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Coming from a scientific background I still enjoy seeking out the scientific research, explanations, and/or proof behind spiritual phenomena.

Claims that Amma Bhagavan's Oneness Temple in Golden City, India is an extremely powerful vortex of Divine Grace whose purpose is to end all human suffering was no exception.  This is what I discovered...

--P. J.     



The Significance of Amma Bhagavan's

Golden City and the Oneness Temple

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Many temples and sacred sites around the world are built on power spots where ley lines converge.  Indigenous peoples seemed to instinctively know where these areas were, and built their temples and ceremonial sites on them.  This isn't unusual, but the Oneness Temple is quite different.

Bhagavan has said that he purposely chose the area where he built his Oneness University and temple in Golden City for several reasons:

1.  The land itself has little or no karmic damage.

2.  Several powerful, earth gridlines or ley lines converge there.

3.  It has a high concentration of enlightened Beings in residence,
     both incarnate and disincarnate.

Bhagavan had his Temple constructed according to Vaastu principles that were revealed specifically to him.  All was for the purpose of elevating the Temple's energies according to this ancient Vedic science, which involves sacred architecture, sacred geometry, and energy flow.

Bhagavan says that these sacred design principles incorporated into the Temple's structure allow him to progressively increase the energies of Grace emitting through it by thousands of folds.  These higher energies are vital for the awakening of mankind.

The Temple's upper story Meditation Hall can hold up to 8,000 people at once.  As thousands of Awakened beings begin to meditate around the clock there, the energies will radiate out from Golden City throughout the planet along the Earth's ley lines.

How this works is that rotating groups of 6,000 to 8,000 Awakened beings in meditation will powerfully radiate the Temple's energies of Divine Grace, through the gridlines, out to many thousands of deeksha givers living and working around the globe.  As their Deeksha/Oneness Blessings become stronger and stronger with each elevation of energy, mankind can awaken much faster.

These grid lines, or ley lines, can actually be measured with a special instrument called the Laker Antenna.  Research shows that when a person's chakras rotate at 33 spins a second, you will become awakened.  It has also been shown that when ley lines are made to vibrate at that speed, so do the chakras.

The implication of this--worldwide--is major!

Simply put, the elevated gridline's energies will begin to effect everyone's chakras, spinning them at a higher rate, bringing all of mankind into an awakened state.

Awakening into enlightenment will be automatic and effortless.



the Oneness Temple at AmmaBhagavan's Oneness University



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There is additional information about the Oneness Temple here, plus you can see more photos of the Temple here.



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