is pure and unconditional.  May our hearts flower with the fragrance of pure bliss and joy, and may we discover complete love in our relationships leading us to prosperity and success.

O, Profound Amma,
your love and kindness has seen us through the years.
Your benevolence and generosity is constantly with us.
You are the one to bestow joy in our lives.
You are the one who helps us through dark and scary times.

Our hearts are brimming with gratitude and joy,
on this magnificent day of your birth,
as it is your Divine Presence on earth
that makes our lives worthwhile and fine.

Wishing you Happy Birthday, our Dear Amma!    --Oneness Guides


July 28--Happy Parent's Day from OU


AmmaBhagavan wish you Happy Parent's Day



July's Weekly Teachings from Bhagavan--

"The Awakened One has no inner dialogue.
The unawakened one gets involved with the inner dialogue."

"The Awakened One stays with the 'what is.'
The unawakened one tries to stay with the 'what is.'"

"The Awakened One knows no resistance.
The unawakened one is full of resistance."

"The Awakened One makes use of knowledge.
The unawakened one is made use of by knowledge."

"The Awakened One is concerned about others.
The unawakened one is concerned about oneself."


June, 2013, Teachings from Sri Bhagavan--

"The Awakened One does not resist the what is.
The unawakened one resists the what is."

"The Awakened One constantly dies to the past.
The unawakened one constantly lives in the past."

"The Awakened One lives in the present.
The unawakened one lives in the past or the future."

"The Awakened One is controlled by the senses.
The unawakened one controls the senses."


June 16--Message from OU to Bhagavan and All Fathers

"As the world celebrates Father's Day today, Oneness gladly joins hands to sing the praise of our Beloved Father, Sri Bhagavan, who out of his compassionate and graceful acts, has not only restored the suffering world to the Golden Age, but has kept up his word of leading us from Awakening to God-Realization, to taste the reunion of being with his Divine Self throughout our lives.  Help thy warriors, Sri Bhagavan, to take forward your vision and mission to every soul across the earth.

"Wishing you a wonderful Father's Day from the fraternity of guides and your beloved children (the devotees) spread all over the world.  Happy Father's Day to our dear Sri Bhagavan and all fathers."

--Oneness Guides     


June 9--AmmaBhagavan's Anniversary Darshan

On this "Day of Relationships" Amma and Bhagavan will give a special, live darshan webcast in celebration of their wedding anniversary.  It will be shown online so anyone who wishes can attend and receive their Grace.  Everyone is invited, and you can watch it here at the following times (use this time converter for other areas):

Sunday, June 9, 5:00 AM (Los Angeles)
Sunday, June 9, 8:00 AM (New York)
Sunday, June 9, 1:00 PM (London)
Sunday, June 9, 5:30 PM (Chennai)
Sunday, June 9, 10:00 PM (Sidney

AmmaBhagavan's Day of Relationships darshan

Their blessings on this day are for "better health, wealth, relationships, success, and Awakening," and are also designed to help raise your consciousness to a higher level.  As preparation, the Oneness Guides suggest that we work at healing all our relationships.  You can also ask AmmaBhagavan for help with this.

If you missed the live webcast, you can see a replay here.


June 5--World Environment Day

A message from the Guides at the Oneness University on this special day-- 

"We celebrate World Environment Day by creating awareness across the globe, over issues that are predominant in the current scenario.  For all sorts of environmental issues like global warming, famine, drought, volcanoes, tsunamis, drastic climatic changes etc., we human beings have been the root cause of all the problems.  Luckily by the benevolent Grace of Sri Amma Bhagavan, individual nations have been able to protect and shield the world from further calamities by transformation of individual selves and effective Oneness Deekshas across the globe.  We, as neighboring countries, have learnt to stand by each other’s hardships to collectively solve and dissolve the issues forever." 

 World Environment Day


Sri Bhagavan's Weekly Teachings for May--

"The Awakened One's mind is disengaged.
The unawakened one's mind is engaged."

"The Awakened One is detached.
The unawakened one is indifferent."

"The Awakened One experiences no freedom of choice.
The unawakened one experiences freedom of choice."

"The Awakened One lives in the mystery that life is.
The unawakened one tries to understand what life is."

"The Awakened One is free of the mind.
The unawakened one is a prisoner of the mind."


May 25--Happy Buddha Poornima (Wesak)


Let the Siddhartha in you completely dissolve
and may the Buddha completely evolve,
as slowly and steadily you become Awakened
to spread the flame of Awakening faster.

--Oneness Guides      



May 20--World Oneness Day

The Oneness community observes May 20 as World Oneness Day.  It is considered, "A day of celebration of the integration of personalities within oneself, with nature and her kingdom in the external world.  To look upon her and shoulder the responsibility of an evolved soul, helping hand in hand to merrily merge with Divinity that is inborn." 

Oneness with mind, body and consciousness
is Oneness with oneself.
Oneness with plant and animal kingdom
to protect, shield, and nurture them with care
is Oneness with nature.
Oneness with the Divinity within oneself
is Oneness with God-Realization.
Experience Oneness in all acts, created by the Divine.
That is the true essence of living

  --Oneness Guides     

May 12--Message to All Mothers from OU

"The basic nature of a mother is to shower unconditional love and care on her children to see them happy.  She also sacrifices and dedicates her entire life to keep the family intact and joyous.

"Today out of their sheer love and compassion for humanity, Sri Amma Bhagavan are helping us to get Awakened.  Once we are fully enlightened, our mind would cease and we would be very happy human beings.  We wish Sri Amma and all the mothers a Happy Mother’s Day, and prayers to the Divine Mother to bestow us with Awakening."

--Oneness Guides     


May 1--Moola Mantra Day

The Oneness Community is asked, either singly or in groups, to chant the Oneness Moola Mantra a minimum of 108 times.  You may chant outloud or inwardly.  Full information including the sanskrit words, their meaning and importance, plus videos you can listen to are in our Meditation Room.

This hauntingly beautiful rendition is my (newest) favorite version of the Moola Mantra--

Om Sat Chit Ananda Parabrahma
Purushothama Paramathma
Sri Bhagavati Sametha
Sri Bhagavate Namaha


April 22--Oneness Temple's 5th Anniversary!

The Oneness Temple is dedicated for prayer and meditation, thereby bringing about the shift in consciousness of humanity to experience unconditional love and joy.  Today, we proudly celebrate the 5th Anniversary of the Mukti Mandap (Oneness Temple). 

Origin of OM and Divine Grace,
New age, never ending joy,
Enlightening, everlasting
Neurobiological process,
Effective, enriching
Suffering liberator and a
Secular spiritual school.

Traditional truth travels through
Existing to living.
Meditation accompanied with
Phenomenal Deekshas
Liberates mind from suffering to
Experience the Presence of Divine forever
                                                  --Oneness Guides


April's Teachings from Amma Bhagavan--

"The Awakened One sees awareness as an end in itself.
The unawakened one sees awareness as a means to an end."

"The Awakened One has nothing personal.
The unawakened one takes everything personally."

"The Awakened One has a still mind.
The unawakened one has a restless mind."

"The Awakened One has unconditional love and
unconditional joy.
The unawakened one has conditional love and
conditional joy."


March 31--Easter Greetings from OU

Birth of ego leads to problems and suffering.
Death of ego leads to death of self.
Death of self leads to birth of newer experiences--Awakening.
Birth of Awakening leads to birth of God-Realization and Enlightenment.

May you all awaken to Unconditional love, bliss, and joy this Easter.
Life contains the seed of death, so does death contain the seed of life.

                                                              --Sri AmmaBhagavan

 Wishing you an Easter filled with the Grace of the Lord.
                                                              --Oneness Guides


March's Weekly Teachings from Bhagavan--

"The Awakened One is naturally responsible.
The unawakened one is afraid of responsibility."

"The Awakened One naturally becomes significant.
The unawakened one craves for significance."

"The Awakened One has no conflict.
The unawakened one is in conflict."

"The Awakened One knows that nothing is permanent.
The unawakened one seeks permanence."


March 7--Happy Birthday Sri Bhagavan!

Simplicity is your style;
Ravishing is your charisma;
Independent is your thinking;
Benevolent is your Grace;
Happy are your children
Awakening to enlightenment;
Godly your stature.
Amma Bhagavan, wishing you
Victory in your mission, to happily jubilate
A very bright and glorious birthday as
New Age, the Golden Age, establishes your Divine Kingdom.
                                     --Oneness Guides


Bhagavan's Birthday Darshan Webcast

There will be a special, darshan webcast given by Sri Bhagavan in celebration of his March 7 birthday. It's free and everyone--anywhere in the world of any religious belief--is invited to attend and receive his Grace. The webcast can be seen here at the following times (use this time converter for more areas):

Wednesday, March 6, 8:30 PM (Los Angeles)
Wednesday, March 6, 11:30 PM (New York)
Thursday, March 7, 4:30 AM (London)
Thursday, March 7, 10:00 AM (Chennai)
Thursday, March 7, 3:30 PM (Sidney)

A dasa from the Oneness University has these suggestions to prepare yourself to get the most benefits from the darshan. In the days leading up to the webcast you can do any or all of these...

  • Pray for your desires, and any problems you want solved.
  • Ask for your Awakening, or (if already) your Awakening to deepen.
  • Do any pugas or rituals of your choice.
  • Chant the Moola Mantra 108 times.

He said as you do these daily, AmmaBhagavan's Grace will increasingly begin to flow to you, and during the webcast Bhagavan will bless you for what you have requested.

If you miss the live webcast, the replay will be shown here.


February, 2013, Teachings from Sri Bhagavan--

"The Awakened One does not get hurt,
therefore there is nothing to forgive.
The unawakened one gets hurt, therefore tries to forgive."

"The Awakened One cares for others.
The unawakened one cares for oneself."

"The Awakened One has no fundamental questions.
The unawakened one has fundamental questions."

"The Awakened One experiences the stillness of energy.
The unawakened one experiences the wastage of energy."


February 22-24--Shift Into Awakening

If you're in or near Denver, Colorado, this weekend, you might want to attend the Evolve Expo where 20 Awakened Ones will be giving Oneness Awakened Deekshas and 4 Oneness Meditators will be doing OMs in three events.

For the rest of us (and all the world), the Oneness Meditations (OMs) will be livestreamed free over the Internet. Below is the schedule and all are listed in New York time (EST). Use this time zone converter.

Friday, February 22, 10:45 pm to 11:30 pm
Saturday, February 23, 5:15 pm to 6:00 pm
Sunday, February 24, 4:15 pm to 5:00 pm


February 2-9--Week of Grace

Anyone living in the California area, or wants to travel there, can attend any of the "Week of Grace" events being held on February 2-9 (in Los Angeles, San Diego, Westlake Village, Costa Mesa, Santa Monica, and Acton). Numerous Awakened Ones will tell their stories, answer questions, and give deekshas. Plus there will be Oneness Meditations given by Awakened Meditators.

This is a video of an Awakened One sharing her experiences, just as many others will do during the Week of Grace--

The good news is that portions of the live events will be livestreamed on the Internet so anyone can attend worldwide. The schedule is below. All are listed in Los Angeles time (PST). Use this time zone converter.

Saturday, February 2, (Los Angeles) 12:15 pm to 4 pm

Sunday, February 3, (San Diego) 2:15 pm to 4 pm

Tuesday, February 5, (Westlake Village) 8:15 pm to 10 pm

Wednesday, February 6, (Costa Mesa) 8:15 pm to 10 pm

Thursday, February 7, (Santa Monica) 8:15 pm to 10 pm

No registration is required for the online events, but a small donation is requested.

Update-- Most of all of the above events were recorded, so if you missed any of them (plus a bonus event on Feb. 8), you can still see them here.


January's Weekly Teachings from Bhagwan--

"The Awakened One has no questions about oneself.
The unawakened one is full of questions about oneself."

"The Awakened One does not move into self pity.
The unawakened one wallows in self pity."

"The Awakened One does not crave.
The unawakened one keeps craving."

"The Awakened One feels helpless.
The unawakened one feels desperate."

"The Awakened One perceives everything as perfect.
The unawakened one perceives everything in terms of
pain and pleasure."


January 14-17, 2013

These festival days in India celebrate the sun's passing from Sagittarius into Capricorn, symbolizing the turning from darkness and delusion into a new life of Awakening and Enlightenment.

This is a message from the Oneness University for the holiday, but it can apply to everyone, anytime:

As the sprouts of Awakening and Enlightenment
began to crop up from 1989,
may it spread its branches
to all continents of the planet,
to engulf everybody in joy, bliss and peace.
As Earth begins to harvest the phenomenal
flooding Grace since 2012,
let's celebrate every day as a festival of Enlightening Phase.

Happy Makara Sankranti and Happy Pongal


January 1, 2013--Greetings for the New Year

A message from the Oneness University:

Let us pray for blessings from the Divine in the form of--
health and wealth,
faith and hope,
prosperity and Divinity,
sharing and bonding,
warmth and love, awareness,
and living limitless joy and freedom
as we move from existence to living.

Happy New Year 2013 !!!


Dec. 31/Jan. 1--Darshan for a Blessed New Year

Sri AmmaBhagavan will give a special webcast darshan on January 1, 2013 (December 31st in the USA), for the purpose of bestowing their Grace and blessings for a beautiful and successful future. The webcast can be seen here at the following time (or use this time zone converter for your area):

December 31, 8:30 PM (Los Angeles)
December 31, 11:30 PM (New York)
January 1, 4:30 AM (London)
January 1, 10:00 AM (Chennai)
January 1, 3:30 PM (Sidney)

If you missed the webcast, a replay is posted here.


December, 2012, Teachings by Bhagavan--

"The Awakened One is free of the past.
The unawakened one is a prisoner of the past."

"The Awakened One flows with life.
The unawakened one struggles with life."

"The Awakened One knows that nothing can be known.
The unawakened one tries to know everything."

"The Awakened One is free of all images about oneself.
The unawakened one is full of images about oneself."


December 21--Birth of the Golden Age of Oneness

To commemorate this auspicious date, Amma and Bhagavan are giving a live darshan webcast at the following time:

3:30 am (Los Angeles)
6:30 am (New York)
11:30 am (London)
5:00 pm (Chennai)
10:30 pm (Sidney)

Before viewing the webcast, the Oneness University suggests that you do the following steps--

  1. Invoke the Presence, set your intent for Awakening, and chant the Moola Mantra 3 times.
  2. Do a 5 minute Breath Awareness meditation. Feel the Divine Presence within you.
  3. Spend 30 minutes reviewing your life.
  4. Repeat "Amma Bhagavan" (or any name of your Divine) for 21 minutes.
  5. Meditate during AmmaBhagavan's webcast with the intent for Awakening.
  6. Stay in silence for 21 minutes after the webcast, then move into shavasan (lie down) for 10 minutes.
  7. Express gratitude to the Divine.

If you miss it, you can see a replay here.


November's Teachings from AmmaBhagavan--

"The Awakened One listens.
The unawakened one interprets."

"The Awakened One does everything out of joy.
The unawakened one does everything for pleasure."

"The Awakened One sees everything as connected to
everything else.
The unawakened one sees everything as unconnected to
everything else."

"The Awakened One is virtuous by nature.
The unawakened one practices virtue."


November 14--World Gratitude Day

A message from the Oneness University on this global day of Gratitude:

Let's start the day with notes of Gratitude to
parents, society, nature and Sri Amma Bhagavan
for gifting their Divine Self and their
wonderful creation to celebrate and enjoy life.
Truly we children are gifted to have their
Divine Presence amidst us. Can we but imagine
our plight in their sheer absence, as much
as we have nothing to offer them with love
but our humble prostrations, and our own selves

Wishing every child of Sri Amma Bhagavan
a Happy Children's Day and a Happy Gratitude Day.

(There is far more to the state of Gratitude than meets the eye. Read all about the benefits of Gratitude here).


November 13-17--Happy Deepawali

For the five days of the "Festival of Lights," the dasas from the Oneness University have sent the following blessing--

As the festive aura of goodness and purity
fills your heart full of cheers and special glow,
may the Mukti Deekshas of Sri Amma Bhagavan
sparkle and enlighten your Awakened and spiritual state,
bringing about togetherness, Oneness,
and lights of happiness of eternal prosperity.


AmmaBhagavan's Teachings for October--

"The Awakened One has no answers.
The unawakened one is full of answers."

"The Awakened One sees life as a miracle.
The unawakened one looks for a miracle in life."

"The Awakened One flows with life.
The unawakened one struggles with life."

"The Awakened One experiences reality as it is.
The unawakened one experiences reality through images."

"The Awakened One does not identify oneself with one's thoughts.
The unawakened one identifies oneself with one's thoughts."


October 24, 2012

Today is Global Oneness Day and meditations are being held all over the world. As part of AmmaBhagavan's Oneness Community, you are asked to chant Bhagavan's teaching, "The whole world is family" for 7 minutes at 7 AM and 7 PM, your local time and in your language.

The intent is to create a beautifully spiritual wave of consciousness that will blanket the planet as it travels from country to country around the globe. As you chant and meditate, try to feel it, believe it, and see it. To help, here is a 7 minute recording of Bhagavan chanting "The whole world is family."

There is more information about Global Oneness Day here, and in this video:


October 16-24, 2012--Happy Navratri

Let this festival of the devotion and purity
to Goddess of Energy, Wealth and Prosperity
purify and regenerate your consciousness
to love, care and share in reunion
the victory of goodness over evil
throughout the period of introspection.
Wishing you all a happy Navratri.

--from the Oneness University


Sri Bhagavan's Weekly Teachings for September--

"The Awakened One responds.
The unawakened one reacts."

"The Awakened One finds everything complete and perfect.
The unawakened one finds everything incomplete and imperfect."

"The Awakened One wonders at life.
The unawakened one finds life ordinary."

"The Awakened One sees everything as a happening.
The unawakened one sees everything as made to happen."


September 20/21, 2012

There is an International Day of Peace event on Thursday/Friday, September 20/21, (depending on time zones) for a globally-synchronized meditation for peace. The Oneness University is participating in this event and everyone is invited to join.

Coordinated meditations will begin at 6 PM, your local time zone, thus creating a rolling wave of peace moving across our planet. You can get the exact time for your area's "Minute of Silence" at: http://www.peaceday.tv


August, 2012, Teachings from AmmaBhagavan--

"The Awakened One sees the problem.
The unawakened one creates the problem."

"The Awakened One suffers, therefore there is no suffering.
The unawakened one moves away from suffering,
therefore there is suffering."

"The Awakened One stays with the what is.
The unawakened one keeps moving away from the what is."

"The Awakened One sees the seer as the seen.
The unawakened one sees the seer and the seen as not the same."


August 21, 2012 * MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT *

AmmaBhagavan's mission of bringing 70,000 people into the Awakened state by the end of December, 2012, has been reached--ahead of schedule...

71,000 people across the planet are Awakened!

With .001% of the planet's population permanently Awake, the "tipping point" has been reached, and the worldwide Awakening of humanity is now a certainty.

Be sure to see the updated numbers of those experiencing Awakened states and living in the Presence in the pink box on our homepage.


August 15, 2012 -- Happy Birthday Amma!

Today is Sri Amma's "Day of Love" and in honor of her birthday she and Bhagavan give powerful blessings in a special webcast. You can see their darshan webcast here


August 9, 2012

It was just announced that in honor of Amma's birthday, there will be numerous Oneness Meditations given by groups of Oneness Meditators in order to facilitate massive worldwide attendance, and further Amma and Bhagavan's mission of the Awakening of humanity. These events will span August 14 and 15 depending on your time zone (use this time zone converter). Here is the current schedule:

(Please share this schedule with as many as possible.)

August 14, New York time--

8:30 PM, with 4 Oneness Meditators
10:30 PM, with 3 Oneness Meditators
11:30 PM, with 9 Oneness Meditators

August 15, New York time--

1:30 am, with 7 Oneness Meditators
2:30 am, with 9 Oneness Meditators
9:30 am, with 10 Oneness Meditators
10:30 am, with 9 Oneness Meditators
12:30 pm, with 10 Oneness Meditators 


July's Weekly Teachings from Bhagavan--

"The Awakened One sees no person, only personalities.
The unawakened one sees a person with personalities."

"The Awakened One sees the many as the One.
The unawakened one sees the One as the many."

"The Awakened One stays with the what is.
The unawakened one keeps moving away from the what is."

"The Awakened One acts from non self centeredness.
The unawakened one acts from self centeredness."

"The Awakened One has thoughts.
The unawakened one has an illusory thinker also."


July 18, 2012

In a darshan webcast, Bhagavan spoke to a group of Germans about an updated way to heal our charges and issues. He said...

"In the old way, we discovered what our condition is and stayed with it. We stayed with the "what is" and waited for things to happen. In the new way, we stay with the "what is" and immediately we invoke the Presence. The Presence comes in, all is over." 


June, 2012, Teachings from Sri Bhagavan--

"The Awakened One has no freedom to choose.
The unawakened one has freedom to choose."

"The Awakened One is free.
The unawakened one tries to be free."

"The Awakened One listens.
The unawakened one reacts."

"The Awakened One makes use of his mind.
The unawakened one is made use of by his mind."


June 21, 2012

Deeksha-givers, if you've ever wanted to go to India to attend the Deepening process and/or become a Oneness Trainer, be sure to see the new Oneness Travel Program site.  It's quite extensive, and contains all the information you need to make your travel to India easy, including discounts, tour leaders, forms, schedule, etc.
Be sure to also watch this entertaining video by Mark Lord about his trip to India.  If you're not a deeksha-giver yet, it might even give you the incentive you need to take a Oneness Awakening course and become a Blessing Giver so you can go to India and accelerate your growth in similar ways.

Oneness Deepening course experiences--week by week  (30:19)


June 9, 2012--Happy Anniversary Amma and Bhagavan!

Today millions around the world will be helping Amma and Bhagavan celebrate their wedding anniversary on this Day of Relationships.

On this special World Day of Love, Bhagavan has this wonderful and exciting message for the Oneness Community:

Over the past several months, the Grace has grown enormously, that through all forms of Deeksha the Presence comes in very powerfully, though it varies from one form of Deeksha to another.

The Blessing Givers could now move into the Presence and transfer the Presence to those receiving the Deeksha or the Blessing.

In the Awakening Course, the Trainers could move into the Presence and transfer the Presence to the participants, who in turn can transfer it to others.

Anyone who has the Presence can transfer it to another.  This is not to be misunderstood as a new phenomenon, but merely a growth of the existing phenomenon called the Deeksha or the Blessing which will continue to grow more powerful in the coming weeks, months and years.

Sri Bhagavan explains The Presence  (4:16)


June 5/6, 2012

The last Venus Transit in our lifetime occurs at sunset on June 5 in the West, and at sunrise on June 6 in the East.  (Just remember that it's not safe to look at the sun directly without eye protection.)  For locations and viewing details see this NASA site.

Scientifically, it's a time when the planet Venus 'transits' between the sun and Earth, and can be seen as a dark spot slowly moving across the face of the sun for seven hours.  Venus Transits always occur in pairs 8 years apart. You may remember the first of this pair back in 2004. Another one won't occur until 2117.  You can find a live webcam of the transit here.

I took this photo of the live webcam about one hour after the transit began:

Venus Transit, June 5, 2012

Spiritually, it heralds a time of opening into another (better) dimension, as the energies of Venus and the sun merge to radiate Divine love and light, respectively, to Earth and our Collective Consciousness.  So enjoy these energies, and use them to manifest all your heart's desires for yourself and humanity.


Sri Bhagavan's Weekly Teachings for May--

"The Awakened One lives.
The unawakened one exists."

"The Awakened One has, but does not possess.
The unawakened one possesses what one has."

"The Awakened One responds from the heart.
The unawakened one reacts from the head."

"The Awakened One lives in the moment.
The unawakened one lives in the past or the future."

"The Awakened One does not blame others.
The unawakened one blames others."


May 20, 2012--Happy World Oneness Day

With the Blessings of Sri Amma Bhagavan, may you experience
a day so wonderful that it brings an end to human suffering,
a day so incredible that it marks liberation from the human mind,
a deeksha so Divine that it creates a new generation of human beings
who experience unconditional love, limitless joy and Oneness,
causing the emergence of the Golden Age!

--from the Oneness University


May 16, 2012

In an update, one of the guides from Amma Bhagavan's Oneness University reported that there are now over 30,000 fully Awakened beings worldwide, and 2.3 million experiencing Awakened states.  [See the most recent update of these numbers in the pink box on the home page.]  We are well on our way to Bhagavan's goal of awakening 70,000 by the end of 2012!

You can read more about what it means to be permanently Awake at:


April 22, 2012

Today is the fourth anniversary of the opening of Sri AmmaBhagavan's magnificent Oneness Temple.  How appropriate that Bhagavan chose Earth Day to consecrate the Temple.

Built using Vedic sacred geometry, and very purposely positioned atop converging ley lines, the Oneness Temple is an energetic powerhouse.  This power is coming into even greater play now that thousands of Awakened Ones have begun meditating in its Great Hall of Awakening, infusing the energies of the Golden Ball of Divine Grace into the earth and humanity for their Awakening.


April's Teachings from Sri Bhagavan--

"The Awakened One is transparent.
The unawakened one is not transparent."

"The Awakened One is flexible.
The unawakened one is inflexible."

"The Awakened One does not try to control the future.
The unawakened one tries to control the future."

"The Awakened One knows that there is nothing to learn.
The unawakened one is constantly learning."


April 12, 2012

Recently when Bhagavan explained more about how Oneness Meditators were chosen, he said, "Those who conduct the Oneness Meditation are not selected by a dasa, they are not selected by the University, they are not selected by AmmaBhagavan.  Through a very special process they are directly selected by the Divine...  We do not know on what basis the Divine selects... We have no role in this whatsoever...the Divine does everything."

The names of all Oneness Trainers are submitted to meditating Oneness Beings who offer the names up to the Divine.  The Divine then reveals the names of those ready to become Oneness Meditators.  Only the Divine selects, there is no human intervention.

UPDATE:  There are at least 63 Oneness Meditators around the world who can now give this beautiful new deeksha, and are actively doing so.  They are located in Australia, Austria, Belarus, Brazil, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, the UK, Uruguay, and the USA.

Bhagavan also said, "Every month we conduct this process where the Divine might reveal some names."  So if there is not a Oneness Meditator near you now, hopefully there will be one in the near future.


March 25, 2012

What an auspicious day!  Seven years ago when I first went to India to become a deeksha-giver, we were told of an expected time when thousands of enlightened beings would meditate together in Amma Bhagavan's Oneness Temple to hasten the Awakening of humanity.  The temple was still under construction at the time (see Oneness Temple photos here), but even then, its energies were magnificent.

That day has finally come!

Beginning today and every Sunday, Bhagavan will lead 4,000+ Awakened Ones in meditation for 30 minutes beginning at 12:30 pm IST (3 am, New York time).  You are welcome to link with them energetically, setting a very strong intent for your own Awakening and for that of humanity.


March's Weekly Teachings from Bhagavan--

"The Awakened One is connected to everything.
The unawakened one is not connected to anything."

"The Awakened One trusts oneself.
The unawakened one trusts others."

"The Awakened One is free of all knowing.
The unawakened one is caught up in knowing."

"The Awakened One arises from the heart.
The unawakened one arises from the head."


March 21, 2012

When speaking today to a group from the ex-Soviet countries, Sri Bhagavan told them, "If you are well prepared, then in a single Oneness Meditation you can become Awakened.  If you're not well prepared, in 6 or 7 Oneness Meditations you could become Awakened.  You'll first move into Awakened States, and mostly after 6 months you will be fully Awakened."


March 8, 2012

As promised, several others have just recently been initiated to give Bhagavan's Nayana Deeksha.  Twenty Trainers, 4 of whom are in North America, are now able to radiate the Divine energies of the new Oneness Meditation.  They were selected by the Divine, brought through by Oneness Beings in India deep in meditation, as being ready, so watch for their event schedules as they begin to become public worldwide.

In time, more and more will be selected through Divine guidance, so hopefully one will be in or near your area.


March 7, 2012 -- Happy Birthday Bhagavan!

Sri Bhagavan, who has given us so much, on his birthday, let us give back to him.  Much love and many blessings to you, dear Bhagavan, on your special day of celebration.

For the video of his birthday darshan with Amma see: Amma Bhagavan darshan.


February, 2012, Teachings from Sri Bhagavan--

"The Awakened One does not compete or compare.
The unawakened one competes and compares."

"The Awakened One does not know.
The unawakened one knows."

"The Awakened One sees everything set in eternity.
The unawakened one sees everything set in the immediate."

"The Awakened One follows the flow of events.
The unawakened one resists the flow of events."

"The Awakened One does not seek greatness.
The unawakened one seeks greatness."


February 4, 2012

In a talk to a group in England, via Skype, Bhagavan spoke more about his incredible, new, Oneness Meditation deeksha.  He said:

"That is the one which will really bring about the change we're talking about in 2012....this new Deeksha is powerful enough to put a newcomer into an Awakened state almost immediately, and after he has taken it a few times he could become Awakened.  That is its power.  Though it also would help you in many other ways, as byproducts, the main thing is to help you become Awakened."

He ended the session with a powerful meditation.  Be sure to see the entire video of his talk along with additional darshan webcasts of Sri Bhagavan.


January's Weekly Teachings from Bhagavan, 2012--

"The Awakened One responds to circumstances.
The unawakened one creates circumstances."

"The Awakened One lives in humility.
The unawakened one cultivates humility."

"The Awakened One has nothing to oppose.
The unawakened one has something to oppose."

"The Awakened One is not afraid of the truth.
The unawakened one is afraid of the truth."


January 15, 2012

Rumi's quote, "What nine months does for the embryo, forty early mornings will do for your growing awareness" inspired a deeksha-giver to organize a worldwide meditation called the "Winter Feast for the Soul."  The 5th annual event begins January 15 through February 23.  It's always been well supported by the Oneness community, and everyone is invited to participate.

It consists of 40 minutes a day, for 40 days, of any spiritual practice of your choice (meditation, prayer, journaling, yoga, daily acts of kindness, etc.).  This forty minutes of practice can be divided into two 20 minute sessions, or four 10-minute segments.  You can easily design your practice based on your schedule, and choose whatever sadhana that works best for you.

It's said that this 40 day commitment of daily practice can create a life-changing experience, and allow kindness and compassion to flow naturally into your daily life by deepening your connection with the Divine.


January 1, 2012

A New Year's wish for you from the Oneness University (and me):

 When you look into your heart as the new year starts,
may you discover a new sunrise of hope, of prosperity,
of happiness and Divine connection.

With the blessings of Sri Amma Bhagavan,
may your life be filled with all auspiciousness,
and may you flower into Oneness.


December 30, 2011

Deva Premal and Miten, deeksha-givers and recording artists, will be giving two free, live, 30 minute, online concerts for us on January 1 to celebrate the beginning of 2012.  You can see them live at the appropriate time by clicking this concert link, or you can view a recording later at the same link.

The two separate concerts are planned to accommodate the different time zones.  In general the times are: 

January 1,  2012

Concert 1, North & South America

Vancouver-- 3 pm
Los Angeles-- 3 pm
Denver--  4 pm
Chicago--  5 pm
New York--  6 pm
Rio de Janeiro-- 9 pm
London--  11 pm
Sydney--  10 am (January 2)

Concert 2, Europe and Africa

Buenos Aires--  7 am
Frankfurt--  11 am
Johannesburg--  12 noon
Moscow--  2 pm
Mumbai--  3:30 pm
Perth--  6 pm
Tokyo--  7 pm
Sydney-- 9 pm

If you're not familiar with Deva and Miten and their music, below is a video of them in concert.  You can hear many of their music samples here.  This one is one of my favorites, and you can download it's free!



December, 2011, Teachings by Bhagavan--

"The Awakened One allows destiny to be created.
The unawakened one tries to create destiny."

"The Awakened One experiences freedom from one's own ideas. 
The unawakened one is caught up in one's own ideas."

"The Awakened One witnesses things happen. 
The unawakened one tries to make things happen."

"The Awakened One knows that the world governs itself.
The unawakened one thinks that the world must be governed."

"The Awakened One does not try to impose one's will.
The unawakened one tries to impose one's will."


December 12, 2011

When Sri Bhagavan recently spoke to a group in Austria, he revealed some wonderful news!  Below are two of the questions he was asked along with his pertinent answers.  You can also see the video of Bhagavan's entire message with darshan.

Question:  Bhagavan, what will happen after January 15th in the Oneness community, Bhagavan?

Answer:  All these years we have been preparing you, and the process was intended to work on yourself.  Now...

Your role is to receive what we are going to give.  Now, for example, we have been asking you to look into yourself, become aware of this, become aware of that; stay with this, stay with that.  All these things you have tried to the extent possible.

From January 15th onwards, a new deeksha will be introduced, which is for you to receive what we are giving.

These are powerful deekshas, which would put you into either Awakened states or make you Awakened.  These deekshas, to be exact, would start from January 29th.

Question:  Dear Bhagavan, how can we as unawakened people figure out the resistance from our conditioning more easily?  Please help us to understand it better and to deal with it.

Answer:  All these problems would be taken care of when we introduce the new, powerful deekshas.


November's Teachings from AmmaBhagavan--

"The Awakened One never expects results.
The unawakened one always expects results."

"The Awakened One has no preferences.
The unawakened one has preferences."

"The Awakened One looks inside Oneself.
The unawakened one looks outside oneself."

"The Awakened one cannot cling to good and bad. 
The unawakened one has to cling to good and bad."


November 14--World Gratitude Day

Sri Bhagavan feels so strongly about the importance of the state of gratitude that he proclaimed November 14 to be World Gratitude Day.  This is what he had to say about it in one of his messages...

"The hallmark of greatness is gratitude...when the heart dwells in gratitude, one realizes that this universe is bountiful, and every moment of his/her life is divinely guided by Grace.  Given that, gratitude is the highest expression of emotion in humans, as it signifies the evolution of one's consciousness."

There is more about the psychology and science behind gratitude, plus an easy sadhana to help increase your state of gratitude here.



Most of us weren't present on Earth when 11-11-11 last rolled around in 1911, but we're fortunate to be here for it this time.  A date containing so many master numbers clearly is a very auspicious day, and celebrations are being held worldwide.

The Global Africa Ubuntu/Oneness Indaba in Johannesburg is very special because it's always been Sri Bhagavan's vision that Africa will awaken first and help lead the world into Oneness Consciousness.

This event will be streamed live on Facebook giving it the potential to be viewed by 400 million.  You can see it from 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM Eastern Standard Time (New York, USA).  Use a time zone converter to get your local time.  The live streaming will only be available during 2:30-4:30 PM EST, but a recording will be made available if you can't watch it live.*

The last 30 minutes are said to feature a message from Arch Bishop Desmund Tutu, the Dalai Lama, AmmaBhagavan, and other leaders.  Sri Amma Bhagavan will also give silent Blessings for 11 minutes for the spiritual Awakening of Africa and the entire world.  Be sure to add your own blessings and prayers for this same intention.

* UPDATE November 12:  110 different countries participated in the live streaming of this event that united an estimated 350,000 people in silent prayers and Oneness Blessings.  You can see the recorded 11-11-11 broadcast near the bottom of this page showing Sri Amma Bhagavan giving darshan


October 28, 2011

Many believe that this day marks the end of the Mayan Calendar--and the beginning of the Age of Oneness.  It's also a day when Sri Bhagavan once again will increase the energies of the Oneness phenomenon.  (We were recently told that only 30% of the deeksha energy is available to us right now, but it will be "stepped up to a surprising level" over the next year.)

This momentous, energetic shift will also allow us to begin to more fully understand the meaning of, utilize, and create with universal laws involving manifesting wealth and wealth creation.

The end of human suffering has begun in ernest. 


AmmaBhagavan's Weekly Teachings for October--

"The Awakened one is balanced. 
The unawakened one is out of balance."

"The Awakened one does not think about one's actions. 
The unawakened one thinks about one's actions.

The Awakened one has no problem with wealth--
for wealth is not the problem.
The unawakened one has problem with wealth--
for the sense of possession is the problem."

"The Awakened one sees everything as perfect.
The unawakened one sees everything as imperfect."


Sri Bhagavan's Weekly Teachings for September--

"The Awakened one acts without possessing,
interfering or expecting anything.
The unawakened one does the opposite."

"The Awakened one is happy for no reason. 
The unawakened one is happy for some reason."

"The Awakened one experiences without the experiencer.
The unawakened one experiences with the experiencer."

"The Awakened one has realized that there is nobody to be awakened. 
The unawakened one is waiting for somebody to be awakened."


September 23-26, 2011

From past Global Deeksha Days, we know how powerfully the Collective Consciousness can be impacted by worldwide meditations where thousands of people around the planet meditate together for the same purpose.  In this light you are invited to join the Cosmic Consciousness celebration, September 23 through 26.

You can participate either individually, or by planning your own group events/meditations/prayers, with the intention to take part in the coming shift from duality into Unity Consciousness of Oneness, and also make a commit-ment to the following two declarations:

1.  That we will consistently let our lives be guided by Divine guidance rather than our egos.

2.  That we surrender our "right" to respond with negativity to negativity in others, or respond with violence to the violence of others.

In the presence of Hopi and Mayan elders, noted scholar of the Mayan Calendar and Deeksha-Giver, Carl Calleman, will lead a meditation for the above purposes on September 23.  You can join in live by calling 1-760-569-7676, access code 949731#.  Beginning time for the call:

7 AM  in Los Angeles, USA
10 AM in New York, USA
4 PM in Paris, France
7:30 PM in Mumbai, India
11:30 PM in Adelaide, Australia

Calleman explains more about the Convergence in this video and how it corresponds with the calendar's Ninth Wave of Cosmic Consciousness:

Cosmic Convergence  (15:27)


September 8, 2011

In reference to participants in a recent Oneness Deepening course that is taught at the Oneness University in India, an attendee was quoted saying, "most of them left in awakened states."  Awakening is no longer something that is far off.  It's happening now!  To many people.

The 7 to 28 day deepening course is for deeksha-givers only and can be attended for one, two, three, or four weeks in succession.  It's your choice.  There are four more courses scheduled through the end of this year with the beginning dates of September 22, October 23, November 22, and December 22.   Deeksha-givers can get details through AmmaBhagavan's website.


September 1, 2011

It's been reported that Bhagavan has said they're almost to the point where it's possible to produce Awakening through a single deeksha.  Wahoo!!!  Won't that be fabulous?!?


August, 2011, Teachings from AmmaBhagavan--

"The Awakened one is what one is. 
The unawakened one is what one is not."

"The Awakened one knows no attachment.
The unawakened one knows nothing but attachment."

"The Awakened one knows no fear.
The unawakened one knows nothing but fear."

"The Awakened one makes use of conditioning.
The unawakened one is made use of by conditioning."

"The Awakened One experiences nothing but consciousness,
for there is only consciousness.
The unawakened one tries to understand consciousness."


August 12, 2011

In this video Vikramji, a senior guide at AmmaBhagavan's Oneness University, speaks to a group in Mexico where he explains...

  • how to prepare for 2012
  • personal benefits in 2012 of our spiritual growth
  • how to be part of the Awakened 70,000 that will shift humanity
  • how to know when you're Awakened
  • how to prepare to become Awakened

He ends with a meditation and blessing.

Dasaji discusses 2012 and Awakening  (30:48)


August 4, 2011

It's been reported from one of the Oneness guides that as of the end of July, 2011, around 10,100 people are already fully and permanently in a state of Oneness Awakening, and almost 800,000 people have experienced Awakened states that aren't permanent yet, but come and go.  Wow...

AmmaBhagavan's mission of the enlightenment of humanity is really happening!

UPDATE:  See the May 16, 2012, post for updated numbers.


July's Weekly Teachings from Bhagavan

"The Awakened One is ready to die.
The unawakened one is not ready to die."

"The Awakened One owns things,
but does not end up being owned by them.
The unawakened one owns things,
and ends up being owned by them

The Awakened One experiences freedom
because of the absence of choice and hope.
The unawakened one experiences freedom
in the presence of choice and hope."

"The Awakened One has no cause for his joy,
and therefore nothing effects his joy.
The unawakened one knows pleasure or pain,
dependent on all that is happening."


June 29, 2011

This 62 minute, healing composition from "on High" is said to be encoded with healing frequencies humanity has heretofore been unable to reach.  It is freely given to humanity, and heals the body by raising the consciousness level of each individual cell.  Listen online now.


June, 2011, Teachings from Sri Bhagavan--

"The Awakened One experiences all the time.
The unawakened one dreams all the time."

"The Awakened One is virtuous.
The unawakened one practices virtue."

"The Awakened One is one with the 'what is.'
The unawakened one is one with the 'what should be.'"

"The Awakened One lives in the mystery that life is.
The unawakened one tries to understand what life is."

"The Awakened One sees the many as the One.
The unawakened one sees the One as the many."


June 9, 2011 -- Happy 35th Anniversary AmmaBhagavan!

AmmaBhagavan's wedding anniversary is celebrated by millions worldwide as World Day of Relationships every June 9th.  Today is even more special as it's their 35th anniversary.  Being together for 35 years sets an exemplary example for all of us to emulate in all the relationships in our lives. 

Bhagavan and Amma have always proffered healing relationships as the cornerstone philosophy of their Oneness Movement through their teaching that "Life is relationships." 

Watch this Day of Relationship video with AmmaBhagavan, and receive blessings to "take your relationships to the next level" and discover more love and joy in all your relationships.


June 3, 2011

During this month of June, Bhagavan's Moola Mantra is being played in Starbucks!!!  The song is now called "Satchita" and is an updated version of Enzo's "Satchitananda."  It's on the second "Songs Around the World" CD by Playing for Change, and features musicians from all over the world showing "the human family playing together."

Imagine--the Moola Mantra being heard by people worldwide!  The CD/DVD can be purchased at Starbucks, with a portion of sales going to build music and art schools around the world.  You can listen to excerpts here.


June 1, 2011

The Oneness Movement's official site has recently been beautifully revamped.  Be sure to see Sri Amma Bhagavan's website.  It contains some gorgeous photos.


Sri Bhagavan's Weekly Teachings for May--

"The Awakened One, whether does or does not do, does not try.
The unawakened one, whether does or does not do, does try."

"The Awakened One has no mind.
The unawakened one has a mind.
The Awakened One, having no mind, works with the mind of others.
The unawakened one, having a mind, struggles with the mind of others."

"The Awakened One allows things to happen their own way.
The unawakened one tries to make things happen one's own way."

"The Awakened One is constantly unlearning
and therefore continuously unburdened, lives in freedom.
The unawakened one is constantly learning
and therefore continuously burdened,
and does not know what freedom is and hence what living is."


May 20, 2011--World Oneness Day

May 20 is a Global Deeksha Day where Deeksha Oneness Blessings will be given to the planet with the intent of raising the consciousness level of all humanity.
On this day Sri AmmaBhagavan will also shower us all with enormously powerful deekshas to elevate our individual, personal consciousness as well.

AmmaBhagavan's Oneness Guides have asked that we gather (alone or in groups) at 10 AM and/or 10 PM, Indian Standard Time, and follow this procedure:

  1. Invoke the Divine Presence.
  2. Repeat the Moola Mantra seven times.
  3. Set a strong intent for global Awakening.
  4. Visualize the globe in front of you and offer prayers, blessings, good wishes, deekshas, etc.
  5. Be in gratitude.

In the past, mass blessings such as these given on Global Deeksha Days have shown that they profoundly effect human consciousness.  Each individual who takes part plays "a significant role" in this Divine evolution.


April 22, 2011

Today is the third anniversary of the consecration of AmmaBhagavan's magnificant Oneness Temple in Golden City, India (near Chennai).  Below is what the Oneness guides reported about the three day celebration.

The Hall of Awakening is a vortex of Divine energy, a powerhouse for the phenomenon of Oneness Deeksha, propelling the human race in this most vital phase of its evolution.

Even before it was built, numerous people had dreams and visions of this magnificent structure.  In their visions some have seen people coming into the hall and meditating.

A few others' visions foretold that this temple would be dedicated to the One Divine Presence that is everywhere, and when people from any faith come and worship, they will see a sign of their God's presence in the temple.

All those who pray and meditate in this special structure, experience an intense field of Divine energy that facilitates a transition in consciousness from separateness to Oneness.

The anniversary celebrations went on for three days amidst bhakti and divinity, music and hymns with religious fervor.

The temple was beautifully illuminated.  Grand and magnificent floral decoration was done on each day.  There was a lot of joy, excitement and energy in the air.  As the temple stands for Awakening and God-Realization, all the rituals were intended towards fulfilling this purpose.


April 20, 2011

Thousands have reached beautiful, high states of consciousness by attending regional Oneness Bhakti Intensives that have been held since January.  The last of these large, regional Intensives is being held in Chicago, IL, April 29-May 1, 2011.  It combines the Bhakti process for deeksha-givers with a Oneness Awakening course where attendees will be initiated as deeksha-givers, all in the same weekend.

Unfortunately, it's the last of its kind for now, as the Oneness University is encouraging us to focus on our smaller, local Oneness groups.  Local Bhakti processes and Oneness Awakening courses will continue to be taught, but if you've been wanting to take part in a large gathering try to attend this last regional Oneness Intensive. 


April's Teachings from Sri Bhagavan--

"The Awakened One does not know or understand, but sees.
The unawakened one knows and understands, but does not see."

"The Awakened One has nothing to defend,
and therefore does nothing to feel secure.
The unawakened one has a lot to defend,
and therefore must do things to feel secure."

"The Awakened One sees the imperfect as perfect in itself,
and hence rejoices in the way things are.
The unawakened one sees imperfection everywhere,
and hence he is unhappy and dissatisfied with the way things are.
The unawakened one must therefore work to change things.
This, too, is perfect for the Awakened One."

"The Awakened One has no sense of being and doing.
The Awakened One has no vision or goal in mind.  There is just doing.
The Awakened One is humble, and does not practice humility.
The unawakened has a sense of being and doing,
and therefore must have a vision or goal in mind.
The unawakened must practice humility."

"When One is not Awakened, One must not behave like one.
When One is Awakened, One practices nothing.  One is just Awake.
To be Awake is not a means to an end.
To be Awake is an end in itself.
When One is not Awake, One must practice goodness.
Where there is no goodness, One must practice virtue.
Where there is no virtue, One must practice ritual conditioning."


March 12, 2011

We did the Chakra Dhyana meditation many times when I was at the Oneness University in Golden City, India, and Sri Bhagavan recommended that we do it everyday when at home.  Recently he explained why:

"As the kundalini rises and opens up every chakra, it is the equivalent of opening up parts of the brain.  Each chakra is like a switch for a particular part of the brain.  As the kundalini rises and moves into the chakra and activates the chakra, that part of the brain is activated.  And the more and more the brain is activated the greater is the descent of the Divine.  So on the one hand, there is the ascent of the kundalini, and on the other hand, there is the descent of the Divine."

The Golden Ball of Grace entering your body through the Deeksha Oneness Blessing is an easy way to connect with the Divine.  As you can see from Bhagavan's explanation above, the Chakra Dhyana meditation facilitates the Oneness Blessing by opening your chakras and brain for greater reception.  See Chakra Dhyana meditation for a beautiful recording of this meditation.


March's Weekly Teachings from Bhagavan--

The most recent of Bhagavan's teachings for March is listed first--

"Thoughts are subtle, divisive and elusive, and an expression of the self.  They wander as they like.  They create judgment and a troubled and disturbed mind.  They prevent Awareness from happening.  The unawakened must learn to direct, to control and to quieten thoughts by ruling over them.  The Awakened One has moved beyond judgment, for he has gone beyond thought; as he is always ‘Aware.’"

"The Awakened One does nothing, but leaves nothing undone,
for all things are happening all the time around and
through the Awakened One."

"The Awakened One neither suppresses nor ignores,
neither resists nor justifies what is there, inside or outside;
but merely is aware of the what is."

"The Awakened One does not perceive anything as good or bad,
or as right or wrong, and hence has no preferences,
and therefore does not try to change the way things are.


February, 2011, Teachings from Sri Bhagavan--

"The Awakened One achieves nothing,
for there is nothing to be achieved.
The Awakened One understands nothing,
for there is nothing to be understood.
The Awakened One knows nothing, for there is nothing to be known."

"The Awakened One knows that there is nothing to learn;
what is needed is only to unlearn."

"The Awakened One has no fixed plans and no destination.
The Awakened One accepts oneself--
and the world accepts the Awakened One.
The Awakened One knows oneself, and hence has wisdom.
The Awakened One has no conflict with oneself--
and hence has true power.
The Awakened One embraces death--
for there is no death for the Awakened One."

"The Awakened One sees things as they are,
and doesn't try to control or shape them.
The Awakened One doesn't try to convince others.
The Awakened One knows that what is to happen will happen,
and what is not to happen will not happen,
and that the Universe is forever out of his control."


February 1, 2011

We've all seen the profound effects Sri Amma Bhagavan's world-changing role is having during this historic time, and those of us on a spiritual path are each helping them with their global vision in our own way.

If you would like to do even more, a new website has been created so we can help support their mission of bringing Oneness on a global scale through a US nonprofit, tax-exempt foundation.

Funding from this new foundation will be used to further AmmaBhagavan's vision of bringing Oneness to all of humanity.  You can have a significant impact just by making a financial contribution online at the World Oneness Foundation.


January's Weekly Teachings from Bhagwan-- 

"The Awakened One does not try to change the world.
It is perfect and sacred to the Awakened One."

"The Awakened One has no will and no illusions.
The Awakened One merely dwells in reality."

"The Awakened One sees the world emerging from the void,
therefore accepts the world as it is.
As the Awakened One accepts the world as it is,
the Awakened One is established in the primal Self."

"The Awakened One is open to all people and all situations,
and flows with them."


January 3, 2011

Great news for North Americans!  A Darshan Tour has been organized to visit the Oneness University in India for February 12-21, 2011, where you will get to spend time with Amma and Bhagavan, and the Oneness Guides.
Anyone can attend, not just deeksha-givers, and it's perfectly timed to also include optional attendance to a Oneness Deepening process for an additional one or more weeks.  PLUS...

If you're not already one, you will be initiated as a deeksha-giver during the tour in a special Mukti Deeksha process in the Oneness Temple.
Each day you will participate in various processes to speed your spiritual growth.  During the initial 5-day tour you will have the opportunity to visit Satyaloka where it all began, travel to Amma's ashram in Nemam, and spend time in the Great Hall of Awakening in the Oneness Temple.

You will also be able to meditate in the mountains and jungle surrounding Golden City, participate in a Mukti Deeksha and 64 Deeksha process in the Oneness Temple, and attend a special (optional) sacred fire ritual, called homa, for growth and healing.
The tour culminates in the receipt of darshan from Sri Bhagavan, and tour participants may remain for the Deepening Process which begins on February 21.   For more info and to register, see Sri AmmaBhagavan's Darshan Tour.


January 1, 2011--Sri Amma Bhagavan's Message for 2011

Accelerating change has led to uncertainty in every sphere of life.  At the individual level there is insecurity with regards to relationships, work and health, and on a global level there is anxiety about the fluctuating market economy, precarious ecology and conflict.  It is this experience of humanity, as a whole, that is affecting the individual all the time.  Just as the pressure of the entire ocean is exerted on every droplet, so does the entire universe impact every individual.

The assertion of separateness has destroyed our capacity to work together.  It is becoming more and more essential, if we are to survive, that there be a spirit of cooperation with the universe.  One cannot possibly cooperate with another, unless one in himself/herself is harmonious, not broken up or in conflict.  As long as the mind dominates all our actions, there can be no cooperation.

Awakening is the flowering of the heart from which the cause of a problem and the arising of suffering is seen.  Personal suffering is a thing of the past.  All feelings arise and cease without any resistance.  Emotional hurts are hard to sustain.  One is at home even amidst strangers; the world is home.

One feels a greater sense of connection to all people and all things.  This is attainable only when one establishes a powerful connection with the Divine.  It is only then that man’s responsibility undergoes a radical change.

Awakening is a journey to be made, not a destination to be reached.  Awakening is a process where you wake up from the dream to reality.  Life this way is so ordinary that it is extraordinary.  One feels that, that is how one has always been.

This New Year will see more and more people ascending into the Divine and the Divine descending into people.



December, 2010, Weekly Teachings from Sri Bhagavan--

"The Awakened One journeys without journeying."

"The Awakened One remains unmoving until
perfect action arises by itself.
The Awakened One is free of all views and concepts;
is One with the what is."

"The Awakened One is one with that which was there
before the universe was born.  It is the one which is eternally present,
the unborn and the undying, one without a beginning."

"The Awakened One is open to everything
and everything falls into place."

"The Awakened One remains unmoving, and action arises by itself.   The Awakened One allows things to come and go like clouds in the sky.   The Awakened One sustains all beings without trying."


November, 2010, Teachings from Bhagwan--

"The Awakened One sees the world as himself or herself;
loves and cares for the world as one's self.
To the Awakened One, all things are perfect as they are."

"The Awakened One is detached from all things, and hence
is One with everything.
Detachment, when practiced, leads to indifference
which is not detachment." 

"The Awakened One is empty and therefore capable.
One should not try to empty one's self." 

"The Awakened One acts without doing anything.
This cannot be practiced."


November 14--World Gratitude Day

This is Sri AmmaBhagavan's message to us on this auspicious day:

The hallmark of greatness is gratitude.  Unfortunately, people do not have this within them.  Lack of gratitude hinders growth.  When observed carefully, every creature is indebted to this planet for all that it has received.

When a child is born, it owes its gratitude to the mother for feeding him/her.  Then the child expresses gratitude to the father for the security he provides.  As a student, he/she owes gratitude to the teacher for the knowledge and wisdom he/she received.  One also owes gratitude for the knowledge of life experience received from the forefathers.  Not forgetting to include plants, animals, and the whole of creation.

When one has the sensitivity to recognize these blessings, and when the heart dwells in gratitude, one realizes that this universe is bountiful, and every moment of his/her life is divinely guided by Grace.  Given that, gratitude is the highest expression of emotion in humans, as it signifies the evolution of one's consciousness.


October 28, 2010

Sri Bhagavan recently gave us an important new sadhana (spiritual practice) that will help put your Awakening on a fast track.  It involves eleven "areas of issue" that we are to sincerely contemplate on, pray about, ask, or demand (whatever it takes) to reveal where we might be lacking.  These areas are:

  1. passion
  2. sacredness
  3. surrender
  4. our relationship with AmmaBhagavan
  5. gratitude--toward everyone
  6. emotional balance
  7. forgiveness of yourself and others
  8. karma
  9. sensitivity to the feelings of others
  10. inner integrity

Go through the above list each time you do the sadhana (daily is best) to see which one(s) resonate the most, then focus on these in the following step...
Next meditate, talk to, and/or sit in contemplation with AmmaBhagavan's srimurthi (photo) for 21 minutes about your highlighted issues.  If you don't have a srimurthi, use the one in our online Meditation Room.
Then chant "Amma Bhagavan," "Amma Bhagavan," "Amma Bhagavan" for 21 minutes.

Finally, take Blessings from AmmaBhagavan through the srimurthi, and afterward be sure to rest for as long as you need.


October 9, 2010

Great news, especially for Westerners.  Sri Bhagavan recently reminded us that it will only take 70,000 deeksha-givers to bring about a global trans-formation.  He expects to have 70,000 Blessing-givers initiated worldwide by Spring, 2011.

In anticipation of this, special processes will be released in early 2011 to ensure Awakening.  These processes are already being used in India resulting in rapid awakenings.  At this time, the processes are being adapted for Westerners and others outside of India.  When these are perfected so that they are acceptable to the West, Bhagavan will release them.  He says, "...then we will be moving very, very fast."


October's Weekly Teaching from AmmaBhagavan--

"When judgment stops of its own accord,
there is Oneness with All That Is."

"When stepping back from your own mind occurs,
there is an understanding of all things."

"Be yourself." 

"See yourself in others, see others in you." 

"Fear is the greatest obstacle on the spiritual path;
confront your fears."


September's Weekly Teachings from Sri Bhagavan--

Sri Bhagavan has begun giving us a new teaching each week for us to meditate on.  The teachings for September will be added here as soon as they are given, with the most recent being listed first--

"By being grateful for all that has happened and to the people involved in one's life, one enters the spiritual path."

"Not to look at the negative side of those who have not been just to you; but on the other hand to help them, leads to the greatest spiritual reward."


August 2, 2010

There is a new Deepening Process beginning August 19 in India for deeksha-givers.  It's not exactly a "course" but rather a flexible schedule of daily immersions in processes designed to take participants into higher states of Awakening and God Realization.
Each day will be different and involve special deekshas, teachings, and unique processes, dictated by the Divine and the needs of individual participants. The new process also involves meditations and other interactions with Sri Bhagavan. 


July 11, 2010

As he promised last month, Sri Bhagavan has significantly upped the energies in his Mukti Deeksha webcasts.  They now include advanced processes that have proved successful in courses being taught in the Oneness Temple in India, and he is now making them available worldwide.

He said that these intensified processes "should dramatically speed up things" and that traumas and fears "would be overcome very, very fast at an unbelievable speed."  He also emphasized that, "This process is meant to speed up the process of awakening and to move closer to God."

He's referring to God-Realization! 


June 27, 2010

In his Mukti webcast today, Sri Bhagavan announced that beginning in July he will change the format somewhat and begin deeper and more intense processes and transmissions with the purpose of taking the participants, not just into Awakening, but into full God-Realization.

Groups of deeksha-givers can now participate in these deepening events ONLINE in our online conference room.  Any deeksha-giver, who has attended at least a Level 1, Oneness Experience, or Oneness Awakening course, can join our online group by registering for the Mukti Deeksha webcasts here.


June 13, 2010 -- June's Teaching from Sri Bhagavan--

Bhagavan's teaching and contemplation for June is--

The Whole World Is Family.


June 9, 2010 -- Happy Anniversary Amma Bhagavan

Amma and Bhagavan's wedding anniversary has been proclaimed a Day of Relationships, and is celebrated globally.  They have always taught that healing our relationships is THE most important avenue we can take to speed our spiritual growth.

This is their special message for today about healing our families--

The growing inability to live as a family, to feel for each other and to connect to each other is a worldwide crisis.  It is a relationship crisis.  The crisis of our present day civilization is not so much biological as it is psychological.  Our sense of separation having become too strong, life has become a battle for significance and a struggle for identity.

The struggle to be a "somebody," even at the expense of others, and at the cost of hurting others is a very unhealthy sign.  People destroy themselves emotionally, spiritually and physically.  It is a disease and is most reflected in families today.

Unless the family is held intact, individuals would go to pieces.  They would miss a mother's care, a father's attention and a partner's love.  Loneliness and loss of identity would eat into them.  To escape from loneliness and the fear of being a nobody, people would pursue destructive paths.  This would ultimately lead to breakup of the individual and the fragmentation of society and civilization itself.

Though the world is heading in this direction; all is not lost.  There is an immense possibility for humanity to awaken into a new state of consciousness.  There is a beautiful window opening up for humanity to make a giant leap in consciousness; that is--Awakening.

When you are awakened you automatically start experiencing everything around you, including your relationships.  You feel a greater sense of connection to all people and all things.  Emotional hurts are hard to sustain because awareness keeps consciousness empty; ready for a fresh experience.

Life this way is so ordinary that it is extraordinary.  You would begin to realize this is how you have always been.

You can learn more about healing relationships in these articles and videos--


June 6, 2010

To honor and celebrate and coming Day of Relationships, AmmaBhagavan held a live, Mukti Deeksha event in India for 100,000 participants.  AND, at the same time, it was simultaneously telecasted into the homes of over one million people all over India, so they could participate in the event in their homes.

Thousands of Deeksha-Givers all over the world were also invited to participate in this amazing live event via webcast.  A statement from the dasas in Golden City said, "It is in these Indian webcasts that most of the people move into irreversible states of awakening."

The event culminated in Nayana Deeksha (eye deeksha) from Sri Amma Bhagavan, plus a meditation with them, then celebratory dancing by the thousands of attendees.  The entire Mukthi Deeksha event was quite powerful and transformational.


May 23, 2010

A number of years ago Sri Bhagavan told us that it would take 64,000 enlightened beings (0.001% of the world's population) to reach the necessary critical mass to shift the consciousness of all of humanity.

Today, as the world's population approaches 7 billion, that number is now 70,000.  With so many people becoming awakened through his Mukti Deeksha process, this is what Bhagavan recently had to say about it--

"...it looks like by February, 2011 we might reach the figure of 70,000 people across the planet, all undergoing the awakening process.  If that should happen in February, 2011, we could start expecting fireworks after that!"
He also reminded us that, when receiving Mukti Deeksha, we are not only undergoing the awakening process for ourselves, but for humanity as a whole.


May 8, 2010

Six years ago when I first went to AmmaBhagavan's Oneness University, Bhagavan told us that, as 2012 approached, things would get much worse before they got better.  Just recently he said...

"Starting with July, 2010, up to the end of 2012, humanity is going to pass through a great crisis in all spheres of human existence and activity.  It is important for people as a whole to be in the right frame of mind to successfully pass through these very difficult years."

The good news is that he also told us exactly how to survive the crisis when he said,

"Awakening is the ultimate solution to all problems;
be it at the level of the individual or the collective."

People are becoming fully awakened through Bhagavan's Mukti Deeksha, and you can receive this special deeksha online though Bhagavan's webcasts during the month of May.


May's Teaching from Sri Bhagavan--

Bhagavan gave his teaching and sadhana for May during the May 2 Mukti Deeksha webcast.  It is to internalize this statement:

I Am Love.

By this he doesn't mean the kind of love we normally think of that involves attachment, possession, etc., but the unconditional, universal love that can't really be comprehended or even described with words.

Neither is he referring to the personality/ego "I," but rather the universal "I" which is everywhere and in everyone.  In the awakened state you will know that you are love.  There is only love.


April 25, 2010

Beginning today and continuing each weekend through May 30, Sri Bhagavan is giving Mukti Deeksha in webcasts.  The webcasts are for groups only but anyone can attend.

In the future, Bhagavan's webcasts of this type will be for deeksha-givers only, so this is a wonderful window of opportunity to receive the Mukti Deeksha for full liberation and get it online.


April's Teaching from Sri Bhagavan--

Bhagavan's teaching and sadhana for April is to contemplate this statement:

I Am Existence, Consciousness, Bliss.


March 24, 2010

Good news from Golden City.  As of today the Madras High Court has restrained about thirty private TV channels in southern India from broadcasting negative clippings pertaining to Sri Bhagavan.  In issuing the order, the Justice stated it was his opinion the victims had been projected in such a detrimental light that it "might be in violation of human rights."


March 22, 2010

Sri Bhagavan just announced some sweeping changes and has put his Oneness Movement on hyper-speed.  The phenomenon is now running at full 100% power!
These new policies will take effect immediately--

  1. The Oneness Experience courses currently taught by Oneness Trainers are to become Oneness Awakening courses where you will be initiated as a Oneness Blessing Giver AND receive the Mukti Deeksha for full Awakening.  The Sacred Mukti Deeksha is designed to give a person the permanent state of Awakening.  You can find a Oneness Trainer near you by contacting your country's Oneness Coordinator at AmmaBhagavan's website.  (If there's no Trainer near you, don't worry, we hope to offer this online as soon as permission is given.)

  2. The only courses now taught at the Oneness University are the Oneness Trainer course and the Oneness Deepening process.

  3. Level I and Level II courses will be discontinued after the currently scheduled courses are completed.  They are no longer required to become a Oneness Trainer.  Completion of a Oneness Awakening or Oneness Experience course (with graduation Certificate) is now a required prerequisite.

From Sri Bhagavan's recent webcast--

"[The Mukti Deeksha] is a very special Deeksha.  That is why it is called Mukti Deeksha, and once you receive it, it is all over.  The state will be there.  For some people it will take a little time, maybe a day or two.  If all goes well it has to be permanent, irreversible, the first time itself...Those that do not get it now could go home and repeat it and it will come back.  In case it dips, once or twice, repeat and it remains permanently, irreversibly, with you for life.  You have the freedom to repeat it whenever you want to.  You will be moving into deeper and higher states of consciousness.  It's all up to you." 


March's Teaching from Sri Bhagavan--

As a helpful sadhana on our path to awakening, Bhagavan encourages us to take "The Middle Path" by practicing what he calls...

The 7 Balances

Balance 1.  Avoid the extremes of certainty and uncertainty.
Balance 2.  Avoid the extremes of indulgence and abstinence.
Balance 3.  Avoid the extremes of dominance and subservience.
Balance 4.  Avoid the extremes of possessiveness and indifference.
Balance 5.  Avoid the extremes of resignation and extreme seeking.
Balance 6.  Avoid the extremes of carelessness and being obsessed
                with perfection.
Balance 7.  Avoid the extremes of analysis and synthesis.

Be sure to also see the Benefits of Practicing Sri Bhagavan's Teachings.


February 21, 2010

AmmaBhagavan's plan to accelerate their mission by teaching more Oneness Trainers and sanctioning them to initiate new Oneness Blessing-givers has resulted in there now being nearly 200 Oneness Trainers and 3,000 deeksha-givers in North America alone!  It's happening worldwide, and the explosive growth will continue.  Congratulations to all the new initiates.


February's Teaching from Sri Bhagavan--

Your thoughts are not your thoughts.
Your body is not your body.
Your mind is not your mind.
Your Self is just a concept. 

An awakened person is detached from their thoughts and just sees them flowing through.  The human mind is very, very ancient and it just there.  The awakened recognize that your body is not your body, and also know that the Self and its sense of separation is an illusion.  There is only Oneness.

The second part of February's teaching is that all things happen automatically.  It's merely an illusion that there is a mind/thinker/doer.  The awakened see that thinking/doing/acting is all automatic.


January's Teaching from Sri Bhagavan--

Bhagavan has said that each month he will be giving us a teaching.  We are to try to understand it intellectually, then contemplate and meditate on each particular teaching and apply it in our lives.  Working with these teachings in this way will hasten spiritual growth and enhance your deekshas. 

January's teaching is to see and accept what is going on inside you without trying to change, judge, or disown it--good/bad, right/wrong, love/hate, fear/courage, etc.--all the opposites.  He reminds us that, "All things exist in their opposites and you contain all these things."  To see is to be free.  The simple sadhana on this page can help with January's teaching.


January 19, 2010

Sri Bhagavan has stressed the importance of initiating as many Oneness Blessing Givers as possible by the beginning of 2012.  He feels that this will create the best opportunity for the greatest shift of humanity's conscious-ness into higher awareness.

In order for this to happen not only are more deeksha-givers needed, but so are new Oneness Trainers who can do the initiating.  Oneness Trainer courses are now scheduled.

These courses, which are all held at the Oneness University in Golden City, India, are free.  All you need to pay is room, board, and transportation.

Oneness Trainer Requirements--

  • Completed a Level 1, Oneness Awakening, or Oneness Experience course, plus attended a Mukti Deeksha Process

  • Be an active Oneness Blessing Giver in your community

  • Be passionate about, and actively work to further AmmaBhagavan's vision for 2010

You can get more details, plus registration forms at Amma Bhagavan's website.


January 8, 2010

AmmaBhagavan's website was completely revamped recently, and even though the URL remains the same, if you've bookmarked some of its pages, the links to these may no longer work.


January 1, 2010 -- AmmaBhagavan's Message for 2010




December 20, 2009

Since December 3 (see the post below), current Oneness Trainers have been doing a phenomenal job of initiating new Oneness Blessing-Givers!

It was announced today that in just the past 2 ? short weeks nearly 500 initiates have attended local Oneness Experience courses in the USA and Canada and have become new deeksha-givers.

If you would like to also be able to give Oneness Blessings, you can find information on the Oneness Trainers in your area by contacting the Coordinator for your country at AmmaBhagavan's website.


December 3, 2009

As we race towards 2012, in order to speed the process of worldwide awakening, Sri Bhagavan has been making sweeping changes in his Oneness Movement.  The most important ones at this point are...

  1. Level 1 and Level 2 course requirements have been eliminated, so you no longer have to travel to Fiji, Italy, or India to become a Oneness Blessing Giver.

  2. Local Oneness Trainers in each country will be teaching the 2-day Oneness Experience courses and, as of today, the Trainers will have the ability to initiate those who attend into becoming Blessing Givers.

  3. Courses to train more Oneness Trainers are to be set up in India, and will possibly begin as early as March, 2010.

  4. Costs for Oneness Movement courses will be free or very low.

  5. See the November 22 post below.


November 22, 2009

Five years ago when I attended the 21 Day Process (Level I) in Golden City, we were told that, in time, all deeksha-givers would be able to initiate others in becoming deeksha-givers.  Well, that time is approaching.  Sri Bhagavan just announced that sometime in 2011 this will be possible (I suspect it could be sooner).  Why?  Think about this...
If you are able to give Oneness Blessings and create new Blessing-givers, and they can do the same, and on and on, how fast do you think Oneness can grow?  :>)  It's exponential!!!


October 31, 2009

The Oneness Temple will not be open during November and December while it prepares for Indian celebrations in January.  The entire month of January is an Indian holy month and the Temple will be open exclusively to Indians for their ceremonies and rituals during that time.

The Oneness Temple will once again be open to the general public in February.

There is a possibility that beginning in March, 2010, packages may be made available to Oneness Blessing Facilitators for 7 to 10 day stays at the Oneness University where they can visit India and meditate in the Oneness Temple--and possibly even with Sri Bhagavan.  A definite announcement about dates may be made as early as next month, so stay tuned! 


August 5, 2009

Ten thousand Indian youths from southern India recently gathered in the Oneness Temple with Sri Bhagavan to receive darshan.  These young adults were specifically invited to this gathering by Bhagavan because of his recognition and focus on youth as the future of our existence.

Bhagavan's focus on youth is continuing with three, 2-day Oneness Youth courses being planned in the USA.  It's called Transforming the World from Within, and the just announced, upcoming dates and locations are:

Los Angeles, CA            October 17-18
Fairfield, IA                    October 24-25
Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX    November 7-8

This global program for young adults (ages 16 to 25) is designed to help them develop love and happiness in all relationships, turn personal conflict into peace, and give them tools to guide them into a successful future in Oneness.


July 16, 2009

A wonderful program on health and healing that's normally available mostly for Indians is now also available for English-speaking Westerners.  This six day Oneness Health Course allows you to:

  • heal various organ systems in your body
  • heal the emotional charges causing your disease
  • learn advanced healing techniques and practices
  • revitalize and rejuvenate your body
  • end conflicting inner dialog
  • free yourself of unconscious negative forces 
  • slow the aging process
  • learn simple techniques for healing yourself
  • raise your consciousness level through Deeksha Oneness Blessings
  • become a happier person...
  • plus much more!

The Oneness University's health course includes diet (based in the latest research and findings), cleansing, various meditation techniques, exercise, and specialized knowledge and remedies.

The course taught in English is August 31-September 5, and is being held at the OC2 campus which is near Amma Bhagavan's Oneness Temple.  (Great chance to also visit the Temple and meditate there.  Be sure to see the July 5th entry about this below.) 

This 6 day course is also taught in the Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, and Tamil languages, and these courses for Indians are held in Nemam, India.  Cost of the course is 7000 rupees (about $145 USD), and is open to everyone in the age group of 18-60 years.


July 5, 2009

Over 40,000 people visit and meditate in AmmaBhagavan's Oneness Temple each month now, and so can you!

You may not necessarily want to travel all the way to Golden City, India just to see the Temple, but if you're in the area, or taking one of the Oneness University courses, visiting this magnificent temple is a must.

Built using Vaastu principles of the Vedic science of sacred geometry, and on converging ley lines, the energy of the Oneness Temple elevates your consciousness merely by walking through it.

You can meditate every morning and evening in the upper sanctum in the presence of the Sacred Golden Ball of Divine Grace with Cosmic Beings and dasas from the Oneness University.  AND, Wednesday through Sunday mornings you will have the opportunity to meditate with Sri Bhagavan and Amma themselves!  (Timings can change, so be sure to check before you go.)

There is a nominal gate fee to enter the Temple, and lodging arrangements to stay near the Temple can be made through onenessnorthamerica.org.  Lodging is based on space availability and fees vary depending on the accommodations you choose. 


June 9, 2009 -- Happy Anniversary Amma Bhagavan!

In honor of this special day, Sri Bhagavan proclaimed his wedding anniversary with Sri Amma as "Day of Relationships."  This is a message from them about today.

"With Inner Integrity arises acceptance of oneself.
With acceptance of oneself arises love of oneself.
With acceptance of oneself arises the acceptance of the other.
With love of oneself arises love for the other.
With love for the other arises relationship.

The dasas in Golden City have suggested that if you want to take your relationships to a higher level, hold the above message within your heart and sincerely pray with deep gratitude to discover greater love and joy in all your relationships.


May 25, 2009

Anandagiri is coming to North America this August to conduct 3-day "Living In Oneness" seminars.  Scheduled dates are August 14-16 for Los Angeles, CA, and August 28-30 for Toronto, Canada.

The good news is that both of these courses will be open to the general public, as well as deeksha-givers.  Mark your calendars now!


May 20, 2009

A second Oneness Youth course will be held for American and Canadian youths, ages 16-26, on August 5-13, 2009.  This is the first time the seven day course will be held at the new Oneness Center in Verona, Italy.

Our youth are our future, and this Level I course in Oneness can give them the strength and vision they will need to lead the world in the coming Golden Age.

It is specifically designed to:

  • help them find peace and happiness
  • inspire their hearts and consciousnesses
  • develop loving relationships
  • help them experience Oneness through deeksha
  • empower them with the ability to give deeksha to others
  • guide them onto a path of personal success
  • give them tools to turn their dreams and visions into reality

Participation in the course in Italy requires attending the prerequisite "Transforming the World From Within" preparatory course, which is currently being offered in several locations across the USA. 


April 30, 2009

What could be the last International Oneness Conference in Europe will be held May 13-17 in Milan, Italy, and space is still available.  The first days are for deeksha-givers only, but the last day, Sunday, May 17, is open to everyone.

Anandagiri, together with several other dasas, will lead the conference, and two Oneness Beings may also be present.  There will be a live webcast from India with Sri Bhagavan during the event.

On Sunday, Amma and Bhagavan's son, Sri Krishnaji, will make a rare appearance and share a message with the general public via webcast.  It was Krishnaji whom the Golden Ball of Divine Grace first came through in 1989 at AmmaBhagavan's Jeevashram School, launching the new age of enlightenment.


March 7, 2009 -- Happy Birthday Bhagavan!

Today is Bhagavan's 60th birthday, and it's an extremely important day because, in India, the 60th birthday is considered to be a significant mile-stone.  It marks the beginning of an auspicious, new chapter or cycle in a person's life, and is celebrated with a Shashti Poorthi.

Each year Bhagavan's birthday has also been a time when he has committed to increasing the Divine energy he transmits.  In addition, as the year 2012 and the beginning of the Golden Age of Oneness approaches, Bhagavan says that he will...

"...be stepping up the power every 5 months, then every 4 months, then 3 months, then once in 2 months, then once every month, then once in three weeks, then once in two weeks, then once in a week, then finally once in 24 hours we'll reduce, then finally every hour until the last second...and that's when the shift would happen.  It'll be an extraordinary unbelievable shift."


February 27, 2009

The March 15-23, Level 2 course will be the last one to be held at the Oneness University campus in Golden City, India.  After this course date all Level 2 courses for participants from America, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and some Pacific rim Asian countries will attend these courses taught at the Fiji campus.

If you want to experience the Level 2 course in India, (and I highly recommend it because you also get to experience the Oneness Temple) there is still space available for the Golden City, March 15-23 class.


February 19, 2009

The Oneness Center in Italy is now open, and has Level I courses scheduled through 2009 for participants from Russia, Kazakhstan, Hungary, Czech Republic, Holland, Scandinavia, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Greece, France, Brazil and Latin America.

This beautiful center was inaugurated on February 7th, and is located in the province of Verona in northeastern Italy, only 15 minutes from the city's airport.  (Verona is also famous as being the setting for William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet.)


January 20, 2009

A new US president has been inaugurated, but this is not just important merely for Americans, for today Barack Obama steps onto an International stage as one of the world's top leaders.

No matter what your beliefs or politics are, please remember that not only will he be leading the USA through the immediate trying times, but he will also be president in the years leading up to, and through, the dawning of the Golden Age in 2012.

This changing of the guard in America is so important that we have been asked by the Oneness University's North American office to send the following blessing/prayer/request with the intent to send love and support to President Obama this week by uniting together as ONE.

You may add to this short, suggested blessing or change it anyway you wish.


I ask the Divine to help provide the guidance and clarity for President Obama to make the right decisions for these troubled times.

To provide him, his family, and the new administrative team with wisdom, and the strength and health they will need to sustain the long hours, intense environment and pressures of their new duties.

Please note that this blessing is not just about Obama, but about uniting America and the world, all working towards a common goal, a common vision, regardless of background, race, or economic status--to truly come together as a nation and as a global community.

It's about all of us--as we are all ONE.


January 1, 2009--Sri Bhagavan's Message for 2009

In addition to their original onenessnorthamerica.org website, Sri Amma & Bhagavan, and the Oneness University have, just today, launched a new website at onenessindia.org.
I've transcribed below the text of Bhagavan's message for the New Year in which he inspires us to dream--


The new year is meant to dream and to bring forth a new creation.


Let your feelings grow wings and fly beyond the farthest horizons of your imagination.  Though the fabric of your dreams be checkered by longings of pleasure and victory...may the forms that dance in the flames of your imagination be of loving friendship from many, and respect from most, including yourself.

Dream of a moment when your mothers and fathers, sons and daughters would embrace you when they realize the trust they post in you has come true.
Dream of a moment when in your family the coldness of hurt is replaced with the warmth of love.
Dream of a moment when all who know you turn you into an idol to be emulated.
Dream of a moment when even those who dislike you are touched by your acts of kindness and look upon you with esteem.
Dream of a moment when millions will bless the moment you were born.

Dream of yourself being part of a world that knows no division.

Dream of an earth where the rivers are full, the forests green, sunlight bright, mountains tall, and laughter everywhere.

And after you have dreamt, pray, the Cosmic Dreamer, to help turn these into realities, fatigued with excitement, move then into the quiet of your consciousness.

Every morning of this New Year remind yourself of your new belief, which would make you feel happy and successful.


December 19, 2008

The very first Oneness Youth program for Westerners will be held in India January 5-13, 2009.  This Level I youth program was developed to help young adults (age 18-26) discover peace and love in their relationships, and lead them onto a path of success, both individually and collectively.

Young adults are our immediate future, and this course offers tools and guidance to assist them in healing their inner and outer conflict, and turn their dreams into reality.  If there's a youth in your life that you'd like to have guided into their purest and fullest potential by the dasas in Golden City, you can get a course application at Amma Bhagavan's website.


December 13, 2008

An Australian news source reported today that Hollywood star Meg Ryan (along with the former wife of comedian Mike Myers) had recently completed one of the seven day courses at the Oneness University campus in Fiji.

Way to go Meg!  She joins Hugh Jackman and many other celebrities who have recently awakened to their spiritual "role" on the broader stage of global enlightenment.


December 4, 2008

During the CA Oneness Conference in August, Dr. R. Rosedale, creator of the Rosedale Diet, spoke to us about his ongoing medical work with nutrition, diabetes and heart disease.  He also mentioned that he would be creating health programs in conjunction with Sri Amma Bhagavan and the Oneness University in Golden City, India.

The first of these programs has been launched!  The inaugural Oneness University Health Program is centered on diabetes, and it was announced that a heart program is next with many others to follow.

In the coming years, the Oneness University's Health Program hopes to educate and graduate thousands in nutrition, self-healing, healthy lifestyle, diet, and health consciousness.

AmmaBhagavan's programs embrace personal and global transformation through conscious wellness, wholeness, and moving into the state of Oneness which is beyond disease.


November 24, 2008

After being closed for repairs, AmmaBhagavan's Oneness Temple is open once again.  It's open to spiritual seekers as well as the general public, from any country, nationality, religion, etc.  All are welcome.

Entry fee to the Temple is 175 rupees (about $3.50 USD), and visitation for Westerners is daily between the hours of 3:00 and 5:00 PM.  If the Oneness Beings are present you are welcome to meditate with them if you wish.

The Temple is less than a two hour drive from the Chennai airport, so it's an easy day trip.  If you would like to stay nearer the Temple, accommodations are sometimes available at the Oneness University's campuses 2 and 3.

Campus 2 has dormitory style housing for $50 per night.  Campus 3 has hotel type accommodations (rooms with a private bath) at $100 per night for a single, and $150 for two people to a room.

Accommodations are based on space availability, and current open dates are Nov. 25 through Dec. 2, 2008, and Jan. 25 through Jan. 31, 2009.  Reservations need to be made.

Things are subject to change, so before leaving for India it's always best to check for the most current information. 


September 27, 2008

Anandagiriji had some exciting news to share with us today.  In a teleconference he announced that there are plans for Oneness Centers to be built around the world and Amma and Bhagavan will come to visit each one.  That means that Amma Bhagavan will be coming to the United States!

These new centers and AmmaBhagavan's more active participation will help make Oneness available to more and more people worldwide.

Ananda Giri stated that the Golden Age is a certainty, and went on to tell us how the future will look (paraphrased from my notes):

The world is moving in the direction of Oneness.  As 2012 approaches this is what we will experience.  Inner transformation will move from a state of separation to Oneness.  As we move from a state where we feel disconnected to non-separation, the transformation is going to influence and be reflected in politics, economics, religions, and other social structures worldwide.

Right now all our systems are rooted in competition.  As we move from separation to Oneness, from competition to cooperation, we will see new world economics, new world politics, etc.  All this we will see approaching or by the turn of 2012.

The more we can share the vision of Oneness and touch the lives of others, the faster it will happen.  This is part of the reason new Centers and Oneness University campuses with be opened, and Amma Bhagavan will be visiting different countries of the world--to help speed the transformation. 


September 23, 2008

Our beloved Uttamaji (Matthew Ottenberg), a Oneness University dasa and the first Westerner to become a Cosmic Being, is now Bhagavan's Oneness Movement's National Coordinator for all of North America.

When I first met Uttama in 2004 he was Sri Raniji's chief assistant at the Oneness Movement's office in California, and it was an honor to give one of my first live deeksha events with him.  Even back then he was in such a beautiful state of consciousness that being hugged by him felt like being held in the arms of the Divine Mother.  Shortly thereafter Bhagavan called him to India where, in time, he became a fully awakened Oneness Being.

Now he's back home with us as our National Coordinator.  The new Oneness Movement website is onenessnorthamerica.org and all information about the Level I and Level II courses can be found there.


September 22, 2008

Because all of the upcoming Level II Oneness courses for Westerners in India have now been filled through the end of the year, Ananda Giri was asked about the possibility of adding another course in Fiji before the cost goes up in January.

He gladly said yes, and a Level II course (rarely taught outside of India) has been scheduled for December 12-20, and will be conducted at the Oneness University campus in Fiji. 


August 26, 2008

We're often reminded that the youth are our future, and when you think about it, the youth of today will be living almost their entire lives in Oneness.  Now you can give the young adults in your family (ages 18-26) a head start with the long awaited Youth Process in India.

The first 7-day Youth Process will be held in India, January 5-13, 2009.  The focus of this course is on awakening intelligence and offers powerful tools for success.  Participants are also initiated as Oneness Blessing/Deeksha Givers at the end of the process.

As a result of the above new course, Oneness Youth America was created to offer preparatory courses.  Several 2-day intensive workshops are already planned, and focus on inner and outer success and happiness in all areas of life.

(I am proud to say that Matt Lundbeck, who was in my 21 Day Process class in 2004, was one of the ones asked by the Oneness University to assist in creating Oneness Youth America.  Matt is quite a special young man, and everyone who attends any of the OYA courses can expect to come away changed just from being with him.)


July 11, 2008

The 4-Day International Oneness Conference is being held in Santa Clara, California on July 31-August 03.  Unlike previous Conferences, this one is for Oneness Blessing givers only, and does not offer a day that is open to the public.  However...

It was recently announced that this fabulous conference featuring Ananda Giri, senior guide (dasa) from the Oneness University, will also be open to:

  • anyone who has attended a Level 1 prep course
  • anyone who has attended one of Sri Raniji's 5 day workshops
  • any applicant who has been approved for the Level 1 course in Fiji
  • plus, all current Oneness Blessing Facilitators (deeksha givers)

We've been told that this will probably be the last Oneness Conference of this type in the USA with Anandagiri present, so this may be your only chance to sit in his awakened presence without going to India.

You still have time to qualify to attend the Oneness Conference by registering for Raniji's upcoming prep course teleconference on July 19-20.  (See the June 23 post below.)

Space for non deeksha-givers may be limited, so be sure to ask about availability for attending the Oneness Conference when you register for the Prep Course.

You can see a video of Ananda Giri and read about last year's Oneness Conference on the January 6 post at the bottom of this page.


June 23, 2008   

Westerners who are considering becoming a deeksha-giver by attending the Level I course in Fiji, please note that there is a mandatory Preparatory Course you need to attend.  Several live courses are planned around the USA, but it's much easier (and less costly) to attend by telephone.

Sri Raniji is teaching a preparatory teleconference on July 19-20 from 8 AM to noon (Pacific Time) each day, and anyone can attend!

You do NOT have to be going to Fiji to attend this teleconference.  If you've ever wanted to experience more of the energies of the Oneness University and AmmaBhagavan's grace, by all means, sign up for this prep course.  You will be taken through meditations and processes to help you make internal changes and evolve consciously.

May 11, 2008   

Bhagavan said that it would take about a week after the Oneness Temple was consecrated for its vibrations of Oneness to permeate the entire Earth.  Since that occurred, many have noticed this vibrational phenomenon.  Experiences that have been reported range from increased energy and happiness to deep cleansings, processing of issues, pain, tiredness, and elevated body heat, especially in the palms and soles of the feet.

If you experienced any of the latter, dasas at the Oneness University suggest that you not struggle, but instead ask Sri Bhagavan to help you ease through your process.

Miracles are already happening.

The dasas also announced that the Oneness Temple will be opened to the masses again in September.  They said that even as it is presently closed, miracles are happening to those who pass by its sacred edifice on the road.  Deepenings in consciousness, kundalini experiences, and problems are reportedly being solved just by being anywhere near the Temple.  It's quite a powerhouse!

No matter where you are in the world, you can tune into the Oneness Temple in meditation and partake of its offerings.


April 28, 2008   

Due to the unexpected and extraordinarily large numbers of adoring crowds who journeyed to the opening of the Oneness Temple to receive darshan from Amma Bhagavan, the Temple had to be temporarily closed at midday, April 22, for the safety of all concerned.

Officials at the Oneness University issued a statement today addressing the closing, adding that further festivities will be rescheduled over the coming months.


April 22, 2008   

The Oneness Temple in Golden City, India was consecrated and officially opened this morning by the Oneness University's founding visionaries, Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan.  Its purpose...

"to set man totally and unconditionally free."

Thousands were on hand and received AmmaBhagavan's darshan (blessings) after they imbued the building with the energies of the Golden Ball of Divine Grace   One who visited the Temple after the inaugural ceremonies described the energy of the Temple building itself as being "amazing" and said that you can tangibly feel it vibrating.

The incredibly beautiful photo below was taken on opening day.  Even looking at its immense stateliness, you can feel the sacredness.  It looks so inviting.

Oneness Temple

                                    photo used with permission from G. Singh Khalsa 


April 21, 2008   

Wonderful reports from those attending the Oneness Temple opening ceremonies are already coming in.

The dasas have been working furiously overseeing the construction of housing for the one and one half million people they are expecting to attend over the 6-day consecration festivities, April 22-27.  Now completed, the complex also has facilities that can feed 150,000 people a day, and parking spaces for over 5,000 vehicles.  It's a small city!!!

Amma and Bhagavan will be physically present and officiate at the opening ceremonies, giving darshan to all who attend.  As the Golden Ball of Divine Grace descends into the crown chakra, shifts into awaking automatically occur.

As I write this it's already April 22 at the Oneness Temple location, and reportedly the energies of the Golden Ball of Divine Grace are raining down all over the Oneness University campus area en masse!

As humanity becomes more and more receptive, Bhagavan continues to step up the energies of awakening available to the planet.  With special occasions like the Oneness Temple consecration, it's usually a big step.  Perhaps you can feel the energies of joy surrounding this auspicious event already.

Oneness Temple in Golden City, India 


April 2, 2008   

Sri Raniji just returned from assisting with the Level I course at the Oneness University in Fiji, and described the campus as "a piece of art" in its own right (also see the post below).  Nothing is definite yet, but there may be a Level II course taught in Fiji in the fall, possibly September, in addition to those being conducted in India.

She also reported that as Bhagavan is continuously increasing the energies that are available to us through him, what was previously offered in the 10 Day Deepening process is now in Level I.  How exciting is that?!?

To those who have felt disappointed that (for whatever reason) they had to wait to take a course at the Oneness University, I've always consoled them by pointing out that the longer you wait the more you get, and the above is a good example of that. 

March 22, 2008   

The Fiji campus of the Oneness University was consecrated on March 20 with a beautiful, midnight ceremony officiated by Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan's son, Krishna.  Anandagiri, plus several other dasas from Golden City, and over a hundred attendees were present.

Amma and Bhagavan were also present via a live broadcast from India using technology that allowed them to see, speak to, and interact with everyone present at the ceremony in Fiji.  Their darshan was said to have been so profoundly moving that the grace and joy of it all left many in tears.

The new campus itself sits on a cliff top that overlooks the Pacific ocean, and is bordered on one end by a river and on the other by a 300 acre, natural rainforest preserve.  Beautiful palm trees, ferns, and tropical flowers abound.

Amenities include special, resort-like housing facilities, a modern dining hall with fabulous food, and a meditation hall that opens onto a long terrace and reflecting pool--all overlooking the beauty of the peaceful South Pacific.

One attendee described the calm and peaceful atmosphere of the Fiji campus as being naturally conducive to deep spiritual work leading to profound states of awakening.

If you'd like to attend, Level I Oneness courses for those living in America, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, and other SE Asian countries are now being held at this island paradise campus in Fiji.


March 6, 2008  (an update to the entry below)   

Krishnaraj has assured us that everyone attending the Temple opening, and staying at any of the Chennai hotels listed at the travel site below, can feel completely at ease about doing so.

Everything involved in your hotel stay, including transportation and meals, is completely under the control of the Oneness University dasas.  All arrange-ments and activities will personally be overseen by the dasas so that every-thing runs perfectly smoothly for you during your stay in India.


February 3, 2008

Good news for everyone planning to attend the Oneness Temple's opening consecration ceremonies in Golden City, India.  A new website has been created to help facilitate your travel plans.  Just go to www.travelone.co.in and choose a hotel that suits you, then register.  Two to five star hotels are available, and their special rate packages range from $300 to $1200 USD for your entire stay.

Ceremonies at the Temple are planned for April 22 and 23, 2008, so hotel package dates are from April 21 to 24, and include transportation to and from the Temple, plus most meals.  Additional side tour packages are also available should you want to maximize your trip and visit more of India after the ceremonies.

Website bookings through the above site will be possible only until the end of February or the beginning of March.  So if you're planning to attend, you need to act quickly to reserve your space.  The dasas have also reported that places are filling quickly.

Hotel packages are from the afternoon of April 21 to the morning of April 24, and the rates mentioned on the above site include the following:

    1.  Pick up from airport on April 21.
    2.  Transportation to your hotel on the April 21.
    3.  Meals  -  April 21   lunch and dinner
                      April 22  breakfast, lunch, and dinner
                      April 23  breakfast, lunch, and dinner
                      April 24  breakfast
    4.  Transportation to & from your hotel to the Temple on April 22 and 23.
    5.  Transportation to the airport after breakfast on April 24.

(Important--You must register through the www.travelone.co.in site in order to have the above transportation and meals package included.)

Darshan for Westerners at the Oneness Temple is from 4:00 to 8:00 PM (on April 22 and 23).  If you can't attend in this time slot you can join the darshans for Indians.

This is a once in a lifetime event, and everyone of any age, race, creed, or nationality is invited to attend and meditate with Amma and Bhagavan during the consecration of this blessed Temple.  (www.makemytrip.com seems to offer very good airfares to India from the USA.)


January 6, 2008

The very first International Oneness Conference was held in Los Angeles, CA in the spring of 2006.  That started it all.  Since then conferences like it have been held in various major cities around the world.  Dates and contacts for the upcoming ones are as follows:

Gold Coast, Australia January 10-13, 2008

Sao Paolo, Brazil  January 24-27, 2008

Stockholm, Sweden February 22-25, 2008

Ananda Giri is the featured speaker at each of these events.  The confer-ences are open to all Oneness Facilitators, and generally the last day of each is open to the general public.  If one is near you, by all means, try to attend.  You will receive multiple deekshas given by the dozens (if not hundreds) of Oneness Facilitators who will be present.

This is how a recent attendee reported her experience:

I just returned from attending the public event at the Oneness conference held on Australia's Gold Coast.  It was the most beautiful day and well worth the effort to get there.
Anandagiriji is so beautiful.  Being in his presence was just unbelievable. I felt so much love for him.  He is a very special being on this Earth.  I felt honoured to have been in this space and to have heard his words.

I also got the most incredible deeksha high (8 deekshas from 8 different blessing givers) ... I still have waves of energy washing over me.  Each one was so different and worked in an entirely different way.

The givers seemed to have specialist 'niches' (for want of a better word).  With one I felt very little, but some worked dramatically on the head and rewiring, one worked as a powerful channel of divine love, others worked on total body energy transmission (lots of body/foot tingling with these ones) and one lady just went in there and opened up my heart area ....like opening up a can with a can-opener ...but done very beautifully!

You can get another sense of what a conference is like from the following video that shows some of the final day's activities at the 2007 Oneness Conference in Los Angeles. 



You may also want to see Sri Bhagavan's news from 2007.

AmmaBhagavan's news in 2006

And remember to see the latest news from the Oneness University.



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